32nd Birthday Wishes and Messages

If you have a new 32-year-old person in your life, they might think that celebrating their birthdays is childish and lame. It’s your job to change their way of thinking. Never let the day pass by without celebrating it and making the most out of it. They never turn the same age, so help them to enjoy.

Happy 32nd Birthday! You're the coolest 32-year-old.

Making a 32-year-old have fun during their birthday should be the main thing, but also sending a little message can go a long way. Don’t strain yourself; go through these birthday messages and you might find the perfect one.


In a general way, wish them a happy 32nd B-day.

  • Happy 32nd Birthday enviable and lovable man, your life is powerfully graced and no one can fight the blessing you attract to yourself. May you never decrease in grace. Enjoy your special day.
  • Hard work truly is the prerequisite for success, but you didn’t just have success because of your hard work, but because you are favored. May your new age bring in more favor. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • Your fierceness on the brink of breakthrough is hard to come by, it’s just like the attitude of a lion who will not rest until the prey is caught. Happy 32nd Birthday achiever and friend.

Happy 32nd Birthday, my dear friend.

  • Any man who has not arrived completely at the land of attainment will find it hard to carry others along, but you’re different. You want everyone to go at a time. Happy 32nd Birthday friend.
  • Contentment seekers will never have a taste of an enriching triumph, because they find little pleasure. I’m proud of you for not settling for the less. Happy Birthday son. I wish you long life.
  • When you enter the right door to the heart of people, then you leave an impression that gives you keys to every other door. You have the keys to my heart. Happy 32nd Birthday darling.
  • I’m joyful that you have your first breakthrough after a long time of trying, now you must seek for more, never give up dear, more is coming. Happy 32nd Birthday dear.
  • If every man is deaf to No, about reaching specific heights that even legends have never reached before, then there is assurance of going far. It’s a year for modification. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • Often we are discouraged by words such as, “No one has ever achieved this or that”. I hope this age will make a difference in your life as you try. Happy 32nd Birthday buddy.
  • This word changed something in me and I know it can do the same for you, “let not those things you can’t do tear you down from the ones you can do”. Happy 32nd Birthday darling.
  • The process of your metamorphosis or growth into adulthood is a laughable matter because you never wanted to grow old ever since I know you. :D Happy Birthday friend. Keep growing.
  • Happy 32nd Birthday son, your challenges in the career line will soon be over, but remember to relate more and ask questions more, you don’t become a fool by doing so. Enjoy your great day.
  • Everyone makes progress in life but not everyone progresses in the right direction, I wish you a birthday that will usher you into right forwardness forever. Happy 32nd Birthday brother.
  • The heart of a man will always be the reflection of the way he acts. The leopard is beautiful but the heart is terrible. Your heart is really lovely and good. Happy 32nd Birthday friend.
  • At this age, you already look like a retired boxer. :D Thank goodness you never fought. You’re ugly but your heart is beautiful. :p Happy 32nd Birthday Buddy, love you.
  • Often I wonder if you really deserve your sudden rise to greatness, but I remembered you have a mom that prays hard for you. Lucky man! Happy 32nd Birthday friend, I wish you happy years.
  • Your woman will never stop echoing your positive attitude in fulfilling all the family responsibilities. This really made me happy and I’m proud of you. Happy 32nd Birthday son. Keep it up.
  • It’s an age where some people’s dream dies away because they’ve waited so much for something to happen but it’s not happening. Don’t ever give up now, you’re almost there. Happy 32nd Birthday cousin.
  • Making other people’s day exceptional means one will be exceptional in their lives, you have become a vital part of my life and I wish you well on this great day. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • Looking back today, I realize the journey of years with you has been an essential one that will never be erased from memory. Thanks for being part of my life. Happy 32nd Birthday friend.
  • Life is beautiful and it will always take care of itself in the better way, no matter how hard we try, we can’t outsmart it, it’s good to just enjoy today. Happy 32nd Birthday friend.
  • You are the man of your words. Whatever you say you must do it. This is the best quality I like in your personality. Wishing you the lifetime happiness and joy. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • May your birthday bring you all the exciting things in your life what you ever aspire. May you live a long happy life with loads of fun and joy. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • Beauty comes when your inner thoughts are beautiful and you are the king of philosophy. Wishing you all the very best for your future. Have a wonderful 32nd birthday.

32 kisses, 32 balloons, 32 candles! Happy 32nd Birthday!

