Birthday Wishes for Ex-husband

Women are naturally strong beings, they are emotional and are very caring. They can hold a grudge for so long but they can also forgive easily. They are beautiful inside and out. If you got married and you and your husband didn’t work out, it’s always nice to forget the bad past and concentrate on the good memories you shared.

You always knew how to celebrate a new age. Happy Birthday, my ex!

When your ex-husband’s birthday comes up, don’t be mean; send him a birthday wish that will make his day better. You will feel nice, do it for you, and you will find the pleasures life has to offer. Here are some sweet birthday messages you can send to your ex-husband during his birthday:

Birthday Greetings and Messages for Ex-husband

  • You were the only partner that I dreamed of, but now I realize that some things are better if they had remained in the dream than come to pass. I wish you a Happy Birthday Ex-husband.
  • My love grew weak and faint for you since you stopped sacrificing a lot for me, I thought to make it work but you wouldn’t. I still care though. Happy Birthday Ex-husband.
  • We would have make it work, but the effort was only coming from me, which is not good. I hope you’ll realize this soon enough to change your ways. Happy Birthday Ex-husband.
  • This kind of journey brings about incompleteness, it’s really hard to bear. I just hope you are really contented with your decision to leave. Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • You never ceased to put a smile upon my face, how can you now become a complete stranger to me, life is really unpredictable. Happy Birthday to you ex-husband, I do hope you’ll enjoy it.
  • Life doesn’t promise to give us everything, but when we work for it, we will have it. I will not give up on loving you even if you are not mine anymore. Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • Once a husband will always be a husband, my feelings about you have never changed a bit. You will always be a part of me. Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • You left me when my love for you was the strongest, it still feels strange that I am far away from you, but I wish you all the best as you celebrate your birthday.
  • You were a motivation for me, because you helped me figure out every of my difficulties, it is so hard to feel this way today, but I wanna wish you the best celebration. Happy Birthday.
  • A heartfelt birthday wish to you my ex-husband, it is true that big things are made of little details. Our separation still surprises me till today, but I wanna wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • The past is in the past, but I do hope we can make peace and go back to the way it used to be but I understand that it is very hard, Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • I never thought my heart could be this broken, because I am always trying to please you in every way, but now I must move on. Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • Today I wanna leave aside all differences and embrace forgiveness to wish you a joyful birthday celebration my ex-husband. Have a lovely day.
  • They say things happen for a reason, but I always wonder why this happened because we have gone way too far to experience a divorce, but life must continue. Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • I will always admit this fact that a part of me really missed you so much, I really feel like picking you up from my dream, but that will remain in the dream. Happy Birthday.
  • Sadness still hovers around my heart for the way our separation happened, and it still instills pain to call you my ex-husband after all we shared. But life goes on. Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • I really tried hard to go on like I never knew you, but how possible could that be, of course I shared a lot with you and that will never be forgotten. Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • It seems my world is half asleep even though I am awake and this is because of the void you left in my life, I hope I can survive without you. Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • My heart is really shattered ever since you left me, my hope seems dashed because I placed them on you, such is life. I wish you all the best as you celebrate your birthday.
  • The kind of lessons you gave to my children will never be forgotten and the life you gave to me I will always remember, I hope you have a wonderful birthday ex-husband.
  • Growing together was great when we experienced it, I never thought growing apart will ever happen to us. But we must take it in good faith. Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • I still remember the date my dear ex-husband, the day you were born. I wish you all the best in your endeavors, you are a good man and I hope you find happiness in your new age. Happy Birthday!
  • We shared too many good times to let this day go by without wishing you a happy birthday, you are now my ex-husband but I am glad we are still friends.
  • I thank God for your life, you have been with me through each and every moment, through the good times and the bad, even after the divorce, I hope you enjoy your birthday dear.

I still remember the date. My ex, have a fabulous birthday.

