Cool Birthday Wishes

Cool birthday wishes aren’t just sent to a cool person, but they also are sent by a cool writer. You should create unique ideas and styles in giving wishes. Some wishes lead to sad meaning till good one at the end. Know the recipient nature and fill the tenor of the message with the suitable words. You are a friend to them, so let them know how great the friends are. This will happen when you make a cool wish not just nice or good. You can find what you need through these cool birthday wishes lines listed below.

Cool Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • Finally, I realized that there’s nothing important this year except your birthday. Happy Birthday to my precious friend.
  • I should’ve been with you last night, but I have the time to be with you today. It’s the best birthday. Wishing you a happy one.
  • Sea water changes the stream to get ready for your amazing birthday. Birds dance, Monkeys jump and cats run. Happy Birthday full of fun.
  • A cool person deserves a cool gift. Do you think so?! Happy Birthday.
  • Candles today will need to have yellow light on the top. Balloons need air to be filled. Cakes need a knife to be sliced. Someone needs a kiss to smile. Happy Birthday till millions of miles.
  • When I was young, I used to eat cake before anyone. You have to do this today with me. Be careful, I’m still faster. Happy Birthday.


  • Don’t let this day go without saving memories. You would record our celebration scream voices. You can take the best photos. Here’s to say Happy Birthday.
  • While preparing the greeting card, I was surprised of feeling joyful and happy to write something for you. May the card talk and express my happiness. Happy Birthday, buddy.
  • Blowing candles alone is selfishness. Calling friends in this is such a good thing. Happy Birthday.
  • Inspirational Birthday Wishes
  • If you want this home safe from fire, try to snuff out the candles fast. Happy Birthday!
  • Some people become happy with holidays. Others get fun in riding. You get the smile as it’s your birthday. Have an amazing day! It’s yours.
  • The older you are, the greater you become. Wise people need to reach 30 years old. Try to catch it. Happy Birthday cool dude.


  • Two years ago, you did a lot for your family. Last year, you made many renovations in your home and work. Today, make your birthday as a start to make this year just for your happiness. Happiest of birthdays for you, dude.
  • Your cousins, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters are getting ready to wish you a great birthday bringing you fun and happiness. Enjoy!
  • I’m ready with my camera. These moments should be never missed. Smile and say cheese. Happy Birthday!
  • Millions of Happy Birthdays to my cool friend. Enjoy your day!
  • Make this celebration a new start to clear sadness and pain times. Let the smile walk into your life. Happy Birthday!
  • Touch the sky in your dreams. Catch the balloon on your birthday. Have a great day.
  • Last year was long enough to handle. Let the new year go fast by success and fun. Happy Birthday!


  • I tried to make my wish very cool, but ink is finished here….. H.B.D…..
  • Hold the mike today and tell everyone how happy you are. We will be the same you are. Happy Birthday.
  • On your birthday, some of your guests may have little troubles. Others have bad moods. Be sure that all change to fun and smile on your birthday. Have a great day with your friends.
  • The candles act like soldiers surrounding the queen. The cake is the queen of this night, but you are the king for it. Happy Birthday, king.
  • Today, the black is going to be white. Darkness turns to light. Pictures take space of one terabyte. Happy Birthday, sunlight.
  • Wishing you a day full of WhatsApp messages and Instagram cards. Happy Birthday to you.

Cool Birthday Wishes Quotes

  • It’s the first time for me to write to someone special. Excuse me if I missed a sweet word you need to see. Happy Birthday!
  • The buildings look shiny today. The moon is completed. Oh, what happened? It’s your cool birthday.
  • The pen can’t move on paper. I guess the cause is there’s no such phrase can be compared to your birthday beauty. Happy Birthday.
  • Thanks to you as your birthday made me go to buy a new camera. Your birthday is useful to me. Make it more fun.
  • Wishing you a birthday machine! Do you know it? It’s something makes fun and happiness for one year. Happy Birthday!
  • Cute Birthday Wishes
  • Cool person needs a cool birthday. The cool birthday needs cool wishes. Happy Birthday.
  • Open doors and windows. Let balloons fly high to the sky. Type your wish on the biggest balloon. Happy Birthday dude!


  • Happy moments are the moments that I spend with you. Happy Birthday, dear.
  • Love to meet you more. Love to celebrate and explore. Happy Birthday, dear.
  • Look like the sun as you light up our life. Happy Birthday cool dude.
  • We have gotten the cake. Let’s celebrate. Happy Birthday!
  • You are not getting older, but you are getting more knowledge and wisdom.
  • Belated Happy Birthday Wishes
  • Good luck, good way, luminous moon for the day. Happy Birthday.
  • Your candles number has increased, let’s do it and close the door.
  • 400 Cool Happy Birthday Wishes
  • Awesome, TV celebrates your day. Songs CD dances for you. Let’s share them.
  • I’m hungry. Where is the baker? Happy Birthday and let’s eat the cake.
  • Pleased to be with you on this day. Stay quiet, that is your birthday. Have it great.
  • Wishing you speedy achieving your goals in the coming years. Happy Birthday buddy.
  • Your face is so happy, unlike previous years. I’m glad that you had a new start. Wishing you a great birthday.
  • I hope you have a funny day, but not sunny as I’m tired. Best of birthdays to you.
  • Let’s make it a different day that can’t be forgotten. Happy Birthday precious one.
  • Did you ever feel like a star in the sky! I felt you are like that. Be happy today with the space.
  • What a fantastic day! It’s raining and I love rain. Let’s run under it. Happy Birthday, sweetie.
  • Another year passes. More experience and knowledge come. Happy Birthday to you.
  • SMS Birthday Messages
  • I feel comfortable with you, bro. You are a good person. Happy Birthday, bro.
  • We meet many people physically, but a few of them meet our souls and you are one of those. Happy Birthday great person.


  • Your spirit is so funny and I love people with funny souls. Have a great day, dude.
  • Money come and go but best friend can’t be found easily. Happy Birthday!
  • All the time, you are my shoulder. Thank you and wish you a great birthday.
  • Respect your soul, bravery and helping people. You are the real human. Happy Birthday buddy.
  • Like a lamp in the darkness you are. Have a glorious birthday.
  • Birthday is not the day that passes without doing something cool. Let’s make it an awesome day and Happy Birthday.
  • Spending a day with a great friend like you makes me so proud. Happy Birthday to you.
  • You are a cool friend like the ink I used to write on this card, Is it beautiful? Have a great birthday.

Cool Birthday Wishes

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