35th Birthday Wishes and Greeting Quotes

Turning a new age is always exciting, whether it’s 100 or just 35, it is the beginning of a new era and should be treated as such. Age is blessing and bliss and a celebration for it should be mandatory to usher in and welcome a new age to the individual.

Turning as old as 35 can be both an exciting and a fearful experience, but with the right friend to share the day with can be amazing. That is why with a friend turning 35, you should go all out. Send those presents and messages that they will look at and be glad that they are turning that old. Here are some messages you can send to your newly 35 year old friend to show gladness and happiness at their achievements:

Happy 35th Birthday!

Birthday Wishes for 35-Year-Olds

  • At age 35, you still exhibit the strength of a teen. You still know how to bring smiles on our faces. We are happy to celebrate with you today. Happy Birthday.
  • Wow! Life always needs to be celebrated to the fullest. I want to wish you a Happy 35th Birthday. Enjoy Pepsi with a chicken. Cakes are for kids. Stay blessed.
  • Happy Birthday, A new chapter of life is opened. May peace, love, long life and may all your desires be opened as well. 35 is just a number but be scared of wrinkles. :D
  • May you enjoy the best of wishes. Happy 35th Birthday to you. Just sit back and relax with a chilled Coca-Cola and a movie.
  • We write life like a book, fortunately for you, you are at the chapter where everything becomes beautiful and sensible. May you continue to write good life series as you grow old. Happy 35th birthday. Have lots of fun.
  • If we make just one relation yearly, I think you should have now 35 friends, but this’s impossible with a lovely person like you. I think we should add double zero to reach it. Happy thirty fifth birthday.
  • If existence is to be forever and death is to be in non-existence, then I will choose to be with you forever at this age of yours, because you look so perfect at this age. Hope you remain like this my love even at 70. Happy 35th birthday, enjoy your special day.
  • Age runs fast, try to catch it as you can. Happy 35th Birthday, buddy!
  • I wish you joy and happiness always as you clock this wonderful age, you will need it. May you have a fun filed and bright shining life as you celebrate today. Happy 35th birthday. Have lots of fun.
  • Happy 35th birthday to you great and wonderful aunty. If you aren’t my aunty and you look this beautiful at this age, I’ll try to do anything to make you become mine, you look 18. May you remain young forever.
  • The impact you have on people at 35 is so great and impeccable, I really value your presence in my life, you made me become better in all aspects of my life. You are worthy of all of my achievement and I cherish you forever. Happy Birthday my love.
  • Life is all about making good memories out of everything we do and everything we go through whether good or bad, because life doesn’t last forever. I hope to make many more good memories with you my darling. Happy 35th birthday, keep enjoying life.
  • At 35 you are still this strong and agile, you still rock like a star with your wonderful, happy and contagious spirit. Without your existence I might lose interest in life. You have become my life. Happy 35th birthday to you. Can’t live a day without you.
  • Oh Happy Birthday buddy. Can’t really believe you are 35, :) you look 90 already :). I’m just kidding, you look 50. May God preserve your life till you are 100 at real age 60. :).
  • It is very important that things fall in place at this age, expectations for life are much at this age, and breakthrough is essential. May you find favor to achieve all of these at this age. Happy 35th Birthday.
  • Happy 35th birthday my dear uncle, still can’t believe that you are 35 because as cute as I am, you manage to look better than me. :). There must be a secret behind that. Keep getting young uncle. And don’t forget to tell me the secret.
  • Happy 35th birthday to you my friend, when it comes to greatness, age doesn’t really count, whether you are 20, 30 or 40. What matters is welcoming and embracing every opportunity that life gives. May God bless you with all good things of life. Enjoy your special day.
  • We learn the most as we live and as we make decisions, don’t be scared of making decisions. But remember to always smile and be joyful, because it is important that you do more of that at this age. Happy 35th birthday.
  • Leave all the bad experiences behind, rise above them all; life has given you another opportunity to live, live it to the fullest. Happy 35th birthday.
  • It took 35 years to groom your personality which is more adorable and attractive than ever before. I wish you a very happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the most wanted bachelor in our family, now you are grown enough to be married. I wish you all the best for the future and have a lovely life ahead. Happy 35th birthday my sweet cousin.
  • Happy 35th birthday, now your age is set up to display at your middle part. Burn it to go back to the twenties.
  • You have put a step in the happiest period of your life where your fervent passions of youth are chilled and the frailties of age not yet started. Enjoy your most exciting days of life. Have a lovely 35th Birthday.
  • Happy 35th Birthday just set an excellent example for your kids and takes all the entertainment in this age.
  • May the broadness of your mind and the narrowness of your waist remain constant and you find the intimate pleasure in every phase of your life. Happy 35th Birthday.
  • Happy 35th birthday – the youth without durability and the age without decay.
  • Longevity would promote by radical changes if green vegetables are savored as fine as meat. Wishing you happy 35th birthday of your life.
