Happy 70th Birthday Wishes

Happy 70th Birthday Messages

Seventy year olds are interesting people, they have lived for so long and we consider them wise and remarkable. If you know of someone who is turning seventy, it is nice to keep them close, learn from them, they have a lot to offer. When their birthdays come up, apart from the normal cake and present, send them a birthday message that they will always read and smile about. Birthdays are special times and for such special people turning such a golden age, it should feel golden to them too. Here are some messages you can send to a newly seventy year old:

Birthday Wishes for 70-Year-Olds

  • I can’t really trust in numbers again, because your age is actually against your looks, your cheeks are still so soft in my hands. Happy 70th Birthday my woman and my everything.
  • The life we’ve lived together will always be a benchmark for those who want to succeed in their marriage. It was possible because you are a good woman. Happy 70th Birthday my good wife.
  • Every man tries to read women like a book before making a proposal, when I saw you, I knew I never need to read you, because the book cover is enough attraction. Happy 70th Birthday wife.
  • Forever now looks so fast, because being 70 to some people is like forever but to me it’s like few years. I hope we’ll have many more years together. Happy 70th Birthday my love.
  • We are an experiment to the saying that love dies at some point. I can boldly say that it’s not true. My love for this woman never dropped till now. Happy 70th Birthday my love.
  • Happiness is when you turn into seventy years and your grandson and granddaughter arrange a surprise birthday party for you. Happy 70th Birthday grandpa.


  • Life is really beautiful especially to those that have seen it all, people like you have all the experiences that life can give. Happy 70th birthday sir. Enjoy every bit of it.
  • Rest is really sweet after labor, you have labored all your life and this is the period to enjoy every moment of your rest. Happy 70th birthday ma’am, may you have a delightful birthday.
  • Greatness lies not in people who have accomplished it all, but in people who have given it all that they have, we celebrate you on a special day like this. Happy 70th birthday sir.
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  • The world is really blessed by your existence, may you enjoy every bit of your 70th birthday. Happy Birthday sir.
  • Old age puts you in a pole position where your opinion matters in every matter. Happy 70th birthday sir, it’s a really beautiful age.
  • You were really blessed by the Supreme Being to be this old and with a super sound health. May you enjoy this age more than ever before. Happy 70th birthday.

70th Birthday Cards

  • 30 light years away from a century is worth celebrating, keep living the good life you’re well known for my friend. Happy 70th birthday, live long and stay happy.
  • Virtually you have achieved all that there is at this age of yours, your joy and achievement now is seeing us thrive in life. Happy 70th birthday daddy, we love you.
  • The best kind of foundation is what we had with you mom, our generation will always appreciate every of your sacrifices. Happy 70th birthday mom, enjoy your old age.
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  • It is true that life will not always remain the same, it gives different meaning at every junction of life, may this age bring you lots of joy. Happy 70th birthday.
  • I always wonder if anyone on Earth could really replicate your good nature, you cared so much for everyone and we really appreciate you sir. Happy 70th birthday. Have lots of fun.
  • You once said the real job for every parent is not just to provide food for their children but to guide them in every of their ways. Happy 70th birthday.


  • Today I want to congratulate you sir, not just for clocking 70, but because of the kind of good works you did all the while, your life is really a good one. Happy Birthday.
  • You always say that the life God gave to us is a life that we should value and appreciate by being of good importance unto others. Happy 70th birthday sir. You are loved.
  • I hope I can find the right words to qualify the beauty that you have on the inside, you are really the right type of role-model for the upcoming ones. Happy 70th birthday.
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  • The influence you had on your generation will be forever spoken of, you are one of the greatest sir! And we are proud to be attached to you. Happy 70th birthday.
  • Happy 70th birthday ma’am, your cooking skills are still impeccable. The older you get the better you get at that. Love you so much, enjoy your celebration.
  • Your thoughts are enough to shape this world to be a better place that everyone desires, you are so great with your mind, I hope you can help our nation leaders. Happy 70th birthday sir.

Happy 70th Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • Your every accomplishment is the reflection of your decision you made in your past. Wishing you the Happy 70th Birthday of your life. May you have a long healthy life.
  • You never spoiled your energy on meaningless friendship, forced relations, and redundant conversations. You just focused on your ambition and eventually you attained it. Have a wonderful 70th birthday.
  • May you always shine like a star, be fragranced like a flower and may the life always put mercy on you. Have a stunning and joyous 70th birthday.
  • You are a blessing for me in every season, getting you in my life is grasping a big reason. Wish you the joy and pleasure come in your life with no reason. Happy 70th Birthday.
  • You are always being attentive regarding other’s needs and you always consider this attitude of life as the work of life. May you have a blissful life ahead. Happy 70th Birthday.
  • You have become the recipient of confidence with your silence, self-effacing and attentiveness. Wishing you all the greatness, honor, respect and love come in your life. Have a nice 70th birthday.


