80th Birthday Wishes and Messages

Eighty is a golden age, the age where one gets to see everyone grow around them as they grow older too. Living that long is a blessing and an 80 year Old’s grandchild, brother, sister, daughter, son, friend or just anyone lucky enough to know an 80 year old should remember the day is special to them and sending them a birthday message will definitely make them feel more loved and appreciated.

80 years of greatness! Happy 80th Birthday!

No one wants to grow old and alone, everyone wants someone by their side as they grow older, a family member or just a friend to share the last good moments with. Here are some birthday messages you can send an 80-year-old:

Happy 80th Birthday Wishes for 80-Year-Olds

  • My life’s greatest risk wasn’t my excellent business or the just concluded good project. It’s you, speaking to you then was really hard. I’m glad I did. Happy 80th Birthday my love.
  • I ran from a lot of things because I never thought I’ll go very far, but you reached out to me and rescued me. Now we’re both old. Thanks for everything. Happy 80th Birthday husband.
  • I just hope the best strength that lies within you will come out from its hiding right now, so you’ll enjoy life more even at your old age. Happy 80th Birthday mom.
  • Age got ya so bad that you look older than an 80-year-old woman. :D Happy 80th Birthday grandma, I can borrow you some youthfulness though.
  • Happy 80th Birthday mom, oh! Growth has done a lot to your face, I remembered when you were younger and beautiful, I wish it can stay that way. Enjoy your day mom.
  • I’ve seen grandmothers but none can be compared to you, the way you give all of your advice are always funny but top-notch. I wish you many more years in health. Happy 80th Birthday granny.
  • To the cutest grandma at 80, your beauty must be an angelic one because you barely have wrinkles even at this old age. Happy 80th Birthday grandma.
  • Getting old is a good thing to show for a careful way of living ever since. It’s an example to us all that we must live good lives to grow old. Happy 80th Birthday grandpa.
  • Oh grandma I love you so much, especially when you begged me not to tell dad that you threw your medicine into the water closet. Happy 80th Birthday grandma.
  • Some don’t appreciate their old people, but having old people is a blessing, their advice is invaluable. Happy 80th Birthday granny. We’re just starting, come on keep living.
  • Even though at first it’s hard staying with grandma all day long, but my relationship grown with you got to be the best. I am happy you’re still as healthy as ever. Happy 80th Birthday grandma.
  • Happy 80th Birthday dad, working as hard as you still do at this age is intriguing, I wish you more strength as you celebrate. Enjoy your special year.
  • Is there anyone in any part of the world who cooks better meal as grandma?! I doubt if that person exists. I hope you’ll not stop cooking anytime soon. :) Happy 80th Birthday grandma.
  • Thanks for teaching us that the secret to a joyful life is taking good care of the family. Our family is great because of you. Happy 80th Birthday grandma.
  • My siblings and I won’t stop laughing at you grandpa because of the way you cherished your cap, it’s more important than anything. :D Happy Birthday! Get your birthday hat. :)
  • My mom is so fond of you grandpa, she will never stop telling us of your excessive sacrifices for her and the family. We love you grandpa. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • I understand that life was difficult during your own days, it’s like moving through trackless desert, but you still manage to make a good life for my dad. Thanks grandpa. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • Just like smoke disperse before the wind, may sorrow, sadness and bad health go away from you grandma. Happy 80th Birthday grandma.
  • I’ve never seen a luckier and more wonderful grandma, you’ve seen your grandchildren and you’ve seen some of them get married. It’s a really rare blessing. Happy 80th Birthday granny.
  • People that have passed through fire are always worthy of every good thing that comes their way. After a lot of sacrifices, it’s great to see you enjoy. Happy 80th Birthday grandma.
  • Happy 80th Birthday good old grandpa, your story has put a forever belief in me that anything can be turned around. May your days be full of good health. Stay blessed.
  • No matter what old people had done in the past, as long as they become very old, they should be taken good care of. Happy 80th Birthday grandpa. May God bless your old age sir.
  • I think the way you brought us up is the best way and I will apply the same to my family as soon as I have one. Happy 80th Birthday grandma, you’re the best.
  • Happy 80th Birthday granny, you are the most amazing person I know of and someday I hope to be as old as you!

Thanks for telling us the secret of having a joyful life. Happy 80th Birthday!

