Birthday Love Messages

Birthday Love Sayings

Birthdays are a great day. It is a day to be alive, happy and excited. It is a day to spend with loved ones and those that you love the most. There are not many people who will admit this but many wants to have a lover on their special day. If you are someone that has a special someone, do you show them gratitude when they make you happy? It is easy to become comfortable but when you do, you forget to express gratitude and be thankful for certain people in your life. It is something you never want to do when it comes to a relationship. If you want to show some love to your love on their birthday, wish them a thoughtful birthday wish. Here we did some wishes for you and you can use them if you like.

How to say Happy Birthday My Love?!

  • Whenever I see you, I fall in love over and over again. You are my sunshine, the bright light of my paths. On this special day, I say Happy Birthday my love.
  • You are the reason for my smiles, my queen. You have been the best friend I can ever have. I love and cherish every moment we have shared. May you have the happiest birthday ever.
  • You make every day worth looking forward to my love, I don’t know what I would do without your love, enjoy your birthday sweetheart.
  • Each day with you is a blessing and each birthday I get to be by your side tells me you and I will be forever together, have a great birthday my love.
  • You make everything better with the sound of your voice and I’m sure you will be the love I will forever cherish. Happy Birthday my love!
  • I hope to make you as proud as you’ve made me, there is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for you, have a great and awesome birthday my love.


  • I love being able to wake up next to you in my bed. It is an awesome sight to see you in all your tangled hair glory. You get embarrassed but I think it’s adorable. Happy Birthday.
  • I’m thinking so much about you. I just can’t but be reminded of you when I see a delicious plate of food. There is nothing like it. Happy Birthday baby.
  • Today is your birthday! Woo! Get ready baby. I want you to look your absolute best tonight. I have every intention to make tonight an amazing night full of romance, adventure and danger. Happy Birthday.
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  • I think that without me you would be driven crazy by boredom. Boredom is a worse fate than death. So you should honestly be thanking me. Happy Birthday.
  • There are many better ways to do what I was thinking. I really mean that. I meant to say Happy Birthday in this extravagant fashion. But I decided to write it to you instead. Happy Birthday lover.
  • You are my second favorite person on this planet. Just kidding. Happy Birthday baby.

Love Birthday Cards

  • There are days all I want to do is be tangled with you in the bedroom for the whole day. I mean it. Like we do nothing else but just stay in our hot clothes and get wild. Happy Birthday. You know where to find me.
  • I love you. Do you think that was too simple? If it was too simple, let me say it this other way. Olive juice. Think about it. Happy Birthday baby.
  • Happy Birthday baby. I have been so happy to be with you and it has been nothing but spectacular. You are awesome.
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  • I love when you look so beautiful for me. It drives me absolutely insane. I honestly don’t know what to do when you look so lovely. You know that I’m kidding. Happy Birthday baby.
  • There are many tales of romance and grandeur. Honestly, some of my favorite moments are us sitting on the couch, with you cuddling up next to me. Happy Birthday baby.
  • I want so much out of life. One thing I truly desire is a family. With you here, I can’t imagine it not happening. Happy Birthday baby.


  • I love you deeply. Some would say my love for you is like an ocean, or a fat kid who loves cake. You get the idea. Happy Birthday baby.
  • I want to play a game with you. You are automatically included. There are no ands, ifs or buts. Today is your birthday and I’m going to have to give you a birthday spank for every year you have been here. Happy Birthday baby. Love you!
  • Today is the birthday of all birthdays. Why? Because it is the birthday of someone I’m quite intimate with. Of course I’m going to be biased, I share something private with you! Happy Birthday lover.
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  • Happy Birthday lover. You are an amazing person who shines on the world. I love you.
  • There are many ways to say I love you. A kiss, a hug, a caress, dancing and gazing into your eyes, biting your neck and holding you close. Take your pick. Happy Birthday baby.
  • It’s your birthday! It has been a pleasure being with you and it continues to be so. We are only going to bigger and better places.
  • Happy Birthday my love. If Romeo and Juliet were here, we would put them to shame. Not really, as we wouldn’t kill ourselves. Other than that, I love you.
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Birthday Love Messages

  • I have a lot of love for you. I would say that my love for you is a solid 10 out of 10. Happy Birthday baby.
  • That’s the day when my love came to this world. That’s the day of receiving the person who changed my whole life. So, I have the best birthday card to wish you the best day ever. Have a great day with me.
  • There are many things I want to do today. As long as I’m with you, celebrating your birthday, I know that everything will be alright. Happy Birthday baby.
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  • I know that sometimes I’m a handful. I know that sometimes I make things unnecessarily difficult. But you always know what to do to make sure I don’t mess it up. Thank you baby. Happy Birthday!
  • Baby! Today is a day for some love and romance. Why ? Because I said so. Happy Birthday baby.
  • Your birthday should have some change in the word to be the love day. It’s not about Valentine’s, but I mean it’s the day when my sweetheart was born. Happy Birthday honey!


