Birthday Wishes for Ex-Wife

An ex is a hard person to forget, they are the ones you shared your deepest and darkest secrets with, you loved them in more ways than one and you even married them. You may not have worked out as a married couple. They hold a special part in your heart because you shared time that you cannot get back with them. When their birthdays come up send them a little note of remembrance, show them you care and love them in more ways than one.

Happy Birthday! Keep being strong as I always knew you.

Sending your ex-wife birthday wishes show that you have gotten past the bad blood between you and you have chosen to move on without holding any grudge. Here are some birthday messages you can send to your ex-wife to show her that you care about her still and that you wish her all the best in all her endeavors:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Ex-Wife

  • I urge you to stay away from all of your previous attitude, feel free, feel the atmosphere around you today and enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday to you Ex-Wife.
  • You were in my sight as beautiful as the mountains of Lebanon, but you stopped being unique when you started seeing other men. Happy Birthday. I still wish you well Ex-Wife.
  • The only reason I left you is because you forget all of your responsibility to me as the man of the house. Aside that you were a near perfect woman. Happy Birthday Ex-Wife.
  • I have no regret for being your ex-husband and I’m happy for your progress. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • I am happy and honored to have met you and spent a part of my life with you. Happy birthday ex-wife. You deserve the very best.
  • It’s really sad to know that I have a woman whom I had loved so much that doesn’t care about me anymore, but I must move on. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • Thank God I have the opportunity to meet with you in life, you have taught me a lot of lessons and I will always be grateful to you. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • No one is perfect and we must always bear with one another even in weaknesses. If I had known this before, we would still be together. But we must move on. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • The story of my life without you won’t be complete but I wish you can still be part of my life, but it wasn’t meant to be, so let’s just keep moving. Happy birthday first love.
  • You have left an indelible wound in my heart and I don’t think I can ever heal up from it, because I love you sincerely. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • I never thought you’ll leave me for another man. But I have moved on and I still love you. Happy birthday my glorious beginning.
  • It feels just like yesterday when I put that ring in your beautiful hand, but today something has changed and it can never remain the same again but I will always love you. Happy birthday ex-wife!
  • Today I wanna know how you are doing and I wanna wish you well in life as you journey on. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • Life is all about progress, we pick lessons from every juncture we reach in life. I hope you have learnt yours because I’ve learnt mine. Happy birthday ex-wife, I hope you’ll have a great celebration.
  • I never thought I’ll miss you so much after all the fight and quarrel, but today with all my heart I wanna wish you a prosperous life on your birthday. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • I thought I’ll just get over you right away, but it seems the reverse is the case. But I hope you do find comfort anywhere that you are. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • Your departure left a bitter taste in my mouth, because when you left, I felt a void in me that no one could fill. I hope you are happy where you are. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • Never forget that we were so in love; the only thing we ever wanted was to spend the rest of our lives together. I wish we could go back. Happy birthday.
  • Nothing’s going to change my love for you, even time is not powerful enough to deplete its strength. But the best thing for both of us is to just stay apart. Happy birthday ex-wife, love you still.
  • I know it is difficult to move on after the good lives we’ve both had together, but the past will always be in the past. Keep moving ex-wife. Happy birthday to you.
  • If I have the opportunity, I will be with you again and work on the things that brought us apart. Happy birthday ex-wife. I wish you good health and long life.
  • If I had known, I should have fight by your side to make it work. But I hope you are happy where you are. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • I accept all my mistakes, I won’t lie to you now, and yes I am the defaulter for our separation. This is very painful for me and I am still very sad about the way we broke up. I just want to say Happy Birthday my dear ex-wife and forgive me.
  • Just forget our bitter past, move on in your life, whatever had to be done, it’s done. Make new friends and stop thinking about the worst period. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, my dear ex-wife.

Have a birthday as happy as I'm for your progress.