  • I never thought that I got a man in my life who is full of attitude and I feel great that you have a great personality. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • Be a cool man. Handle your own worth. No one can take your place. Wishing you a birthday filled with happiness, joy, and prosperity. Have a great 32nd year of your life.
  • Your birthday is not so special but you are special for me in any case, indeed. I wish you that fantastic events come in your life and make your life beautiful. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • You are with me, I’m so happy but whenever you go far from me, I feel so lonely. Never make me disappointed, I have a lot of expectations associated with your life. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • Happy 32nd year of your life, my sweet handsome brother. I wish you a wonderful future with your family and friends.
  • Lots of faces admired me but what I saw in your face can never be explained. Wishing you a very happy 32nd birthday, you beautiful lady.
  • Just keep aside all your worries and fear and enjoy your day with loads of fun and joy. You are a very special person for me. Wishing you a very happy 32nd birthday.
  • You are amazing with a positive sense of humor. I really enjoy your company whenever I’m with you, that moments become unforgettable for me. Wishing you a very happy 32nd birthday.
  • Never think you are dominant, just focus you can be dominant if you overcome your outnumbered thoughts. Have a wonderful day and life ahead. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • I still remember all your pranks and fights that you used to do in your childhood. A lot of things we do together and now want to celebrate your 32nd birthday. Happy Birthday, sweet friend.
  • Your intelligence is mind-blowing. You can win the world. Use it in the positive direction. Wish you good luck for your bright future. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • Should I say it or not! But I can’t resist saying this. You are still so cute and I’m fallen in love with you. I wish your 32nd birthday brings ultimate pleasure and joy. Happy Birthday.
  • All the best years of life and good will are about to come, wishing a very happy 32nd birthday. May you have many more.
  • Remember me in your good times and bad times as well. I’m your well-wisher. I will never let you down. Have a blissful day. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • Your laughter is the blessing for us. You are a sweet candy sister. I wish you get all the happiness, joy and pleasure in your life. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • Nothing is so special for me but your birthday is. I never forget your birthday even you get too old. Wishing you a very happy 32nd birthday. May you have a beautiful life.
  • May your birthday be blessed with happiness, prosperity, joy and fun. Have a wonderful day. Happy 32nd Birthday.
  • Happy 32nd Birthday my love, days with you have been the best and I wouldn’t want it any other way, you are my forever and I hope you live longest!
  • Have a great 32nd birthday boss, you are tough as nail but I love you regardless, may you live long to instill all your great values and morals to us.
  • May this day fill you with so much happiness, you are finally 32, find that perfect life you always talk about. Have fun!
  • 32 and you still look young, fresh, hot and full of life; have a fun birthday my friend. I will always be here to remind you how awesome you are!
  • Have a fantastic and unforgettable 32nd birthday full of love, new chances and a reason to spend the day with a smile on your face. Have a blast my friend!
  • Just as you’ve always been there for me, I vow to be here for you, to make sure your 32nd birthday is the best birthday you’ve had in a long time!
  • Happy 32nd Birthday my dear, you give me more reasons to love you each day and I can never regret spending the rest of my life with you. Have fun!
  • May this birthday be the most awesome so far, may 32 be the age you finally set yourself free from all the worries and enjoy the day with everything that comes with it.
  • Have a grand birthday, today you are the king of the castle, whatever you say goes, so think up fun stuff and let’s usher your 32nd birthday in style.
  • Have a great 32nd birthday my dear, you are awesome, loved and blessed and I hope you have a great time as you celebrate the day!
  • It’s your 32nd birthday, own it, make it yours and most importantly have fun with it, birthdays only come once a year so don’t waste the time with a frown.
  • May this day give you many everlasting memories, may it make you wiser, happier, healthier and just a happy 32-year-old!
  • Make your 32nd birthday the greatest so you can better your 33rd. Happy Birthday my friend, I love you so much!
  • You are important to me and I hope you know how much I value you. Have a great 32nd birthday with all your wishes coming true.
  • Have a great 32nd birthday. Do what you love, with whom you love and you will see yourself having a lovely day. Don’t be mean to yourself.
  • Have a grand 32nd birthday full of hearty surprises and good cheer with those who mean a lot to you. I love you!
  • Happy 32nd Birthday, may this age give you the courage to be who you’ve always wanted to be. Have fun my love, you are awesome!

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