Happy 5th Birthday Wishes for 5-Year-Olds

Turning older is always a blessing, whether you are the person getting older or you are watching a person getting older. Celebrating a little one’s 5th birthday is the most important message you can pass across to them. Messages are a constant reminder that you were there with them during their party and that you will always be there for them.

5 candles are ready for the sweetest baby. Happy 5th Birthday!

Special birthday messages for a special 5-year-old are the surest way of reminding them how cool they are. Here are some 5th birthday wishes you can send to a kid on their birthday.

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Here are many ways to wish any 5-year-old kid a happy birthday.

  • Hi 5 to the cutest 5-year-old in town. Have a blast!
  • Happy Birthday, kiddo! May you have five million hours of happiness.
  • It’s your 5th Bday sweetie, blow out five candles then make five wishes.

Make 5 wishes. Happy 5th Birthday!

  • Wow! 5 golden years already!! Cheers to many more.
  • All your favorite superheroes are wishing you the best birthday ever.
  • Cakes, balloons, candles and decorations are all set for the best 5th birthday ever. Enjoy  it.
  • Can’t remember being 5 but I’m sure it’s full of fun and excitement. Wish you more of this.
  • You become extra [handsome/beautiful] when you’re 5. I’m seeing it in you already. Enjoy today, baby.
  • Just clocked 5 and I already see the qualities of a 5-year-old in you. Funny. Inspiring. Virtuous. Excellent.
  • I can’t accept that you’re 5 today. You already talk like you’re 15 and eat like you’re 30. :) What will you be like when you actually clock 20?! :) The best birthday to the best kid.
  • Whatever will make you become the best that you can be is what we are ready to do for you as parents. May God guide you as we do our best.
  • You are little but you occupied a big place in my heart. Love you forever, honey.
  • Happy 5th Birthday to the little diamond that brightens our life day by day.
  • Your five senses are wishing you a great day as you’re turning 5.

Happy Birthday to the youngest 5-year-old in town.

  • May your childhood be filled with bright colors and joyful moments.
  • When you were a baby, you didn’t let me have a deep sleep, you always wanted to eat. :) Now, I’m happy to sleep well. Cheers, honey!
  • Do you know that I want to give you a hug every time I see you?! Today, you deserve 5 hugs. :)
  • Age is ticking. We are getting old and you are growing up. Best wishes honey.
  • May my 5-year-old child remain sweet and cheerful all [his/her] life. Have a wonderful evening.
  • Have the happiest 5th birthday my child. You are the most important person to me and I love you so much.


Here are some humorous messages for a kid turning 5. You can find many more options in this long list of funny birthday messages.

  • I’ve got a front row seat to the LIVE show of the funniest FIVE year old.
  • No one can call you young anymore. You’re 5 years OLD.

FIVE YEARS OLD! No one can call you young anymore. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • The coolest FIVE year old is here. Give him a HI FIVE and let’s DIVE into the best 5th birthday of our LIVES.
  • 5 years old? Wow! I just hope it’s not illegal to grow as fast as you do. Happy Birthday dear.
  • Knock Knock!! Who’s there? The birthday genie!!. You get 5 lollipops for your 5th birthday, congratulations!


Three ways to wish a baby boy a happy 5th birthday.

  • You are the most amazing 5-year-old boy I’ve ever known. You will grow up to be one of the finest men around.
  • High Five to the newest 5-year-old boy. Happy Bday!

High Five to the newest 5-year-old boy. Happy Bday!

  • Now, you are able to get things and break them. You are tall enough to blow out your Bday candles. Happy Birthday, naughty boy!


Wish a 5-year-old baby girl a happy birthday using one of these ideas.

  • Happy 5th birthday sweet baby girl, it’s time to kick 4 and welcome 5.
  • You are the little princess that should be celebrated today. I hope you enjoy everything set out especially for you sweetheart.

Happy 5th Birthday to a sweet girl.

  • A sweet birthday to a girl with bright eyes and cute dimples, you completed five years. Now it’s the time to put on a pretty dress and crown to celebrate.