  • Happy birthday my ex-husband, may this day bring you a lot of joy, may each moment of your day be better than the last, you deserve a good time.
  • You made me laugh, you made me cry, but most of all, you were there every time I needed someone, I love you a lot and I hope you enjoy your birthday my ex-husband.
  • I know we had our bad times, but you are a great person still in my eyes, for you not only taught me how to love, you taught me to love myself more. Happy birthday dear ex-husband, may your future be happy.
  • I didn’t know that I can’t live without you till we broke up. If I have another chance to be with you, I won’t waste it. Happy Birthday ex.
  • Everything is going to be alright, maybe not today, but eventually my ear ex-husband, so don’t dwell on the past. You are turning a new age, may it be about making yourself happy. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • I always thought I was never good enough for you, but as it turned out, we were never meant to be. I am glad we are still friends even after the divorce, happy birthday my ex-husband.
  • They said we would never be friends that we would be bitter to each other, but learning how to let go of the bad and concentrating on the good was the greatest lesson I ever got from you. Happy birthday my dear ex-husband!!
  • I will never look at the way things ended between us, I will instead be thankful for what transpired my ex-husband. I hope you do the same from this birthday onwards.
  • Standing alone here makes me feel like I’m alone in the whole world. It’s really shameful to be without a help mate. Life must continue, Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • I won’t get mad, I won’t even try to get even, I will concentrate on my success and make it my main priority, I hope you do the same. We have memories, and that is enough to sustain me today, and always. Happy birthday ex-hubby!
  • You are a good man, it was hard to let you go but it was harder to stay with you. I have been with you and I know how important this day is to you, so happy birthday my ex-husband. Cheers.
  • I am okay with what happened between us, the divorce wasn’t the end of us, it was the beginning of something greater, happy birthday my ex-husband. May you find your new beginning.
  • You always knew how to celebrate a new age, a new age with new beginnings and a very bright tomorrow. I wish you nothing but the best ex-hubby, you will always be in my mind. Happy Birthday!
  • I hate myself because my heart still loves you. Whatever you did with my life, I just kept it aside. Happy birthday, dear ex-husband – stay blessed whoever you live with.
  • If you had to make me cry then why you did make me laugh, why you did come close and tied in a relation. I just lost faith in trust. My life misses you a lot. Happy birthday, dear ex-husband.
  • Your memories, good times, how may I even suppose to forget such shower of love. But we are separated; just give my love back to me. I still miss you a lot, my dear ex-husband. Happy birthday.
  • Just forget the shit and move on. Be happy whether you choose anyone in your life again for marriage. Have a great birthday ex-husband.
  • Words, discussions, stories, anger, love, complaints, and grief can be forgotten, but once your beloved one has gone from your life ‘Memories’ stick to the mind. I miss you, my dear ex-husband. Happy birthday.
  • You left me I don’t care, it’s your decision. But my heart will love you forever, even upon death this love will never shrink. Happy birthday, dear ex-husband.
  • All our life we both have to tolerate the pain of separation as the words are said in anger mess up the relationships. Live your life alone. Have a great birthday dear ex-husband.
  • My dear ex-husband, if I am still nice to you, it doesn’t mean I want you back in my life – it’s the part of my nature and no one knows it better than you. Happy birthday!
  • I admit my all mistakes that I lost the most precious thing in my life that God had given me in your disguise. I am sorry for my ill attitudes and disloyalty. Forgive me if you can – happy birthday dear ex-husband.
  • For the last 20 years we’ve been the best companion to each other but it couldn’t last forever. But I’ll always keep you in my heart as my only husband. Happy Birthday Ex-husband.
  • Happy Birthday to you Ex-husband, as pretty as I was, you were the first ugly man I ever dated and I ended up marrying you. :) It shows I loved you. But I hope you’ll enjoy today.
  • If I knew I would be this lonely, I would have given it all it could take to remain with you. But this is life and it must move on. Happy Birthday to you Ex-husband.
  • Love takes time before you fall for it and it doesn’t end easily when its trust is broken. I will never forget what we had together. Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • I really love, honor and respect you, but you never see it this way, that’s why you went for another woman. I hope you find joy there, Happy Birthday ex-husband.
  • Lack of trust will always result to nothing but disaster, this brought separation between us, and I wish we can roll it back but it’s long gone. Happy Birthday ex-husband. I love you still.
  • My ex-husband is the poorest loser and now a stranger with some memories. Happy birthday.

Strong Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Ex-husband

  • Getting married to you was the worst decision of my life and I have to suffer this mark of divorce till my whole life. I wish you were seriously involved in this relation. Happy birthday, Ex-husband anyways.
  • I did every possible effort to sustain our married life, but you ruined me and my life. Possibly I couldn’t forgive you. Enjoy your life alone. Happy birthday, ex-husband.
  • My tears flow with your revolving memories in my mind. Your words, oaths, promises and vows all were fake like you, you spoiled my life. Happy birthday, ex-husband.
  • I believed you took hold of my breath then I apprehended I was just being asphyxiated by your bullshit. Happy birthday, ex-husband.
  • You were the great lesson I have ever learnt from my life, now my objective is getting better. Happy birthday, ex-husband.
  • To destroy someone’s life is the biggest sin and you have committed this crime. May God bring you on the right track. Happy birthday ex-husband.
  • I was crazy about you, could not even spend a single second without you. But you didn’t think about my care, love, feelings and this sacred relationship, you just ruin everything. Happy birthday anyways.
  • Now I feel love is like a sin, there is no sincerity found even in husband and wife relation. Happy birthday to the most cheater man I have ever known.
  • If I have the ability to give you the power to look at yourself via my eyes, then you would come to know what a piece of crap you are. Don’t you ever dare to destroy another’s life now. Hope everything will go bad on your birthday.

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