Birthday Toasts and Speeches for Friends and Family

Birthdays are days when you were born, everyone you have met has probably been born. Friends and family whom let you share their birthdays with you expect your presence. They make you feel special on your birthday so why not make them feel special on theirs.

On this special day, I raise a toast for you and your new age. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

It can be awesome to send a little birthday toast or speech to your family and friends. They are lively and seem to put a smile on their face. Here are some examples of messages one can send to their loved ones:

Birthday Toasts and Speeches

  • Let us have a toast to one of the best men I have had the pleasure of getting to know. This may be another year to add to his age but he is only getting better with the years. Like a fine drink. Happy Birthday.
  • You are an awesome human being, with such a loving heart. You are a rarity in this world and you should never lose that. Happy Birthday! May you keep shining on everyone you meet.
  • Never let anyone take away your happiness. You deserve all the good things that come to life. On this special day of yours, I raise a toast to you and your new age. Happy Birthday.
  • We are here to celebrate a living legend. A step into a new age calls for endless happiness. We all raise our glasses to a toast for a better life ahead. Happy Birthday!
  • Raising a toast to you on your delightful birthday, and wishing you all the happiness, good health, success and a joyful future. Never look back on the past. Just move forward. Happy Birthday.
  • Let us celebrate the day you came into the world kicking and screaming. I know that you may have thought you were fighting for your life but we all got your back now. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday! Gather around everyone as we get to cheer on someone awesome. You best remember who was that gave you this incredible toast.
  • It is time to make a memory. To remember this birthday, all the friends and family you have had to celebrate this day with you, to making memories that will last a lifetime. Happy Birthday!
  • Did you honestly think that we were going to forget about your birthday? You must be out of your mind. Look at everyone here, we are here for you, to make sure you have the best birthday of all. Now when you are done being shocked, let us party!
  • Happy Birthday my friend. I know that time never stops and we are only getting older with each passing minute but we have to make the most of our time here. You taught me that and I will always remind you of this incredible lesson.
  • We may have made a promise that we weren’t going to get too wild tonight. But with all of us together, I don’t see how is that possible. So to you, Happy Birthday! Cheers!
  • Happy Birthday my dear friend. We dedicate this toast to you. For all the hard work you have put in, to make yourself the person you have always desired to be and to be the one that inspires us the most. We salute you. Drink up!
  • There are many ways to show appreciation to people near and dear to us. One way we can show that is by saying “Happy Birthday!” I hope you have an incredible year where you knock it out the park! It’s yours so go and take it!
  • We must make this night where everyone can hear us roar and laugh. A birthday to top all birthdays for one of the best people I know. This night is for you my friend.
  • Happy Birthday to an individual who has fought for everything they have. You are an inspiration to many of us to strive for something better. I cannot help but think where we would be without you. Cheers!
  • Let us never lie about our ages as the gray in our hairs cannot be hidden. Instead, let us celebrate our lives fully even if at our age we may seem a bit old. Let us be young again even if for just one night!
  • This toast is dedicated to you. This day is yours as you came into this world to live a life many dream of. We want you to have the happiest of birthdays and the best year ever!
  • I know that you think toasts might be cheesy. But honestly, toasts are only for those that are extremely special and noteworthy. You have never quit on your dreams and your hard work has been shown to us all. We cannot toast another more impressive person even if we tried. Happy Birthday!
  • You seem to have it together today, getting the dress, having the cake and making the plans. May this day be as amazing as it looks. Have a great birthday.
  • Keep it together, it all looks good. You are just turning a new age and I hope it brings you as much joy as you bring to my life. Have a blast.
  • Turning a bit old I see, I hope you have fun on this day, you make the day seem different. Have a blast in your party dearest.

We are here to celebrate a living legend. Happy Birthday!

