Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

Sending birthday wishes to your ex-boyfriend can prove to be hard. He is the man you once loved, a man you trusted with everything but unfortunately things didn’t work out but you have their birthday printed on your mind like a special date you can’t erase. The best way to get closure and move on is to show them that you no longer hold a grudge that you accept to move on and are glad that you are still friends.

Happy Birthday to the man who turned my world around.

Here are some birthday messages you can send to your ex-boyfriend to show him that you wish him the best as he grows older on his birthday:

Happy Birthday Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

  • At first everyone thought we were together even when we weren’t, and now that we’re apart while everyone thought we’ll get married soon. It’s mysterious how we’ve come apart. Happy Birthday ex-boyfriend.
  • Love makes us feel the energy to keep running through life, you took away my energy when you broke up with me. I still love you though. Happy Birthday Ex-boyfriend.
  • In the world today, there are a lot of broken-hearted people because of our inability to be satisfied with whatever we have. I wish you’ll be satisfied with yourself now. Happy Birthday Ex-boyfriend.
  • You couldn’t love and live with me for long because you didn’t know the essence of sacrifice. Happy Birthday Ex-boyfriend. I’m glad I could live without you.
  • You are such a sweet man, and I never thought anything could separate us, but now that it is so, I wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • A normal human will pretend as if today is not in existence, but a heart that cares doesn’t stop caring, I wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • It’s true what they say that nothing lasts forever in life, I would have loved it if I could stay with you forever, but it wasn’t meant to be, but I wouldn’t forget your birthday, I wish you all the best as you celebrate.
  • Some things bring people together for good, it’s a pity that we could be brought apart by the little storm that raged, but I will always remember your birthday. Happy Birthday to my ex-boy.
  • So surprising how you couldn’t hold your decisions together, you listened to your friends opinion about me, and that brought us apart. But I still care about you, and I wanna wish you all the best as you celebrate. Happy Birthday!
  • Forgetting you might be one of my greatest challenges, I am no more with you, but I can never forget you, Happy Birthday to you ex-boyfriend.
  • Till today I never know what instigated our separation, we were so happy together, but all of a sudden, we lost it. I care still and I wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • Even though I tried hard to hide it, my heart won’t allow me, it’s a really good moment to tell you that I really missed you. Happy Birthday ex-boyfriend.
  • What we shared cannot be erased, and what I have for you & I have given to make it work cannot be taken back. I really appreciate you for what we shared. Happy Birthday to you ex-lover.
  • After giving you so much of love, the only way you could repay me was to break my heart into pieces, but I never stopped caring. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Out of love comes hatred, I never believed this myth until it happened to me, I never really want to hate you but I have to control myself and that’s why I wish you a Happy Birthday my ex.
  • I missed your care, your calls, your messages and your jokes. I wish I can have all of that back, but I really cherish what we had and I will always hold on to it, Happy Birthday to you ex-boyfriend.
  • You gave everything to have me and you did everything to hold onto me, but it wasn’t just meant to be. I hope that you will find someone better than me for yourself, you deserve that. Happy Birthday ex-lover.
  • Since I heard that heart communicates, I never stopped receiving the communication of your love to my heart. May you have all that you want as you celebrate your special day. Happy Birthday ex-lover.
  • I always thought I have moved on, but sometimes there is this feeling that I have an unfinished business with you. Maybe I still care about you and I don’t think these feelings will ever stop. Happy Birthday to you ex-lover.
  • When I was with you, I felt so special because you are special. May you find someone better than me to complement your being. Happy Birthday ex-lover, enjoy your sunny day.
  • I am not too cocky to deny that you changed a lot of things about me, and I really value and cherish you for that, I hope you will find happiness in your next adventure. Happy Birthday.
  • I learnt my lessons after leaving you, maybe I wanted too much and appreciated too little, I wanted more than I can offer personally, I hope you can forgive me for my negligence. Happy Birthday ex-lover.
  • Our relationship was almost near perfect, we enjoyed every time we spent together, but immaturity cost us the life we would have loved forever, but my love for you still stands. Happy Birthday ex-boyfriend.

I hate to say this but you deserve the best birthday.