  • You are not going to believe what I have planned for you today. Trust me, today is going to be a wild day. Happy Birthday my lover.
  • I love you baby. You are indeed one of my favorite people on this planet. Consider it a present for life. Happy Birthday my love.
  • You definitely know how to make a girl feel like a little girl. The way you make me blush, the way you look at me, I just melt at the knees. Happy Birthday baby.
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  • I know that today is your birthday. I know that you love when I dress up. You of course know what I have for you as your birthday present today. Happy Birthday!
  • We are definitely going to have a great time today. You are going to get crazy with me and we are not going to stop dancing till we can’t dance no more. I love you sweetheart. Happy Birthday.
  • You don’t know what I have gone through before I met you. Weird dates, awkward talks but when I met you, those things were just fine. Happy Birthday baby!

Love Birthday Greetings

  • Happy Birthday baby. We have been through a lot of things together. We are not done yet either. I hope to enjoy many more wild moments with you baby.
  • If I can use candles to burn your sadness, I will. If I have the ability to add sweetness of cakes to your life, I will. So, always believe that all what I want is to make you happy. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
  • Happy Birthday. You are special to my heart and will be mine as long as you will have me. Come here and let me hold you.
  • You do not understand something very important to the both of us baby. That is no matter where you go, our hearts will always be connected. Happy Birthday baby. I love you.
  • Hey love, you mean the world to me and I want to wish you a Happy Birthday full of love and laughter.
  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful and loving person in the world. Love you dear.
  • Words don’t say it enough but I hope this is a start. Happy Birthday honey
  • As you get better with age, so does my love for you dear. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.


  • My gift for you is wrapped with love and sealed with a kiss. Want to wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • Looks don’t get anymore deceiving than this. The more reason I love you dear. Want to wish you a Happy Birthday
  • All I want to tell my baby is how much I love her and wish her a Happy Birthday.
  • Despite the distance, my love for you is stronger every day. I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and hope to see you soon.  Lots of love.
  • It’s only right that I be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday as you hold a special place in my heart. Have a fabulous day.
  • You are heavens blessing to me and I want to take this chance to wish you a Happy Birthday. Lots of gifts on your way.
  • I only assembled these words just to say Happy Birthday my love.
  • Let this wish be my way of reminding you of how much I love you. Happy Birthday dear one.
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Love Birthday Wishes

  • I love you even more on your birthdays!! Have a Happy Birthday my love.
  • Another birthday together was more than I could have hope for but since we’re here, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a Happy Birthday my angel
  • My greatest joy is to see you happy and I hope this message does put a smile on your pretty face. Happy Birthday darling!
  • Angels like you don’t come along often and nothing would make me happier than making it to another birthday with you. Wishing you a great birthday.
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  • The stars in the sky start and end with you. Happy Birthday to you my love
  • Having you by my side is all I could ask for. So for you I’ll do anything just to see you happy on your birthday. Anything you want I’ll get it for you. Have an awesome birthday love.
  • I don’t suppose you thought I forgot your birthday love. Sorry I’ve been busy but I’ll surely make it up to you. Lots of love and a Happy Birthday.
  • Love conquers all. Love resides in those who stand tall together. I’m here for you on your birthday love. Let’s enjoy together.


  • A thousand kisses for you on your birthday. I love you so much and I want to wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • If I could reach the stars, I could surely bring you one for your birthday. I hope I will be the star that lights up your day my love. Wishing you a Happy Birthday dear.
  • All I want to do is make your wishes come true today. Have a Happy Birthday love.
  • Candies, roses and chocolate for you love. Have a Happy Birthday baby.
  • Let’s share this moment with love, joy and happiness. Happy Birthday honey!
  • I could go to the moon and back for you love. Wishing you a Happy Birthday my love.
  • Let my heart beat to the rhythm of our love tonight. Have a Happy Birthday my angel.
  • There’s no way I could let this day to pass without me saying Happy Birthday to my love. Have a blast!

