Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boss

Relationships created with your bosses are really important, having a good boss can mean whatever happens, and you are going to remain friends. Ex-bosses come in only one way, you stop working for the person. Whatever terms you left each other in, it’s always a good gesture to send them a birthday message when their birthdays come around.

Happy Birthday to the best boss ever.

Birthday messages are special notes you send to someone to appreciate them on their birthday. Here are some messages you can send to your ex-boss to appreciate them for being such amazing people in your life:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex Boss

  • They took you away from our company, but they didn’t take you away from our heart, that’s the most important place where you’ll be with us boss. May you enjoy it there. Happy Birthday Ex-Boss.
  • I hope you’ll have a better experience over there than what you had with us over here, you deserve much more than that, because you gave much more than you could. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • You are a boss that has never asked from us, the workers, to give more than we could. It’s a privilege to have worked with a considerate man like you. Happy birthday ex-boss.
  • Have seen a woman who did bad being boss, I thought you’ll also be the same when I was employed. But you surprised me by being the best person I’ve worked with. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • My present company is now enjoying everything you’ve impacted into me, now I bring clients who invest big into my company, thanks for making me feel so much valuable now. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • Staying in contact often might be difficult because we now work at different places, but your birthday, I wouldn’t forget because of who you are to me. Happy Birthday Ex-Boss.
  • It is said that we don’t value people until they are gone, and that is true in your case, because we now know your worth when you left. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • Life is beautiful with good ones around, ever since you left, we missed the good piece you added to us every day. We wish you good luck as you clock a year older. Happy Birthday.
  • The way you communicate with us make us wanna do anything to know how to seduce any woman. :) Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • You said negative expectations in business bring about low success, go for the best and be optimistic always, you are a genius. Your theory brought us a lot of success. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • You told us that work will end someday and the only thing that will remain is relationship, that is really great to live by. Happy Birthday ex-boss, we wish you long life and prosperity.
  • With you I understand that balance is everything, bringing balance between work, family and friends will give an astonishing person success. Happy Birthday ex-boss, I learnt life lessons from you.
  • Happy Birthday ex-boss, nothing can take away the joy we all shared while you worked here, we really hope you’ll have success in your new company. Happy Birthday.
  • Your leadership is an admirable one and you did every work like your life depended upon it, you are solely missed, work is not the same without you, Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • You helped us unlock the creativity that we have within us, it is really hard to do for anyone except you. Happy Birthday ex-boss, you are really wonderful, stay blessed every day of your life.
  • The superior relationship you had with us differentiated you from all the bosses we have had here, we really wish you were here, but you must progress. Happy Birthday ex-boss, we wish you well.
  • The happy atmosphere we had at work gave us all the success we experienced, because without that we would all be lazy and we wouldn’t have witnessed such. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • Without you at work, it is really tiring and extremely boring; you spice up the atmosphere and you made it attractive to work in. we celebrate your creativity. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • What else can I call you other than a super human, you are so great at work, at home, with friends and with relatives. I hope to have half of your capacity. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • Bringing people together is one of the most difficult things, but you find a way to integrate everyone together at work, in other hand to achieve super excellence. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • It is really wonderful to have worked with you, all of the experiences are unforgettable, and we will forever cherish them. Happy Birthday ex-boss. Enjoy your special day.
  • You showed us the secret to eliminate stress and tension to have a high level of performance, you were always looking for ways to make us better. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • The value of service you rendered at work is of an inestimable worth, your reward will obviously come soon, we enjoyed your leadership. Happy Birthday to you awesome and great ex-boss.
  • Stress and unhappiness are really not directly proportional, you brought a definitive line to differentiate that, your works are really applaudable. Happy Birthday to you ex-boss. Enjoy your special day.
  • You never know I was just a staff member for you but for me, you were my mentor, a good friend, and the best counselor. Have a wonderful birthday dear ex-boss.
  • You are the best leader with the mind-blowing qualities. Happy Birthday, dear ex-boss.
  • Happy Birthday to the boss who won’t ever be replaced in our hearts with anyone else. Have fun today.
  • Working with a leader like you is like a piece of cake, work was used to be done in a funny environment. I still miss those moments. Have a great birthday my dearest ex-boss.
  • Your politeness, decency, rationality and attentiveness are the main element of your leadership. Wish you all the happiness, peace, and glory in your life. Happy Birthday, sweetest ex-boss.
  • You are a great manager, not because of your power but your capabilities to empower others. Wish you the world’s happiness and greatness. Have a wonder birthday, dear ex-boss.
  • You are the best ex- boss who knows the system and techniques to handle it well. I wish you the best days come into your life. Happy Birthday.
  • You always demonstrated what is possible and tried to turn every uncertainty into the possibility. I miss your leadership qualities and the working environment you made. Happy Birthday, the man of intelligence – the ex-boss.
  • You have an inspiring personality and good character. You know best how to deal your subordinates. Happy Birthday, dear ex-boss.
  • You are bold, not bully, you are kind, not week, you are humble, not coward, and you are strong, not arrogant. You are the real picture of challenging characteristics of leadership. Wishing you a great Happy Birthday, dear ex-boss.
  • You always believe to compliment people on their work and support their strength, not their weaknesses. Have a great birthday, dear ex-boss.
  • Awesomeness is having a good experience in the leadership of your ex-boss. Happy Birthday, dear Sir.
  • I wish you all the beautiful sunshine removes all the darkness of your life and you will shine like a glowing star. Have a fabulous birthday, dear ex-boss.
  • If you were not tough to me, I wouldn’t be able to reach my destination. Thank you, sir, for all the efforts you did for my progress. Happy Birthday, dearest ex-boss.
  • You deserve the dignity, respect, admiration and devotion. You are the best person I have ever met in my life. Happy Birthday, dear ex-boss.
  • You are an incredibly great person, no doubt. Have a wonderful life. Happy Birthday, dear ex-boss.
  • May you have many years of accomplishment and your management adorns the future of many subordinates. Happy Birthday, dear ex-boss.
  • On your special day, we wish you a happy healthy life and years of success. Happy Birthday, dear ex-boss.
  • May your birthday be the best day of your life and you will get what you ever aspire. Wish you all the best and Happy Birthday.
  • You were a scrupulous and harsh boss, but you always used to hide a person who is very careful and sincere. Happy Birthday, dear ex-boss.
  • Having a genuine and humble friend at the workplace was my good fortune. Happy Birthday, my dear ex-boss. I always enjoyed working with you.
  • I am grateful that I get to share another year with you, you are my ex-boss but our relationship grows greater every day. So enjoy this birthday dear, you deserve the good time.
  • Life is to be lived each day at a time, each moment to be cherished. Have a grand birthday ex-boss, you are an amazing person and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but here with you today.
  • Look at the time you have spent, how you have spent it and whom you have spent it with, if you are happy with the choices you have made this far, then I trust you are going to enjoy each moment of the rest of your life. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • Moments like this rarely come; I thank God that I get to share this special day with such an amazing person. You have made my life better, thank you my ex-boss. Happy Birthday!
  • You have taught me a lot and you continue to teach me a lot, I may not work under you, but I will always look up to you. Happy Birthday ex-boss!!
  • You are the greatest man alive, a man so loved and appreciated everyone else feels jealous of. I respect you and look up to you now and forever, may you live long. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich and a tragedy for the poor, you have a choice, you can either dream, play, make jokes or grieve. Happy Birthday ex-boss!!
  • It’s your birthday ex-boss, you get to live, share and experience another year with those you love. I wish you the very best as you embark on this new chapter of life.
  • They say a wise man plans for tomorrow by acting today, you are a man that looks at the future keeping track of where you are now, you are wise and I hope you grow wiser as you turn a new age ex-boss. Happy Birthday!

