27th Birthday Wishes and Messages

27th Birthday Messages

Turning a new age should always be a memorable experience; it should be the time when you write messages to the one turning a new age to remind them of how awesome they are. Birthday messages go a long way in expressing what one truly feels towards the person turning the new age. 27 is the age when one should at least knows the direction they are taking in life. Turning a new age is always an exciting experience, especially if you have those most important to you by your side. So be that person who puts a smile on the birthday person’s face with these messages;

Birthday Wishes for 27-Year-Olds

  • 3 years before 30 that is what you are today, such a great age to have every good thing of life, most especially love. Happy 27th Birthday Love. Enjoy your great day.
  • Ever since I know you, you’ve always been an instrument of uplifting for others. It’s a great honor to be your friend. Happy 27th Birthday dear friend.
  • It’s a really important age in the journey of life, I hope you’ll get a clear vision about how you should go and may you not get stuck. Happy 27th Birthday son.
  • It’s an age where there’s a lot of imbalance, I hope you’ll push through it and have a perfectly balanced life. Happy 27th Birthday lovely daughter.
  • No matter what the enemy thinks, you will be great and life will be fair to you even when you climb through the highest mountain. Happy 27th Birthday dear.
  • Life runs really fast and time will always be the enemy of man, if man doesn’t master it well. I hope you will become great soon. Happy 27th birthday buddy.


  • Today you are 27, I guess it’s just 3 years to your 30. Make sure you work really hard to make a good living before then and may God help you. Happy 27th birthday.
  • You have absolutely made your life at this tender age, you have all that you need and you must be grateful to God. Happy 27th birthday successful cousin. Be always kind and thankful.
  • There are many qualities I admire you as a youth but your kindness makes me marvel, you have a great soul. May you enjoy this wonderful year. Happy 27th birthday friend.
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  • We have made many memories even in a short while we have known each other, I wish I had known you earlier great guy, you are awesome. Happy 27th birthday good friend.
  • Keep calm, drive away pressure about growing old and live your life the best way you can. Happy 27th birthday buddy. You will always be my man. Have lots of fun.
  • Failures are the good teachers who teach you about your mistakes so as not to repeat in the future. Happy 27th Birthday.

27th birthday greetings

  • I couldn’t have asked for a better elder sister, who covers my fault every time, who has my back when I feel week. You are the best. Enjoy your special year. Happy 27th birthday.
  • We have many dreams set before us and I hope at this age of yours we’ll achieve a breakthrough with some. May you continue to grow in wisdom. Happy 27th birthday brother.
  • Age seems to be counting endlessly and achievement seems to be really slow. Just believe in yourself and be patient and all will work out. Happy 27th birthday to you. Enjoy your special day.
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  • As you clock a milestone of age today, may God bless you with new hope and new dreams that are achievable in no time. Happy 27th birthday. Stay blessed and be always strong.
  • Amongst all friends I have met in every school I have attended, you are my favorite because you understand me even when no one does. Happy 27th birthday good friend. Enjoy it a lot.
  • You are precious in my eyes and I will always make sure that I see you smile. Have a hearty 27th birthday, I love you!


  • Go out and have some fun on this glorious day of yours, your life is moving fast and you seem to love staying alone. Enjoy this time with friends man. Happy 27th birthday. Be happy.
  • May you stay happy forever as you clock this age, may all of your sorrow be taken away from you and may God bless you. Happy 27th birthday buddy, enjoy your special day.
  • You have grown bigger and your chest are broader and you have six packs, ladies chase after you, but you will always be my baby. 🙂 Happy 27th birthday son. Have fun.
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  • Fortunate is an understatement to tell you how blessed I feel to have you as a daughter, I hope you will get a good husband worthy of your goodness. Happy 27th birthday daughter.
  • There are endless possibilities attached to clocking this age, you feel old enough and brave enough to approach life and to get the best out of it. Happy 27th birthday. Enjoy your special year.
  • I met you for a reason so that I could learn so many things from your personality. You are an awesome man with full attitude and gratitude. Wish you a wonderful 27th birthday.

Happy 27th Birthday Wishes

  • You are standing at the perfect age of marriage. You should ponder over your life and proceed family. Wish you good luck and Happy 27th Birthday.
  • Think an idea with all your positivity, plan it, make efforts and then execute your idea into the success. I know you can do it. Happy 27th Birthday.
  • Believing in you gives you the profound satisfaction and you can easily clear any exam of life. Wish you a wonderful 27th birthday.
  • The real man will find ways to do something but the bogus man will always find excuses not to do anything. Be yours. Happy 27th Birthday.
  • You should have the moral audacity to make your proceedings reliable with the acquaintance of right or wrong. Happy 27th Birthday.
  • Your thoughts, beliefs, and actions should be dependent on the values, not your personal gain. May you have thousands of happy moments. Happy 27th Birthday.


  • Morals, integrity, manners and obedience are only achieved by good upbringing, not the money you have. Wish you a happy life. Happy 27th Birthday.
  • Simplicity covers all aspect of truth, veracity, honesty, and devotion. So have a simple living and high thinking. Happy 27th Birthday.
  • Don’t transform your integrity into hypocrisy whatever the situation is. Wish you a wonderful life with loads of happiness. Happy 27th Birthday.
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  • Dependency and anticipations have a potential to take you towards frustrations and regrets. Be independent and take your own decision. Happy 27th Birthday.
  • Success needs hardworking. Don’t put off your struggles as the stone gets hole by the continuous droplets of rain. Happy 27th Birthday.
  • Wish you a lifetime happiness, joyful moments, unconditional love and unlimited blessings. Have a blissful birthday bash. Happy 27th Birthday.

