Valentine’s Day Love SMS messages

What are you going to do this Valentine’s Day? There is so many different ways to show love to make your valentine, a happy valentine. Some show their love by performing acts such as making a coffee and other by buying gifts. However, there is an easier way to show love. My way of showing it is through the written word. Since you guys are here, reading this written expression of valentine’s day, you want some ideas of how to wish love to your valentine. You will find your desired wish here. Valentine dау is a big festive day that would be celebrated in the form of parties and gifts. Direct wishes are not the only way to tell someone all what you have in your heart. Love SMS messages became a main way to text someone far away. To click on the feelings button that your valentine has, you should be patient to read and pick one of the following Valentine greetings. Find out what you feel now and translate into words:

Valentine’s Day Text Messages for Lovers

  • I will love you like the lions love eating zebras.
  • When I first laid eyes on you, I fell in love with your cheeks. After getting to know you, you are a pain in my heart, and I love it.
  • When we first kissed, it was bliss. When we first woke up together, it was heaven. My love for you is heaven sent bliss.
  • Do you know why I prefer the cup of Hibiscus Tea? It’s red like your lips. :) Happy Valentine’s Day honey.
  • Your little voice, your small slender frame, and your beautiful face inspire to me love you and protect you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I will always teach you the ways of life as long as our love burns for each other.
  • My Valentine is the only Valentine I need. Happy Valentine’s Day baby.


  • I heard you were asking for me to be your Valentine. You can be only on one condition. You kiss me with those red lips. I love you baby.
  • Will you love me for today? Will you love me after this day? Yeah, you will and I will too.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, I heard you loved me and I do too.
  • We can take it slow, we can take it fast, all I know is I want this ride of love to last.
  • A foot rub, a dinner, some soda, let’s make our love tonight, extremely divine.
  • Romantic Valentine’s Day Messages
  • Someone asked me to be their Valentine. I already have mine. You are right here.


  • I recognize your scent anywhere. I recognize your walk. I love every aspect of your feminine charm.
  • I have to say when I met you, I had to have you. Now that I do, I can’t get enough. Happy Valentine’s.
  • My second in command, my lieutenant, my partner, my Valentine.
  • Valentine’s Day Messages for Girlfriend
  • Happy Valentine’s Day lover. Now let’s get lost in each other for the rest of the day. If we become savages, at least we will be savages together.
  • I love the trust you have in me. I will never steer you wrong. Happy Valentine’s.
  • You love me like peanut loves butter. I love you like a fat kid loves cake.


  • If we can go anywhere, where would you want to go? How about let’s go home and decide from there?
  • Did you just grab my mind? Did you just imagine grabbing my eyes? Did you just bite your lips, thinking about grabbing my heart? It’s OK, I’m doing the same lover.
  • Let’s go buy drinks and name them after each other.
  • How I love you is like how I love my fire, hot and dangerous.
  • Let’s play a game. If I can guess what you love about me, you have to kiss me. If you can guess what I love about you, I have to kiss you. Shall we begin?
  • 300 Valentine’s Day Wishes
  • If I was about to die, would you get me my final wish? A Big Mac with nacho cheese dip for the fries.

Happy Valentine's Day baby

  • I love food like I love you, hot and spicy.
  • What would we do without each other? Probably meet up in about a week and start loving.
  • If you didn’t know me, would you say “I need him to be my Valentine?”
  • How excited were you when I said you could be my girl? I don’t want to tell you that you are my valentine because you just might pass out!
  • Valentine’s Day Love Sayings
  • My Valentine, My Lover, My chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side.
  • I got into a fight with my boss for a day off. He gave me the whole week. A week of me and you.
  • Love is life and to love is to live. With you I have loved more than life itself.
  • If I can get you wet with my love, I would leave you soaked every day.

Valentine's day SMS messages

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