Birthday Wishes for Elderly

Whenever you go to see your seniors, they always come to you with a big smile. They hug you and make you feel welcome and accepted in their homes. It is always an amazing experience to share in their birthdays. It is important to make them feel as special as they are to you on the day of their birthday.

Do you know that your age is admirable! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Messages to an elderly can make all the difference in the world, if you are around and even if you are a bit far away from them. Here are some examples of birthday messages one can send them:

Birthday Wishes Messages for Elderly

  • It isn’t just an honor to be known as one of your children, it is a special honor and I appreciate it so much. Happy Birthday dad. Love you so much.
  • Anyone who has the privilege of living with you will know all it needs to grow old. I’m glad that I know the secret to old age. Happy Birthday grandpa.
  • I really feel honored to have given you some home support when I was on holiday. It’s really nice to live with elderly people. Happy Birthday grandma.
  • May your days keep being elongated, even as you’re so aged. Happy Birthday best grandma. The love I have for you is so strong. Enjoy your special day.
  • Having people like you around us gives us confidence to approach life, because your advice are always spot on. Happy Birthday Granny.
  • At this very age, you still find life very pleasant and you feel the need to live it to the fullest, I wonder what your secret is. Happy Birthday, Grand-pa.
  • After living all these long years in the land of the living, I want you to have a break, don’t think about anything other than how to enjoy every bit of the rest of your life. Happy Birthday to my great old-man.
  • God shall bless your old age and make all that you have labored for come out in a bright and shinning color. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Like they say, wine gets finer and better when they stay longer in their bottle, your worth and value keeps increasing year in year out, that we want to have you around for another hundreds of years. Happy Birthday granny.
  • You never cease to have a story to tell any day, any time and they are stories to learn from. I appreciate every bit of time I have spent with you, hoping to have more. Happy Birthday granny.
  • The abundance of your loving kindness is something really hard to come-by. Happy Birthday grand pa.
  • Having you around makes me feel like one day I’m gonna be as old as this and without teeth, how am I gonna cope because I love meats! Your strength and the number of your age is admirable. Happy Birthday!
  • Age is just a number, not a restriction to be lively. Some will come to discourage you that you shouldn’t do some things again. But I want you to live a well pleasing life, keep being strong. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday sir, you are not an old man, you are just 18 with several decades of experience in life, and we will go party on Friday. Don’t be scared sir. Stay young forever.
  • You have had so much of influence on people, you have left an indelible mark on our lives, and you will be forever cherished. Stay forever young, old man. Happy Birthday!
  • Life always reminds us for what we have done unto others, you have done much more than people could talk enough about. I wish you more years ahead and in good strength. Happy Birthday!
  • It is rare to find an old man of your age with such a sharp memory as you anywhere in the world. You seem to remember every little thing that happened to you, listening to you speak is a great pleasure. Happy Birthday!
  • May you have more peace and a joyful heart to witness many more years on earth. Happy Birthday rare and wise old man.
  • The beauty of every old person is in their openness and warm character. It is surprising that you possess a lot more than that. Keep enjoying life. Happy Birthday!
  • You deserve every good thing that you are enjoying right now, because you have diligently worked at your youthful age. Happy Birthday grand-pa.
  • My heart melts to know that you are still strong, excited and very happy about many things at this age. May God grant you many more years in good health! Happy Birthday.
  • Your life well lived has added a lot of value to this world and we are all in your debt. I hope you live the rest of your days in happiness and with a sound mind. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday my blessed elder, you are the most amazing and gifted senior that I have ever met. I am glad I have some time to spend with you. Have a blast.
  • It’s your birthday my dear advanced friend and I cannot be any happier sharing it with you. I hope you have the most spectacular time on this day.

Happy Birthday! Keep being wise.