27th birthday cards

  • Your massive success is the best revenge from your competitors, enemies, and jealous people. Wish you a fabulous life. Happy 27th Birthday.
  • I’m aware that our friendship has lasted for more than 20 years and today you are 27, may we continue to grow together in good spirit of friendship. Happy 27th birthday good friend.
  • To reach towards success you must take the staircase not the elevator as the saying goes on slow and steady win the race. Happy 27th Birthday!
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  • Sometimes you have to be selfish, sometimes you have to listen to yours just because it’s your own life and you need to make fun. Happy 27th Birthday.
  • On your birthday, I pray to God to achieve a mind-blowing success, true happiness over your life and a loving life partner. Have wonderful 27th birthday.
  • You are mature enough to take your own decisions rather interrupt others to make your problems more complicated. Happy 27th Birthday.


  • Great people are those who know what their limits and priorities are. Wish you a happy life and wonderful evening of 27th birthday.
  • Happy 27th birthday, you are growing old man; I hope you enjoy this day and all that comes with it. Have fun on this special day, may all your wishes come true.
  • You don’t look aged, you are still beautiful but even more intelligent, may your 27th birthday remind you more of who you are, what you can be and what you are capable of.
  • I will always love you, respect you and hold you in high regards, you are amazing and I just hope this day turns out to be amazing. Happy 27th Birthday my dear!!
  • Happy 27th birthday my dear, you are growing older, but I also hope you grow brighter, healthier, heartier and more amazing. Always on my mind!!
  • I love you to the moon and back and the fact that you are turning older attracts me even the more. Have a great 27th birthday, may all your wishes come true.

27th Birthday Wishes

  • You are the most important person to me and I hope I show you how much you mean to me. Have a great birthday dear, may all your 27 wishes come true.
  • Live love, grow older, be happy and always appreciate and enjoy each day as it comes. You are an amazing 27 year old and I’m happy to be part of this day! Have a glorious birthday.
  • Happy 27th birthday, you rock and I hope I will always be here to see you thrive. Enjoy this day and everything that comes with it!
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  • Happy 27th birthday, may all your wishes come true for you today, enjoy your day and may God’s blessings be upon you.
  • You can still be whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want; you inspire the best out of people. I hope your 27th birthday inspires the best out of you.
  • Happy 27th birthday, you are amazing and I love you so much, so enjoy your birthday, it only comes once a year, this day is all about you.


  • Happy Birthday to the man who will be a new groom very soon. I can wish you now a Happy Birthday plus Happy Married life soon. Have a glorious 27th Birthday dude.
  • 27 is the age of super cute brides, be ready honey to share the life with your future handsome groom. I hope I will congratulate you for marriage on your 28th birthday. Happy Birthday sweetie
  • Happy Birthday my dear, it’s a good day to be celebrating an awesome 27-year-old such as you. Make this day memorable. Happy Birthday!
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  • Happy 27th birthday my dear, you are the most amazing person I know of and I just hope you enjoy this day and all that comes with it. Live today, like there is no tomorrow!!
  • God has blessed me to witness the 27th birthday of my son, may all that pertains to the good life be found in your life. Happy 27th birthday son, enjoy it a lot and be blessed.
  • Be ready; it’s just 3 years to be 30. Have the best birthday as you celebrate today.


Cool 27th Birthday Wishes

  • Seeing is believing like they say, who would believe you will be as big as you are now, I remembered your little size when you were born. 🙂 Congratulations son, mom loves you a lot. Happy Birthday!
  • A lot of things attract every lady to every man, but it seems that you have it all and no lady can resist you. Happy 27th birthday boy, keep up with your game of charm.
  • God has blessed you and He has been so good to you brother, He made you to see this glorious age in your life history. I wanna celebrate with you. Happy 27th birthday. Enjoy it.
  • May your 27th birthday be as bubbly as you’re, have a fantastic day and I hope all your wishes come true now and forever more.
  • On your 27th birthday, may everything you’ve ever hoped for come true for you, you definitely deserve the best my dear. Have fun.
  • It is such an awesome day and I just want to be there as you turn 27 my dear, you mean the world to me. I love you.
  • Having a friend like you is a blessing I’m forever thankful for. Have fun as you celebrate your 27th birthday my dear.
  • I love you because you make the best out of any and all situations. Wishing you a lovely 27th birthday my dear.
  • Have the greatest 27th birthday, you are a blessing to us all and we love you so much. Have a great and never ending birthday.
  • Relationships don’t form from blood indeed, they are made by the content of feelings aroused for others. Have a wonderful 27th birthday and stay blessed.
  • Being best is not so imperative but doing all your best is important to clear the ways of success. Wish a lot of happiness and Happy 27th Birthday.
  • Life is nothing – one tragedy can change your life. Have a wonderful 27th birthday.
  • The loser is the one who quits but the winners are those who never quit. Happy 27th Birthday.
  • Put on your party dress for we’re about to turn it up. Happy Birthday my dear, you are awesomely amazing and I love you so much, have fun, live love and enjoy this day to the fullest.
  • Your own shadow leaves you when you stay in darkness so please never live a miserable life by depending on others. Happy 27th Birthday.
  • Happy 27th birthday my dear, you make each day worth living, each breath worth taking and each moment unforgettable. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 27th birthday, may this day be unforgettable, live love and have lots of fun my dear, it’s your day and I’m happy to be a part of it.

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