Birthday Love Quotes

  • Moments are made memorable when shared with our loved ones. I’m looking forward to having a memorable day with you darling. Happy Birthday love!
  • Your third birthday together and still as beautiful and attractive as the first time I saw you.  Wishing you a Happy Birthday!
  • May you live long my love. Have a Happy Birthday and a happy long live ahead of you.
  • My only wish is to see you through many more birthdays like today. Always here for you my love. Happy Birthday!
  • When the sun goes down tonight, I hope your eyes light the night for I’m wishing you a Happy Birthday and a life full of brighter days.
  • You must be the girl my mother warned me about as I can’t keep you out of my mind. Wishing you a Happy Birthday my love.
  • Just know that despite you being a year older today, my love for you is a year stronger. Happy Birthday the most amazing person in my life.
  • Let today be a day about you and your joy. Wishing you a joyful birthday love.
  • Every little second that passes, am reminded it’s my baby’s birthday. Hope you have the best birthday of your love.
  • Please can I have a birthday dance with you tonight? Wishing you a Happy Birthday my love.
  • Hope you woke up to the sound of my wishes to you. Have a Happy Birthday sweetheart.
  • It’s my pleasure to be with you love. Wishing you a Happy Birthday my honey.
  • If time would stop, I would spend the rest of my days singing of your beauty. Happy Birthday darling!
  • This message is brought to you with love, care and a thousand smiles. Have a Happy Birthday my love.
  • There’s no limit to the love I have for you. May you have a Happy Birthday sweetie!
  • As long as I know my baby is alright, am alright. Have a Happy Birthday baby.
  • My sweetheart made it to thirty!! Congrats and have a Happy Birthday. Lots of love.
  • I love you and want to wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • You are my Cinderella. Have a Happy Birthday eye candy.
  • May the birds help me wish my love a beautiful birthday full of love.  Happy Birthday cutie.
  • Cake is ready my love. Do hope you like it. Have a Happy Birthday sweetie.
  • There’s no secret to how much I love you and how much I mean it when I say Happy Birthday love.
  • Am jealous of my baby’s birthday! Have an awesome day darling. Happy Birthday!
  • I’m channeling all my love and time to wishing you a Happy Birthday sweetheart.
  • My love for you is eternal. Have a Happy Birthday baby!
  • Hope it rains showers of love on you today. Happy Birthday handsome!
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  • Lovely birthday to my lovely angel. Happy Birthday dear. You are so amazing to me.
  • Love you forever my love. Happy Birthday!
  • Loving you for this long is the greatest time I’ve ever spent.  Happy Birthday my love.
  • Only love and more love for you every day. Have a Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday baby. You are one special lady. You and me together, couldn’t be a more explosive combination. I love you.
  • Happy Birthday my love. I couldn’t ask for a better man than you. You bring me so much happiness and you make me furious. Honestly, what more could a girl want? You would tell me.
  • My love is getting older! Oh, I didn’t even notice that, you still have the same lips. 🙂 Happy Birthday sweetie.
  • We may be getting older but our love has never gotten stronger. I want you to know that we will only become closer with time. Happy Birthday baby.
  • As we celebrate your birthday, I can’t help but thank the stars for watching over you all your life up until we met. You are precious to me and I wish you nothing but the best on your birthday!
  • Enjoy this birthday, for it makes you more beautiful than the last, you are my angel and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.
  • My heart aches for you and my mind knows nothing more than your touch, you are my biggest blessing, I love you!
  • My world, there is no amount of words that can express my love for you. You are so beautiful and kind. May God bless you and give you all your desires. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.
  • I feel so lucky to have a special woman like you in my life. You are my life, my heart, love, and soul. In fact you are my everything. Hope you enjoy your day. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy birthday to my love. The one who puts smiles on my face, who’s always there for us. What a blessing you are to this family! I love you and I will always be there for you.
  • Happy Birthday my love. There are many things you make me want to do. However, when you drive me crazy all I want to do is spank you. Muah.
  • I knew from the moment we spoke, that you were going to be mine. You may call it cocky and you might be right. But you cannot deny that I was absolutely right. Happy Birthday my love.
  • You are still amazing to me through all these years. Have an amazing birthday.
  • May you grow old to still remain as the most beautiful person in my life. Have a Happy Birthday sweetie.
  • Growing old with you is more than I could ask for. Happy Birthday my love.
  • I never thought anybody could look as beautiful as you look at this age. Love you more honey. Have a Happy Birthday.
  • Your smile lights up my world. Have a Happy Birthday beautiful.
  • All I pray for is many more years to live and enjoy our love together. Wishing you a Happy Birthday.
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