  • The relationship we shared was very psychological. You were psycho and I was the logical man and you failed to give reasons of my logic. Anyways, have a wonderful birthday, my ex-wife.
  • If I know you would become better, I would have exercise a little bit of patience, but I have no regret because I have shared a lot of beautiful moments. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • You are strong enough to forgive me, whatever I have done with you. I am the only reason to smash the happiness of our home. Please forget the bitter past and start a new life. Happy Birthday, my lovable ex-wife.
  • The best thing to do is to hope for a better future. And I hope we can both enjoy our future better than what we shared in the past. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • Happy Birthday, my dear ex-wife, I want you and my kids to be happy and please take good care of them, I will always be there in order to fulfill your necessities.
  • There is little life remaining still somewhere inside me since when you have forgiven my biggest sin, it seems like a new heartbeat came up to ensure me that I am alive. Happy Birthday my sweet ex-wife.
  • You were the shade of tree for my body that was burning in the sun. I lost the biggest asset of my life, I still miss you a lot especially those lovely moments when we were so close to each other. Happy Birthday, my ex-wife.
  • I always feel regret to lose you, you were my first and last desire. I did my all endless efforts to save our relation but I think you had not wanted me anymore in your life. But I still love you. Have a wonderful birthday, dear ex-wife.
  • My life is like a kite with broken string after our separation. I miss you so much. I wish you a very Happy Birthday, dear ex-wife.
  • Our caravan of dreams broke and we twirled in two different directions. This story has ended where there was no love existed. Stay blessed and happy in your life. Happy Birthday.
  • You were the ray of light, a smiling flower bud, raining drops, a cloud of happiness and a new world for me. But I was less fortunate that I lost you. Have a fabulous birthday.
  • I am punished for falling in love and getting married to you, what crime did I do? I believed you were everything for me, but you deceived me. You destroyed the fleeting moments of happiness and gave the treasure of sorrows. Anyway, Happy Birthday ex-wife!
  • I still see your face everywhere, all your thoughts pinch me in the daylight and your memories in the darkness of night. You were my life. I lost you. Happy Birthday.
  • All the happiness has gone now but this sadness stuck to me and won’t go away, I tried to opt all the ways to forget you but my heart doesn’t get any relaxation, it still misses you, ex-wife. Happy Birthday.
  • All seasons come and go but the season of pain has not changed and remains constant. This color of depression is so deep. Still remember the happy moments of our life. Happy Birthday!
  • I did all my efforts to hate you, but all went in vain, now I hate to accept it that I still love you. Have a wonderful birthday dear ex-wife.
  • I thought this would go differently for us, but now I know things won’t turn out as I once planned. You are growing older and I hope you realize that I am grateful for you. Have a great birthday dear, enjoy yourself.
  • I count myself lucky, you are the most amazing person in my life and I thank God for you, have a great time as you celebrate your birthday my ex wife. Be blessed.
  • Let your birthday bury any bad blood we have between us. May you grow healthier, wiser and more beautiful with your new age. Happy Birthday my ex-wife.
  • Days seem so long without you, time seems to be moving slow and all I think about is you celebrating this day without me. Happy Birthday my ex-wife. May this day bring you much joy.
  • It’s a wonderful day for a wonderful woman, I hope you enjoy each and every moment of this day. Happy Birthday my ex-wife!!
  • You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, believe it or not, I have so much with you and I can never let divorce papers prevent me from wishing you an awesome birthday.
  • I think about you every now and again, I hope you know how special you are to me, have a hearty birthday my ex wife, you are amazing.
  • The woman of my dreams walked in and out of my life but never out of my heart, I wish you the best as you celebrate this day. Happy Birthday!!
  • This is all fascinating; I celebrate the birthday of the woman who touched my life in more ways than one. Happy Birthday my ex-wife, I appreciate you.
  • You are brilliant, I hope you know how amazing and wonderful you are to me, have a hearty birthday my ex wife, you always knew how to throw parties, this shouldn’t be an exception. Enjoy your day!
  • I wish for a lot of things but for today, it doesn’t matter what I want, what matters is who you are and how amazing we all are to have you in our lives, we not only celebrate you today, but all the days of our lives my ex wife. Happy Birthday!
  • Our divorce was for a sudden cause we weren’t ready for, but your birthday party is for a great reason we all are ready for. Enjoy the party and Happy Birthday.
  • When I left you, life became better for you, perhaps it’s been me blocking you from all of your breakthrough all these while. Keep enjoying your success. Happy birthday ex-wife.
  • I can never forget all the good time I had with you. Stay blessed and have a fulfilled celebration. Happy birthday ex-wife!
  • Life is a lesson and we must all learn from events that happen to us. I have learnt from you as my ex-wife. Happy birthday, I wish you joy that we never shared.
  • Enjoy this day for it is all about you, you are the most amazing and sweetest person in my life. I love your big heart and I hope it grows as you grow older. Happy Birthday my ex-wife!
  • I can’t help but remember how steadfast you were as my wife; I appreciate every second we shared as a couple. Happy Birthday, dear.
  • If only we could rectify the past, we would still be married, nevertheless, I’m happy for you on your birthday and because you have found love once again.
  • Even though it’s hard to accept, I still miss a lot of things about you. You were a good wife and I appreciate all the years you sacrificed when we were married. It’s your birthday and I’m full of gratitude.
  • I can’t seem to erase your birthday from my memory because we’ve celebrated lots of it together. Being your ex-husband, I still owe you an obligation to reach out and wish you the best.
  • There will always be a special space for you in my heart even though we’re divorced, the period I was with you was one of the greatest I’ve ever experienced.
  • My ex wife is growing older, and I get to see that, that is truly something I am grateful for. Have a Happy Birthday my dear.
  • Happy Birthday ex-wife, you forever live in my heart, thoughts and life. I respect you and admire your courage. Cheers.

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