  • You did all the good throughout your life by all the means and ways at every place and time for all the people. Now it’s the time to do for you. May you get well soon and live a healthy life again. Happy 70th Birthday.
  • Your generosity is the most potent factor of your personality, despite richness you didn’t collide with the element of proud. May you have a wonderful life. Wish you the great 70th birthday of your life.
  • You never cared for the hope of commendations and rewards, just give silently and help people without any popularity. You are the great person. Happy 70th Birthday.
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  • You are the man of your words, a complete picture of life and the proof of truthfulness. I wish life grants such man every year. Have a fabulous 70th birthday.
  • Your generous soul makes you prettier among all. I wish you all the greatness and pleasure in your life. Happy 70th Birthday.
  • Today If I reached toward my maximum capabilities is just because of your coaching. You are my favorite person and I learnt a lot in your leadership. Have a blissful 70th birthday.

70th Birthday Greetings

  • You are the universal language of change and learning. Anyone can get the full benefit of your rationality. Wish you a very Happy 70th Birthday.
  • Do not care about your growing age, just take a long deep breath and start a new life keeping all the worries aside. Have wonderful 70th birthday. Let’s cheer up again.
  • Say hello again to the life and open your arms and feel the beauty of world again. You will feel even better and younger. Wishing you the happy and healthy life ahead. Happy 70th Birthday.
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  • No matter you turned into seventy or eighty, you will always be my superhero dad. You are the reason of my nourishment, integrity, and truthfulness. Happy a lovely 70th birthday.
  • It’s amazing! Seventy years of your life couldn’t make you disfigured. It’s a real blessing that you maintained yourself and didn’t allow age to be overwhelmed. Happy 70th Birthday.
  • It’s your birthday old timer, you are a great person and I love spending time with you. I hope you live longer because I can’t imagine life without you. You put a smile on my face, happy 70th.


  • It’s hard to believe you are turning 70; you have the strength of a thirty year old, the face of a 50 year old and the spirit of a teenager. Happy 70th birthday, may you have a good time.
  • Already 70 I see, Happy Birthday to you, I hope you know how great I feel to be sharing with you this day. Have a hearty birthday dear, you are amazing.
  • You have made me the person I am today; you are what I would like to be when I am 70 like you. Happy 70th birthday, I am proud to know you.
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  • Many people are not as lucky as I am; I get to share your 70th birthday with you. I am happy to be here and wouldn’t like to be any other place, have a great birthday old timer.
  • Happy 70th birthday dear, you are an amazing person with such amazing innovative methods and I wish you the best as you turn this new age, may all your wishes come true for you. Happy Birthday!!
  • You are a great person and I am glad to be here with you as you celebrate your 70th birthday, I hope you enjoy each and every second of it. Happy Birthday!!

Happy 70th Birthday Messages

  • Bring out that cake, put on those candles, close your eyes, and make a wish as you blow out those candles. Happy 70th birthday, may you live longer.
  • You are beautiful in every single way, have a grand 70th birthday dear, you are awesome and I love each day I get to spend with you.
  • It’s your 70th birthday, I hope you get to enjoy all the good things this time has to offer, you are a great person and I hope you get to live longer so we can share in your wisdom. We love you.
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  • Life is beautiful when you have a guide to tell you the secrets of life, you are my guide and you have surely made life better for me, I appreciate that. Happy 70th birthday!!
  • Every growing child will not find it easy living with you, but it will absolutely be the best decision of their lives when they understand your kind of person. Happy 70th birthday sir.
  • You told us that the ingredient to success and life achievement is self-belief and faith, that has never failed since I learnt it, thank you for your guidance. Happy 70th birthday sir.


  • It’s a beautiful day to be celebrating the birthday of someone like you, you are a great person and I hope you forever remain as strong and as youthful as you are. Do enjoy the day!
  • I don’t know how it feels to turn 70, but I am sure it must be the best feeling in the world. You are lucky enough to experience each day with the ones you love watching them grow and make you laugh. Happy 70th birthday, may you live longer to experience the love.
  • Old age! It is a point in life where no one wants to reach fast, but it is actually inevitable. May your old age experience be palatable. Happy 70th birthday.
  • Nothing is more lovable than you. Love you so much. Have a wonderful 70th birthday.
  • The life lived for others is the kind of life worth living, we are talking about you today sir, because you live to affect lives positively. Happy 70th birthday sir.
  • I wonder you are still active and attentive at the age of 70. May your 70th birthday add 70 more years in your life. Happy Birthday.

70th Birthday Wishes

  • Your wrinkles point to a great life you had and still have. Your white hair is a main sign of overcoming life obstacles. Happy 70th Birthday.
  • One would normally think that a 70-year-old man has nothing to offer in this generation of ours, but it seems you are never outdated sir. 🙂 Happy Birthday sir.
  • I love that you are old, strong and willing to face 70 with a never fading smile, have fun on your birthday, may you outlive us all and you stay blessed.
  • As you turn 70 today, may all your blessings be doubled, you are a wise old man and I know you have so much to live for. Enjoy this birthday!
  • Even on your 70th you look strong and vibrant, I want to be just like you when I get to your age, I hope you’ll be around then so we can laugh and share jokes like we do.
  • I really do look up to you, for you still have that smile you had when you were young, be blessed and live longer than my grandma, for you are truly blessed.
  • You are a blessing old timer, not because I know you but because at 70, you still have a lot to live for. May every wish and hope you have come true on this birthday.
  • You probably have dentures by now granny, but that won’t stop you from enjoying your 70th birthday cake, be blessed always, I love you to death and I hope you live longer.
  • Happy 70th birthday dear, you turn older, wiser, happier and more available, I love you and hope you live longer than any man.

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