Powerful Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boss

  • Birthdays come only once a year for each individual, it is with this time that you are expected to live to the fullest, live your life happy, wild and free. Happy Birthday ex-boss!
  • I couldn’t be gladder sharing the day with you, you are a great person and I appreciate each and every second we get to spend together. Have a hearty birthday ex-boss.
  • Happy Birthday ex-boss, knowing who you are was the best after all that some had said towards you, it was great to know the real man called boss by everyone. Was great working with you.
  • You found the best in me even at official tasks and you never allow me rest until you got the best in me, you are the best boss. Happy Birthday to you Ex-Boss.
  • Happy Birthday to you Ex-Boss. Life is simply like this, we meet people and depart to meet many more. I could never forget our time together, they were unique time. Enjoy your special day.
  • It’s time you take time off and enjoy the day, it’s your birthday and last time I checked, you were still the boss. We may not work together anymore but I know you are a great person and you deserve a whole lot more years.
  • To the person who took me in as an intern and let me fly as a career person, Happy Birthday ex-boss. I will always look up to you.
  • Happy Birthday ex-boss, I wish you good health, wealth, love and a lot of cheer as you turn a new age.
  • Enjoy life today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow is a new page of your new age, Happy Birthday ex-boss, may you live long.
  • There is no doubt about that you are the best boss I’ve ever worked with and I still miss you every day at work. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • We never really appreciated you enough and I hope we’ll have the opportunity to appreciate you better later. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • Every moment we had were awesome and I really wished they didn’t end so soon. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • Life will always present another chance for us to meet but I hope it will be a chance to work under you again because you are the perfect example of a good boss. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • You are my role model, the best mentor, and a great leader. Happy Birthday my sweet ex-boss.
  • Take my word for it, work is never the same ever since you left this place and we all crave for a chance to work with you again. Happy Birthday ex-boss.
  • Happy Birthday to my dearest ex-boss. I still miss your leadership and management qualities and the environment you used to create at the workplace. Have a wonderful day.
  • Your intelligence is the key to the happiness of your subordinates. Your rational decisions give everyone better opportunities and ways to move ahead. Happy Birthday, dear ex-boss.

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