  • Your complete axis of life revolves around the precious 3C’s – Choices, Chances, and Changes. Make a choice, take a chance and change your life. Happy 35th Birthday.
  • There is no life’s expectancy if your heart stops enjoying the living. Make your life improved at every minute. Wishing you the very happy 35th birthday.
  • Happiness is not granted by someone though it is the matter of choice we all have the authority to make. I wish you the greatest 35th birthday.
  • Understanding is the best source for achieving peace. Develop good relations with your surroundings, live and let others happy. Have a joyous 35th birthday.
  • Happy 35th Birthday to the man who has the flowing ocean of knowledge, mountains of wisdom and bravery like warriors.
  • Your age narrates the story of your personality as the mischievousness turns into the soberness and you look good in this graceful attitude. Happy 35th Birthday.
  • Be an exemplary father of your children, so that they can easily copy you and never face difficulties in their lives to make decisions as they decode your all information. Have a stunning 35th birthday.
  • You are the most kindhearted friend of mine. I want to pay thanks whatever you have done for me. Thanks for being with me and happy 35th birthday.
  • Happy 35th birthday my dear brother, getting older is obligatory but growing up is a non-compulsory. Choice is yours.
  • Happy 35th birthday – the perfect combination of half youth and half maturity interspersed with lustiness of freedom, doled out on a plate of responsibilities.
  • Do not regret on your lost youth just celebrate your middle age and share your love. Have a stunning 35th Birthday.
  • May your life always have spring season and you achieve all the happiness, success, prosperity, and the happy married life’s joy with your partner. Have a blissful 35th Birthday.
  • A vigorous confidence leaves no space for jealousy, when you think you are influential, you don’t need to hatred. Have a wonderful 35th birthday.
  • You are the 35 years old most attractive and adorable woman and your true beauty is the purity of your soul. Have a great birthday.
  • The biggest achievement for a woman is to find the most caring and loving husband who is not just the life partner but the soul partner and you are the luckiest one. Have a great 35th birthday.
  • You are a graceful soul, with everything that you could possibly want at your heel. I hope 35 is your new golden year, may you be as great as ever, have a happy birthday and a hearty 35 my dear.
  • I get to share this day with you, the day you have been hoping and praying for all the while I have known you, you are turning 35 with fresh ideas and a new face, and things will turn out great, trust me on this. Happy Birthday!
  • Sharing your 35th birthday with you is the most exciting thing I have ever done. You are one of a kind and I couldn’t be gladder to be by your side today.
  • Happy 35th birthday mate, you are one of the most amazing people I know of, I am proud to walk with you through this new journey of new age. I hope you have a blast.
  • You are the most amazing person I know of, with determination and greatness. I hope you have fun as you celebrate the day you turn 35. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Surely greatness comes in many forms, you have proven to me that you are not only an amazing and ambitious person but a person who knows what they want and are willing to do anything just to get it. I will always be proud of you, may your 35th birthday be an age to open new doors and close the doors you don’t need.
  • Happy 35th birthday, I know turning a new age can be scary, with everyone expecting a lot from you, but you got this. I will always believe in you, so have fun.
  • It’s the age where you get to break out those shoes you have been hiding, dress up like the queen you are and have fun. Happy 35th birthday dear, may all your wishes come true.
  • A lot of people think they know what is best for you; a lot of people try to direct you to unknown paths. My wish for you on your 35th birthday is that you know what is best for you and that you will never be afraid to follow your gut.
  • You are now 35, a beautiful, independent and amazing person who has the whole world eating at their feet. I hope this day reminds you more of whom you are and what you can achieve. Have a cool birthday.
  • We have been friends for many years, may our friendship last forever and may you have the best with your family. Happy 35th Birthday.
  • Happy 35th birthday sir. 40 is knocking at the door and at this point pressure always increases, I hope all of your life dreams will come to pass before 40 for you to keep enjoying life. Happy Birthday.
  • Don’t just count the years, it may be scary. Count all of the good things and thank God for how they have given you joy, also count all of the bad things and see how they have built strength in you. May God bless your new age, happy 35th birthday sir.
  • Aging is something we don’t wanna witness, but 35 is the perfect age and I wanna congratulate you for reaching this milestone. May you be blessed beyond doubt as you celebrate today. Happy 35th birthday.
  • Hey buddy happy 35th birthday to you. We got to go out tonight and show our friends what a 35 year old can do on the dance floor. Enjoy the joyfulness of clocking this age.
  • I have known you for so long, you have been there for me through each and every situation and I don’t know how I can ever repay you. I hope you have an amazing birthday, have fun.
  • Happy 35th birthday dear, you are someone I am proud to look up to. You are strong and willing to do anything it takes to see yourself and those around you succeed, for that, you are one of a kind. Enjoy your birthday.

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