The Best List of Happy Birthday Wishes for your Best Friend

A best friend is important in anyone’s life, they’re the extra sibling you get to pick from the vast world and that’s why sending them a touching birthday wish is important. No one knows your best friend like you do, and most of our best friends might be the complete opposite of what we are.

Happy Birthday to the best friend ever.

Here are some sentimental and funny birthday wishes you can send your best friend showing that you love them and that you’re thinking of them as they turn a new age.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best Friend

  • Dear friend, you’re more precious than gold. On this special day, I just want to let you know I’m thankful for the amazing moments we’ve shared together. Happy Birthday!
  • I never forget the special days for friends like you. I love to share every moment in this day with you starting from getting balloons to leaving the party. Have a wonderful one!
  • Happy Birthday my amazing friend. You have straightened me in the right path. You never saw my mistakes, but you always brought the best out of me. You are such a joy to me.
  • Happy Birthday to someone I love so much. You’ve always made me smile through the hard times. I’m just so lucky to have such a great friend like you.
  • They say nothing lasts forever but our friendship will last forever. I always ask God to protect our bond. I really cherish you, my humble friend.
  • May this day be the beginning of something wonderful in your life. May you enjoy every moment of your new life. May this birthday turn out to be as amazing as you’re. I love you!
  • May your morning always be filled with smiles on your face. You’re a real gift to all of us. While you enjoy your moment my friend, may all your dreams and wishes come true.
  • I await the moment of blowing candles out while we celebrate. The dark turns to light to point to a new sunny illuminated year! The best birthday to my best friend.
  • You’ve one day a year to celebrate. I feel this celebration every second I spend with you. So let balloons fly in the sky to say “Happy Birthday”.
  • We’re going to start a new year of our friendship, troubles, fights, sadness and laugh moments together. It’s my deep happiness when I say to you “Happy Birthday my best friend”.
  • Regardless of your inspiring nature, you’ve always helped me through thick and thin. Thanks for being a true friend. Have a special day dude.
  • You’re not only my best friend, you are like my idol who makes me work hard to be like him.
  • A true friend walks in when everyone else walks out. I hope to be the one who’ll always be there for you today and every day. Have a great birthday!

For Male

  • Don’t make this day only about your past glories. But think of what you will accomplish in future as well. Wishing you a fabulous birthday dude!
  • Remember you’re like a brother to me. We had fights in the past but still, there’s a true friend in you. Happy Birthday my cool friend. May God bless you forever.
  • Life is boring when you’re not around. The game consoles are getting rusty. Until then, remember you still have a game to prove your fighting skills. FIFA 2017 is waiting on you. Have fun.
  • Shave and make a new haircut to start this special day for this year. May you get all what you want and this year be perfect for your work and study.
  • Happy Birthday to the guy who was always protecting me. You’re a real brother for me. Friends forever, dude.
  • Your helpfulness makes you always the top of friends list. As you become one year older today, I hope you find what you’ve always sought. Happy Birthday my best friend.
  • Many years ago, I pictured you are a bad person as we didn’t talk before this, but now, you are my best friend ever. Sorry for that, now, enjoy!!

For Female

  • You’re not the only friend I have. But you’re the one I need most. You’re the girl who really believes in me. Happy Birthday to a friend like sister.
  • I feel every kiss you have, every cake slice you eat, every wish your ears listen, every card your eyes see. I pass the moment like I’m you and feel so happy to see you smile all the time. A sweet celebration to a sweet girl.
  • I wish you a cool year as a start for new many hairstyles, cute sunglasses, beautiful colorful dresses and boots. May the coming 365 days be perfect for your taste. Happy Birthday my cutest friend.
  • I hope I was an adult when you were born. I wanted to attend your coming to life to be blessed with happiness every day of your life. Let’s give you a great day of laugh and joy.
  • You’re the dearest one of my friends! Hope you have a day as beautiful as you’re.
  • My best card is going to the girl who makes my life better every moment by sharing great and normal events with me. Wishing a very superb birthday to you.
  • Birthday only comes once a year, so try to change many things in that day to start a new 8760 hours with cool styles. Change your nail polish and glasses color! Wishing you a unique one.

For Best Friend and Cousin

  • When I see your sweet smile, I feel chills down my spine. You always provide when all hope is lost. What an awesome friend you’re. Happy Birthday cousin!
  • My best wishes to the cousin who proved that having a cousin as a best friend is a great thing. Happy Birthday my best friend.
  • It’s hard to accept that we weren’t born on the same day. You’re my twin and make me live this day twice a year, duo. Enjoy cousin!
  • I’ve always had an angel in the form of a human, someone who is always there for me. It’s your day today and I’m here to stand by you and wish you a stunning Bday cousin!