  • You are the goofiest person I know of, I can’t believe it’s your birthday, are you pulling my leg? Anyway, have fun man, and save us some of that cake.
  • Days like these make me feel younger; I celebrate you getting a plus one on your old age. Have a blast on this birthday dear.
  • I raise a glass to you, you are splendid, spectacular, awesome, I could go on. You have yourself the greatest time of your life. Your birthday only comes once every year.
  • Damn!! I see you growing up and I can’t help but be proud. I love you so much it hurts. May this day bring you a lot of joy and cheer. You are a good person. Cheers to you.
  • You are growing older, wiser I hope and much stronger. I feel joy just to be sharing this day with you, so have a good time.
  • What can I truly say, you grow more beautiful each day, and it’s hard to believe you are that old. Have a great birthday dear, you are awesome.
  • You don’t look a day older than you were yesterday or any other day. I hope you have a blast today, enjoy this day, you gorgeous woman.
  • How can I make you see the beauty that I see in my eyes? You look awesome dear; I hope you feel awesome too. Happy Birthday!!
  • Can’t believe you are almost as old as me, you have grown fast man, but I have to say, I am proud of the man you are becoming. I hope you have a wonderful birthday cheers, have a blast!!
  • You are the coolest person I know of, you take on things with a calmness that scares me. I hope you keep that up, have a blast today, it’s your birthday and you deserve nothing but the best. May all your wishes come true dear.
  • You are the most fantastic person I know of, you make me want to scream in joy. I hope you have a good time dear. Happy Birthday dear!!
  • What could I possibly do without you as part of me? You complete me in ways I cannot even begin to comprehend. Have a great time on your birthday for me, you and everyone here!
  • The smile on your face definitely tells me there is something going on with you. It’s your birthday!!! Have a fantastic, brilliant birthday, cheers!
  • You are such an outstanding person holding all the qualities of combatant, champion, and survivor. You have got what you actually want; your strong belief, dedications, devotions, and courage open the new directions of life. You have been selected among thousands, that’s the great honor for you. Cheers! Happy Birthday to you.
  • This party is organized in the honor of my son’s victory and his birthday party. Let’s cheer to the glowing star of this evening. Happy Birthday, son!
  • This is such a big honor for me to toast you. You are an exemplary father, who possesses all the attributes of honesty, thoughtfulness, love, faithfulness, integrity, gentleness, purity, and devotion. This is literally a terrific day, because, it is your birthday. Wishing you a very happy Birthday my dear dad.
  • Let’s move up our drink glasses in the honor of this brave and courageous man who has completed ninety milestones of his life. May your balance on life and love of your family always remain constant. Happy Birthday!
  • I just want to disclose a secret mom; you are a superb mother with grasping all the qualities of patience, courage, spirituality, care, love, and rationality. My life owes you, whatever I am today is just because of your endless efforts and truthfulness. Cheers to my mom, Happy Birthday!
  • We met a stranger and start our journey with a single ‘Hi’ and a delighted smile on our faces. With time, we shared all our moments, the moments of joy, happiness, and sorrow, the moments of missing and togetherness. I just want to say wherever or with whom you are in life, I will always love you. Cheers to your Birthday.
  • Today you have completed one more year of your life, just go flashback of your life and see what blunders you have committed; now I just want to say you do not make these issues reborn in your life. Let’s cheer and enjoy your day to its fullest! Happy Birthday dear bro!
  • As we follow the saying that ‘beauty has wings’ but this saying is gone fail after looking to your beauty, you are as beautiful as you were at the age of twenty. Cheers to the beauty queen. Happy fiftieth birthday my dearest friend.
  • Happy Birthday to the most deserving person of our family, your struggles, courage and hardworking prove that anyone can achieve his/her goal in life if they have guts to open the mysteries of life. Cheers Bro!
  • You are my great friend, sincere lover and an amazing director, your unconditional love is my strength, you never expect anything in return. You just follow the principle of giving not taking. You are an adorable person and your love makes my personality trimmed. Cheers darling! Happy Birthday!
  • This party has been thrown for a great person whom we all cherish and love as family and friends. I ask God that this birthday will be a start of a wonderful life you never dreamed of. Happy Birthday!
  • I was going to make an elaborate toast but forget it. Happy Birthday!
  • You are a special individual. I have never seen someone get more done in a day than the way you do things. Honestly, it is an honor just to see you work. Happy Birthday. May the years be kind to you.
  • This life has been only kind for someone who has fallen for someone, and never did any care about the world. This is the intimate madness of your love and I am so happy that you are in one of them. You are nothing but more than my life. Happy Birthday my sweetheart.
  • You are an outspoken person and sometimes your boldness makes you embarrass in front of people, but in my views, this repartee is good enough to make people shut and warn not to interfere in others matters. Cheers my friend! Happy Birthday!
  • You are the sweetest person of my life to whom I met, you are my inspiration and I am a big fan of your kind-hearted nature. Happy Birthday, Cheers!

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