Top 40 Happy Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Cousin is always special, from the goofy way they become your extra sibling to the unforgettable moments you get to share with them. I wouldn’t trade my cousin for anything in the world, and I’m sure most of us can say the same because even though you might not like all your cousins; they are the persons that make the day better for you.

Happy Birthday, Cousin!

When your dear cousin’s birthday is coming up, get ready with wishes to say all what you wanted to tell them all the time you had fun together. Here are some messages you can send your cousin on their birthday.

Heartfelt / Funny / Male / Female


Show your love to your cousin by one of these sincere and heartfelt birthday messages.

  • Happy Birthday, my wonderful cousin! Looking forward to many more years of hanging out together.
  • Whether you’re my cousin or my partner in crime, I love you and wish you always the best.
  • Happy Birthday, Cuz! Your day did a huge buzz.

Happy Birthday, Cuz! Your day did a huge buzz.

  • Happy Birthday, my dear cousin! You are one of my best relatives, and I have to celebrate you in style. Enjoy!
  • Running from relatives is trending, but, my cousin, you’re someone I run to, so I’m wishing you a fabulous birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the world’s best cousin. I thank my [uncle/aunt] for giving me you.
  • Best birthday wishes for my cousin who is priceless.
  • What should I say on my cousin’s birthday? My mind is running out of words. Can you help me, Cuz?
  • Happiness is having a wonderful cousin. HBD to BCE! (Best Cousin Ever)
  • Time goes by fast, but the value of family increases with time. Wishing my favorite family member a happy birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to my cousin whose spirit keeps shining and spreading the smile.
  • One million doves are wishing one million dollars for the world’s Number One Cousin.
  • Cousin, you’ve always been an awesome party thrower; I can’t wait to see what you planned for this year.
  • When we talk about doubling fun, my crazy cousin will always be around. Happy Birthday, Cuz!

Happy Birthday to the world's best cousin.

  • A sweet birthday to my sweet cousin who is the beautiful memory of my childhood, and the legend of my youth.
  • Thank you, God, for blessing me with such a wonderful cousin. Best Wishes!
  • Cousins are like the sky and swimming pools; we don’t feel the beauty of water without the color of the sky. Happy Birthday, dear cousin!
  • Even though we don’t always see each other, you are always in my mind. My cousin, I wish you a joyful birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to my favorite cousin and best friend.
  • Happy Birthday, Cuz! East or west, we are friends for life.
  • Wishing my dear cousin a birthday that turns [his/her] fictions to facts.
  • Sending my wishes to a big profit I earned from my family – my precious cousin.
  • Happy Birthday to my special cousin who never left me upset in harsh conditions. Thanks for always being there.
  • My cousin is the exciting chapter of my life which I want to read daily. Love you!
  • That is your day, cuz. Shall we make it an awesome one!
  • Some people were born to absorb the pain and draw the smile. You top the list, cuz. Have a birthday as cool as you.
  • A fabulous birthday to a special cousin. I’m sure you have a great plan that will make your day best fun.


Just like they do, make your cousin laugh by one of these funny messages.

  • Happy Birthday to my cousin who is the best treatment for boredom. Hope pharmacists make tablets of you.

Happy Birthday to my cousin who is the best treatment for boredom. Hope pharmacists make tablets of you.

  • Hey cousin, it is your birthday; let’s make memories, take selfies, you’re the family’s worst photographer.
  • if I could, I would buy you a car as a present, but I’m your broke cousin; I can’t even get a scooter.
  • Best birthday wishes to the person who makes our grandma laugh till showing no teeth.
  • You were just a little baby many days ago. Cousin, how? Did you meet Harry Potter?
  • Happy Birthday, Cousin! We fight too much, but you deserve this wish anyway.


Here are some messages for a female cousin on her birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to my cute cousin whose beauty is unique!
  • From a girl sharing my toys to a lady who handles my problems. Happy Birthday to my extremely sweet cousin!
  • A very beautiful bouquet to a very beautiful cousin. Have a cool day!

Happy Birthday, my beautiful cousin!

  • Happy Birthday to my cousin whose heart is as pure as a glass of water.
  • Do you know what’s so sweet about being my cousin? You’re past the limit of the big sister’s control. You’re past the limit of a friend that doesn’t live with the family. You are better than both. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!
  • Aunt/Uncle gave us a daughter. She grew up to tell us that girls can inspire their relatives. Have a superb birthday, my beautiful cousin.
  • Happy Birthday to my family’s Fashionista – my super beautiful cousin.


The following messages are for a male cousin on his birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to an extremely lovable cousin who is also a very handsome guy.

Happy Birthday, my handsome cousin! Best wishes!

  • Best birthday wishes to a cool cousin who is like a friend and enemy at the same time!
  • Cousins by luck, but friends by choice. Happy Birthday to my cousin whom I’m proud to call my brother.
  • Happy Birthday to my handsome cousin who is my childhood playmate as well.
  • Happy Birthday to that dude who makes me wait the family night.

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