  • Your wisdom knows no bounds, I’m lucky to be near such a wise and knowledgeable 80-year-old, have a great birthday!
  • I wish I knew you earlier; you are a great person and I really do hope you live longer than any of us. Happy 80th darling!
  • I hope 80 is more exciting than any other age, you are an amazing person and I’m lucky to be sharing this day with you.
  • I hope you don’t run out of breath from blowing off 80 candles, but in case you so run out of breath don’t worry, we are all here to help you celebrate this amazing age!
  • You are a cool 80-year-old and you don’t need me to tell you that, I can never get enough of you and I’m truly lucky to be here right now!
  • You are my greatest hello and saddest goodbye, whenever I leave, I always long for the next time I will see your face and busk in your awesomeness. Happy 80th old-timer!
  • Happy 80th dear, you are loved, respected and deeply thought about, that is why we are all here with you! I love you!
  • You are a strong and admirable old lady; you make me want to be just like you someday: 80 and young just like you with no worry or care!
  • Age is just a number, you proved the saying right, you have the heart of a boy but the soul of a wise 80-year-old man. Have a great birthday!
  • Words cannot begin to describe how lucky and blessed I feel to be here with you. Have a great 80th birthday grans.
  • You are the reason I believe someone can live forever. Happy 80th dear, you make each day worth it!
  • I can never live life without you, so grow older, for I need you to be around dear. Happy 80th wise man!
  • May 80 be the age where you finally find the peace you always sort after, you are a lucky old man and I hope you realize that!
  • Being here with you makes me realize the greatest gift one can have is life. I hope you have a fantastic day my dear, happy 80th!
  • Happy 80th Birthday, you definitely don’t look any older, I hope you have a great time celebrating each moment. I love you!
  • May 80 be a great year for you, Happy Birthday old geezer, may you grow older than all the mountains and hills that surround you!
  • May your 80th birthday be filled with joy and cheer, may it give you a million reasons to smile and be grateful!
  • Happy 80th Birthday dear old one, you are ancient and I love that I learn a lot from you. May you live longer than pyramids!
  • Your achievement so far is not just in material things, but in how you have successfully been an impact in our lives. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • You are 80 today, but you are not old, you are just more experienced. I wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • For the past 80 years, you have been nothing but awesome and wonderful. Happy Birthday, I wish you the best.
  • You have reached the age of 80 by living healthy and furtively. This day is special; enjoy it and everything it brings. Happy Birthday.
  • Age is nothing but a number, you have lived a life of fulfillment. The best is yet to come. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • If there is anyone I would like to model, your knowledge, shrewdness, and attention to details amaze me. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • As people grow old, they become more valuable as a fine wine. You are a diamond that forever shines. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • This day is so special because it’s your 80th birthday. We hope you celebrate with joy in your heart.
  • You are loved for those unique things that set you apart. You have been a source of motivation and inspiration, and we celebrate you today.
  • Dreams and goals do become a reality. You have proved that with your consistent action and doggedness for the past 80 years. Happy Birthday.
  • You are relevant, unique and awesome. At 80, you are my role model. Happy Birthday.
  • 80 years ago, on this special day a legend was born. 80 years later, the legend is you. Happy Birthday.
  • You are knowledgeable, kind and intelligent. At 80, you are one of the best people I have ever known. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • You are not 80; you are only 18 with 62 years of achievements. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • As you celebrate eight decades of being awesome, I wish you happiness, peace, rest of mind and all the good things yet to come. Happy Birthday.
  • You are my role model, I want to grow old and achieve all the things you achieved and even more. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • May the years ahead of you be great, may your remaining life on earth be remarkable and adventurous. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • Happy days are coming your way. As you turn 80 today, both joy and fun are coming your way. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  • E is for excellence, I is for intelligence, G is for greatness, H is for Handsomeness, T is for talented, Y is for Youthful. This is what defines you at 80. Happy Birthday.
  • Looking back, I can remember all the exciting times I had with you. You have been nothing but fun and care, and at 80 you haven’t changed a lot. Happy Birthday.
  • You have had a rich life with many good days. You have been an inspiration to others along the way. I’m sending you 80th birthday wishes with lots of cheers.
  • Thank you for all you have done in my life, you are my hero. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • May this day bring you peace, may your life be extended as you wish and may your blessings reach its peak. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • When grandparents get old, they lose grip over their children, but my own grandpa is different, he has grip over anyone and they all fear him. Happy 80th Birthday grandpa.
  • I’m always joyous anytime I see you tell my dad off, the look on his face makes me feel laugh so much. It’s great to always have you around granny. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • I hope to be like grandma when I grow up, your teeth are as sharp as hoes and they cut anything that come into the mouth. :) Happy 80th Birthday grandma.
  • 80th birthday is a reward for being awesome all these years to all of us. Happy Birthday.
  • There is no better joy that I have than seeing you waxing strong, looking younger and living peacefully even as you age. I wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • To the moon and the stars, you can go, as long as you live for today. There’s nothing more special than to celebrate your 80th birthday with you.
  • Celebrate this day with delight and know that you are blessed. Have some fun with family and friends, then you can have a rest. Happy 80th Birthday.
  • Life is an occasion to rise and you have risen to the top in all these years. You are a vintage man. Happy 80th Birthday.

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