For Best Friend and Lover

  • I don’t really have to remind you, how beautiful your heart is to me. I just thank God for adding another year to your years. Enjoy all the love and wishes. Happy Birthday to my hero.
  • You’re kind and your heart doesn’t know hatred. You lost a lot but you still go on, so I will be one of those who will help you to go to a perfect future to catch the glory. Have an astonishing day honey!
  • I feel like something’s wrong when you’re not around. I wish you a warm day to make you always smile baby.
  • I’ve never wanted to talk and empty my sadness tank except with you, my love. Have a great birthday my best friend!
  • Wishing my boyfriend a beautiful day. May all your dreams come true on this special day of yours!  Happy Birthday my love.

For Best Friend at Work

  • You’ve always been my strength. If it’s easy or hard work, you’ve always been my shoulder. What an amazing day! Just laugh and enjoy your wishes. Happy Birthday my best friend and colleague.
  • It’s your day, so no one else will be mentioned today while we talk, laugh, play, run and smile. The whole day will be yours, Happiest of birthdays to the best colleague!
  • Thanks for always being there to encourage me, advise me, and to dry my tears. Happy Bday my best colleague.
  • You’re a friend I don’t want to lose, you always make the work so easy. You are irreplaceable.

For Childhood Best Friend

  • We’ve been together for so long. I know what you’re capable of. Please don’t let this day be a mess because my eyes are watching you. Happy Birthday my childhood best friend.
  • No matter how many times we’ve fought, we still stick together like Tom and Jerry. We’re more than blood brothers buddy. Life is really fun with you around. I wish you a spectacular day.
  • My friend, I’ve always had in thoughts our beautiful time we spent together. I’m so glad God brought us close. Happy Birthday my buddy, Enjoy.
  • I wish you one of the most unforgettable days yet best friend, thank you for being with me all through the years, enjoy!
  • A childhood best friend is truly the best possession, you’re another sibling I never had and I love you to the moon and back, enjoy your special day and many more to come.
  • Best wishes for my friend who was the best footballer at school.

For School Best Friend (Best Classmate)

  • You’ve been my inspiration throughout high school. Thanks for supporting me.
  • God gives me a blessing that’s finding my best friend in a classmate. My deep wishes for the boy who helps me to get high marks.
  • Happy Birthday to a brother of the same school but another home. What if we live together!
  • You’re the person I’d love most to grow old with, so make a wish and eat up the cake for today is a special day for a special someone. I love you!
  • Buddy, you helped me when no one else did, you took me as your brother and never despised me. You helped me in my studies and I excelled. Happy Birthday my school best friend!

For Best Friend who is Far Away

  • You were there when I needed you. In your special ways, you made me smile. How can I forget you, my sweet friend?! I can’t be present but am with you. I love you.
  • Go in your way to have a new year of work, life, joy and celebrations. Do a great thing in this day to be like a unique line before starting your new year. Have fun. Hope I was there.
  • My bad luck says that my best friend is far away these days, but that never changes my deep love for him. Happy Birthday my best friend.
  • Remembering the good time we have had together. There was nothing like it. I hope your birthday is as awesome as you are. Happy Bday, friend!

For Best Friend Roommate

  • Today is your biggest day, so enjoy it with all your roommates. Happy Birthday to my best friend  and roommate.
  • Millions of kisses and billions of hugs just for the super special person. If it’s related to numbers, we have to celebrate you every day.
  • You help me when I feel despair, you tell me jokes when you touch my sadness. I want to take today as a chance to show my appreciation. A fantastic birthday to a great roommate.
  • I treasure our friendship, appreciate your presence beside me all the time. It’s the time to show the effect of our days. Friends like you deserve to get the best celebration. With my best wishes.

For Best Friend who is Turning 20

  • On your 20th birthday, let’s say goodbye to sadness, and say hello to laughter, joy and happiness. Enjoy today as you deserve it.
  • Sincerest wishes for the greatest 20-year-old friend. Don’t waste the time & Enjoy!
  • I just need to say, I’m very happy for you. Wishing you a 20th birthday better than the last 19 ones. I like you, boy.

For Best Friend who is Turning 30

  • I feel like I owe you a lot best friend, not only for standing up for me when I was down, but for being the person I always run to when I need anything, have the most amazing 30th birthday.
  • Happy 30th Birthday to the friend who made me live the best 10 years of my life because he’s always beside me.
  • An amazing day to the friend who has changed my life to the best. Some friends take you down but you’re one of those who take people to be the best. You’re the world’s coolest 30-year-old.

Funny Birthday Messages for Best Friend

  • A serious card flies to the serious friend who doesn’t like many decorations. Simple words go quickly to you. Happy Birthday, dear friend.
  • Don’t act like girls that run after balloons. You are a boy, just try to punch the girls that do that. Happy Birthday buddy.
  • You’re waiting bunches of wishes. I tried to give you a unique one or two, but I failed. Don’t hate me bro. Enjoy.
  • May every step you take in life be as easy as eating cakes. An outstanding birthday to my best friend.
  • All people send you good wishes except me. I will give you the bad ones. So I can say “it was a black day when you were born”. It’s a joke, Happy B-day.

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