  • Dear past middle age elder, you make me happy every time I see that smile. I hope you have the most amazing birthday in the world. Have a good time old timer.
  • My wise elder, it’s your day, your day to enjoy yourself and everything that surrounds you. I hope you have the most spectacular birthday. I love you.
  • It’s your day, as you get along in years, brings out those amazing stories, and advises, not to forget all the instruction you have taught me, the ever good ways. I love to listen to. May this day be filled with joy my aged one. Happy Birthday!
  • May you have many more my senior, I love you so much. Thank you for being in my life, you mean too much to me. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • I wish you an amazing birthday my elder, may jazz make you happier, may you grow healthier and may your days be filled with love.
  • Happy Birthday dear advanced one, you are the sweetest person in my life, I hope you enjoy this day my senior. I love you a lot.
  • This is a spectacular day for my favorite person, I love you so much my rock. Have a great birthday elder one!
  • Happy Birthday as you get along with years, you are the most interesting past middle-aged person in my world to me. Have a great birthday dear aged one.
  • Elder, I hope this day turns out as you planned. I hope it brings you joy to see all your family together all raising a glass in your honor. I hope you have fun, have a blast senior one.
  • Aged one, you mean so much to me; I love you to the moon and back. I always want to see that pretty smile as much as I can. I hope you have the best birthday ever. You deserve all the best for being such an amazing motivator.
  • Happy Birthday my senior, you are the wisest elder I know of; I hope this day brings you joy and cheer. Have a good time senior one.
  • Happy Birthday my inspiring elder, you are my mentor I look up to the strong elder you are. I am glad I got a chance to share this day with you. Have a beautiful birthday.
  • Elder, you are the sweetest aged senior I know of. I hope this day brings you joy and cheer, I love you so much!! Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday old one, you are an elder I can surely look up to. I hope someday I can be as brave, strong and as wise as you are.
  • This is your day my senior, enjoy yourself. You deserve all the joy and happiness the world has to offer. I love you. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday my elder one, I just want to thank you for being actively in my life, thank you for all the wisdom, cheer and joy you bring into my life. I love you so much, have fun.
  • I hope this birthday celebration will bring you so much of joy that will match the joy you have put in the faces of many people. You won’t be able to contain that joy because you have gladdened the heart of many.
  • Happy Birthday for the loveliest lady, I know you have crossed your golden jubilee but for us, you are still like a happy-go-lucky woman with full of kindness, joviality, and cheerfulness. May you live a long happy life.
  • Getting older is not a big deal but with age to keep your heart young and lively is the biggest deal. Happy Birthday to the most active man of our family.
  • You are still more productive what the younger people would have; having a powerful stamina, thoughtfulness, cherished mind and excellent sense of rationality. Happy Birthday to the most senior employee in our organization.
  • You are popular in our family for having stereotypical laws and institutive mind, but we still love you. Happy Birthday dearest aunty.
  • You are getting naughty after crossing your forty. Happy Birthday to you my sweet elder cousin.
  • People having higher studies getting psychotic, it is bit considering at some places. But you have a drastic change in your personality, thoughts, and humor. Happy Birthday my elder sister. Love you so much.
  • You are the most cheerful lady I have ever met, may God bestow you more patience, wisdom, power, and a healthy prosper life ahead. Happy Birthday, sweetie.
  • Your personality, way of talking, sensibility, rational decisions and family spirit demonstrate the true meanings of life. Happy Birthday to my dearest grandfather.
  • The age in which you are integrated sensed an older age, but please don’t worry science has introduced a new prosthetic makeup which can take you go 25 years back to your life. Happy Birthday dear aunt.
  • There is no regret over spilt milk, whatever the days we have spent in our past, are so teasing but we should move on. Happy Birthday dearest elder brother, let’s forget everything and enjoy the fullest.
  • You just proved to me that age is not a barrier to living a well fulfilled and satisfactory life. May God bless your new age and give you many more time to put smile on our face. Happy Birthday!
  • Despite our age difference, You are closer to me than my colleagues and friends. I always benefit from your advice. Have the best birthday ever.
  • The best way to celebrate people of old age like you is to have you sit down on a nice sit and have you tell of your best and worst moments in life. It will be enlightening. Happy Birthday, we celebrate you.

Best Birthday Wishes for Elderly Person

  • Seeing life inside out can make a person wanna give up with living it, but the reverse is the case with you, you have seen a lot and yet wanna achieve more. Happy Birthday granny.
  • Though we have a big difference in our ages, but for me, you are my best friend, a mentor, a good teacher and a brother. Happy Birthday to my greatest old friend
  • One more beautiful year of your life has passed away. I wish to God you are not bounded with age and you always remain with us with your full liveliness and cheerfulness. Happy Birthday!
  • As you grow older than you already are, I wish you an everlasting time as you celebrate your birthday, you mean so much to me and I love you so much.
  • Have a beautiful birthday granny, you have the best heart, the youngest soul and the most wisdom. I love you and wish you a longer life, my world is definitely better with you around.
  • Have a great birthday granddad, you are the most important person in my life and I never want to lose you. Have fun as you celebrate another year of growing even older.
  • The more we grow up, the nearer we are to death. But no one can deny the reality of death. The time you have left, enjoy to its fullest. Happy Birthday!
  • Life is the anthem of love, and everyone has to sing it. So let’s enjoy life with every celebration. Happy Birthday my sweet elder sister.
  • It is a boon for us to be able to plan a birthday party of our dear father. A ninetieth birthday is even more exceptional as it is a landmark that most of the people don’t attain in their lives. Happy Birthday, dear papa, wish you a peaceful life ahead.
  • Some elderly people become weary and lethargic, but I found you as vigorously energetic and full of fun-loving person. Happy Birthday and always cheer up!
  • Your aged depressed eyes, wilt, and wrinkled face narrate the grievances and vexation of your life. But don’t get upset, pleasing moments will embrace you. Happy Birthday!

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