  • Since you have gone out of my life, I have got friendship with the blank dark nights and have lost all my paths and destinations; I have nothing of my own. I miss you so much. Happy birthday my dear ex-boyfriend.
  • It’s getting very hard for me to live a single second without you. I suppose to coax myself that I have forgotten you but why do your memories make me cry and be crazy! Have a lovely birthday dear ex-boyfriend.
  • I hear the words and poetries I have written in your memories, every moment asks me, why we two got separated in this manner. Wishing you a very happy birthday sweetheart.
  • Without you, there is nothing at all, just give me an excuse of living once more, just hold me in your arms once again, there is only you wherever I look. Happy birthday, honey.
  • Whether we meet or not, this wish comes upon my lips, may I love you forever. Have a wonderful birthday baby.
  • Ever since we broke up, all my dreams are shattered. I have no desires or enjoyment remain in my life. I miss you so much. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday to the man who still lives in my heart all the time.
  • What has been written in our destiny, we both love you so much but our paths got separated. The bond of our heart couldn’t join but today I wish you a very happy birthday. Stay blessed!
  • I don’t know should I wish you or not on your birthday but my heart is screaming and wishing you a happy birthday despite you did wrong with me.
  • Every ending is the beginning of new season. Thank you so much for the ditch as it gave a new life, a new direction and a new destination. Happy birthday my dear Ex-boyfriend.
  • Whether you live with me or not, I do not care. As I believe, the one who doesn’t care about me then I don’t care for them. Happy birthday!
  • I loved you so much but now I don’t, I trusted you a lot but now I don’t, you found all your desired happiness and loneliness is for me. Anyways, happy birthday.
  • My world was found somewhere in you and I used to suppose there is nothing without you. We were the soul mates, best companions and true lovers. But things changed, time passed away and I am also changed. Happy birthday, my dear Ex-boyfriend.
  • Love is punishment, why does not this cascade of pain break. I still miss you a lot and remember all the good times which we spent together. Happy birthday, dear ex-boyfriend.
  • Just forget me, you have to live without me, this is your journey. May you get all the fame, prosperity, and success. May all the loveliness and grace be upon you. Happy birthday my dear Ex-love!
  • For you, I’m the evening of autumn now and you are a new morning, forget me and try to live happy, where all the springs blossom, you will always find me there. Good luck and happy birthday sweetheart.
  • Thank you for the sweet memories, the special times and for everything you did for me. I know we are not together anymore but I hope I haven’t overstepped when I wish you a hearty birthday, may all your wishes come true. Glad we are still friends.
  • Happy birthday ex, may you grow older than any man that has ever lived before, have a great time as you celebrate this day with those closest to you.
  • You will always be my best, you are great in each and every way and I hope you do get to enjoy each and every minute of your birthday, happy new born day ex-boyfriend.
  • Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, may you live long to break other girl’s hearts #just kidding. Have a blast dear.
  • You are a great man, although we didn’t work out, you make all those around you happy and glad. Feel the love, enjoy, relax and be glad for a new age. Happy Birthday.
  • The bitterness you left me with will never go away, but I will never wish you bad luck, may this day turn out to be good for you. Happy Birthday.
  • As you have always been there for me, I will always be here for you, you were once my light, now you are the friend I can’t live without. Happy Birthday my ex-boyfriend.
  • I wouldn’t do this normally, but since it’s your birthday, I wish you all the best ex-boyfriend. You are a special person and I wish you all the best in all you do.
  • Cheers to the man who turned my world around, crumbled it and built it all in a lifetime, may you live long, for I am glad to have you around. Happy Birthday.
  • Darling, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, no matter how much I wish we could go back to being together, I have to accept that you are gone and move on. Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, I wish you all the best.
  • You are the most amazing person in this world, I am so sorry I broke your heart, I hope you forgive me one day. I haven’t sent this text to open up old wounds, but to wish you a fabulous time as you celebrate your birthday. Have a blast dear.
  • I could never be her, I’m not perfect, you saw me as a jewel and I ruined that, sorry doesn’t cut it, but there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. Happy birthday ex-boyfriend, I hope you find happiness.
  • You are the person I loved the most, but I accepted the outcome and now I’m content with where I am, I wish the same for you as you celebrate your birthday ex-boyfriend.
  • I wish you nothing but the best, you are a great person and I appreciate you. Have fun on your birthday ex-boyfriend, the past is the past.
  • May your birthday be as exciting as you, I wish you good fortune as you celebrate your birthday ex-boyfriend. Have fun.
  • Although things didn’t work out between us, that doesn’t stop me from wishing a hearty birthday ex-boyfriend.
  • I knew I was wrong when I was making decisions without telling you. Hope you forgive me today as it’s a special time. Happy Birthday my ex.
  • Who knew we were going on about this the wrong way, the day we broke up was the happiest day of my life for in you, I found a new friend, a new best friend. Have a happy birthday dear ex-boyfriend of mine, have a blast.
  • We might not hold hands or look at each other, but my heart still connects. I wanna wish you a Happy Birthday. Enjoy your special day ex-lover.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex-Boyfriend

  • The nights we spent together without talking on phone seem upset, the days become colorless, there is substantial loneliness and solitude in my life. I miss you a lot. Happy birthday!
  • You have been there for me even after we broke up, not a lot of exes share the relationship we have. I wish you wealth, health and a lot of sweet memories during this day. Happy birthday ex-boyfriend of mine #wink.
  • I am not too cocky to deny that you changed a lot of things about me, and I really value and cherish you for that, I hope you will find happiness in your next adventure. Happy Birthday.
  • It is true that actions speak louder than words, maybe our separation was a mistake because it appears even after a long time, and none of us has been able to move on. I would love to have you back. Happy Birthday ex-lover.
  • My world becomes lonely and I feel desperate, neither alive nor dead. I don’t know what I should suppose to do. I still love you. Have a great birthday.
  • Today is your birthday and I never forget this day, what we used to do on your birthday, how much we enjoyed a lot. I miss all those moments and you. Happy birthday.

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