Here are some 5th birthday wishes from parent to son. You might also want to check out these ways to say “Happy Birthday, Son.”

  • Happy Birthday, Son! When you came into our world, you rocked it and things turned around for the best. Love you, sweetie.
  • Can you count the number of your fingers? I think I taught you this. Now, your age = your fingers. FIVE!

Happy 5th Birthday, my naughty son!

  • Your birth brought us fortune. Now, fortune is 5 times bigger. Happy 5th Birthday to the little monkey.
  • There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my 5-year-old sweetheart. Have fun darling, I love you.


A small list of 5th birthday wishes for your daughter to pick out the best. you’ll also want to check out this separate list of ways to say “Happy Birthday, Daughter.”

  • Happy Birthday to the girl who always wants to be beside her mother. Love you, sweetie!
  • Normal kids make me happy, but charming kids make me surprised. Happy Birthday to the most charming 5-year-old girl, my adorable daughter.

Happy 5th Birthday, my lovely daughter.

  • your growing up is quite similar to that of your mom, but you’re more beautiful. :) Don’t tell her that.
  • To the most beautiful 5-year-old girl in the world, may all your days be filled with the happiness you feel when you have a new toy. Happy 5th birthday daughter.


Three birthday greetings for a nephew who is turning five.

  • Happy 5th Birthday to the Humpty Dumpty of our family, my cool nephew.
  • Hey nephew, ready for another year with your [aunt/uncle]? Trust me, it’s 5 times the fun. Happy Birthday!
  • My nephew is 5! WOW! Let’s call Tom and Jerry to celebrate with us. Auntie loves you.


Here are some birthday wishes for your niece on her 5th birthday.

  • My sweet niece has to choose 5 friends today to hold her birthday candles. That will be a great show.
  • Five android games for my naughty niece who takes my phone as her best friend. :) Love you, sweetie!
  • I’m sure there’s no single 5-year-old as beautiful as my princess. Happy Birthday, Niece!

Happy 5th Birthday!


Make your grandson’s 5th birthday by one of these special messages.

  • You’ve changed my life over the 5 years I’ve lived with you, my grandchild. You taught me how to run at an old age.
  • I’m happy to be a part of my grandson’s fifth birthday. Just seeing you smile while opening your gifts is enough for me.
  • Tell me that you grow up fast because of the apples you eat with me. Five more apples for my five-year-old grandson.
  • From a baby boy climbing his mom for suckling to a boy climbing his grandma for playing. :) My boy, congrats on turning 5.


Here are some messages from a grandparent to granddaughter on her fifth birthday.

  • My special granddaughter is God’s gift. Now, the gift is 5 years old. AWESOME!
  • The little jewel is turning 5 today. May you grow to be older than your grandpa.


Two ways to wish your 5-year-old brother a happy birthday. If you need more, you might also want to check out this article.

  • Happy 5th birthday to a boy that looks so much like me in everything except doing homework. Enjoy this year as next, you will do it.
  • My sweet brother turned five; it’s a beautiful day. Enjoy it with your cute little friends.


Here are two sweet messages for a sister turning 5. For more ideas, see these birthday greetings for a special sister.

  • When I had you, you were like a Teddy bear to me. Now, are growing up fast that soon you’ll have your own Teddy bears. Have fun sis.
  • New five toys for my sweet sister on her fifth birthday.


Cute and funny ways to wish 5-year-old twins a happy Bday. You may also want to see our huge list of birthday messages for twins.

  • Shall I wish you both a happy 10th birthday [5+5]? Maybe you need the wish separated, so Happy 5th Birthday to the sweetest twins.
  • It’s time to unite together to tear out all the wrappers and enjoy your presents, Happy Birthday to the youngest 5-year-old twins in the world.
  • 5-year-olds are a big trouble, so what if we have twins?! It’s a disaster. :) Love you both.

They will be 6 next year, so one day, you may need one of these special 6th birthday wishes.

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