Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Wife

Some marriages could have been saved by family members and friends just by the simple act of showing love, care and support as at when necessary. Unlike men who are a little rigid and less emotional ladies love hearing from time to time how essential and indispensable they are. It is our duties as men to tell them this without hiding how we honestly feel.

Happy Birthday to your wife.

Kind gestures help in creating a unique bond which assures them of being cherished; it also helps in the approval of your relationship with their husband and to feel at ease whenever they are in your company. We have many messages you can select from, pick the one which best describes your feelings towards her.

Birthday Wishes for the Wife of your Friend

  • I’m always happy for your birthdays because marrying you was one of the best decisions my friend ever took and it is now so glaring.
  • A woman of your type is one in a million; you made a friend so happy and loved which makes him always want to leave work early. Happy Birthday to a beautiful woman.
  • Sweet Birthday tidings to the one who transformed my friend’s house into a home, bore him kids and gave him a purpose of existence, thank you for a job well-done.
  • Marriage is not just a bed of roses; there are thorns on it, thank you for being a loyal wife to my friend in all situations and Happy Birthday to you.
  • I’m pleased that my friend found a rare gem and made it his forever, you have made loving so easy for him, and I’m so excited it’s your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the one who vowed to walk the long and tricky journey of life with my friend irrespective of any odds and challenges.
  • Having a good wife is tantamount to increasing one’s life expectancy because there have been various reports on numerous deaths caused by marriage related issues. Happy Birthday to a friend’s wife.
  • Divorce seems to be the latest trend of the day; couples have deemed each other unfit. I celebrate your day because you bring comfort and stability to my friend’s life.
  • Meeting you is an honor and getting to relate to you strictly as a friend’s wife is fantastic, I reference and celebrate the day you were born.
  • May your cup run over and never be empty on this day which is your birthday and for the rest of your beautiful existence.
  • You are more than a friend’s wife to me, you are of sister’s worth, and I will celebrate your birth knowing I have a sister in you.
  • I have had no cause of regret since my friend married you, you are nest to perfection, and you have all the rudiment of a good wife, I join others in the celebrations of your birthday.
  • Thank you for complementing all the flaws of my friend, you are God sent to perfect his person. Happy Birthday to his missing rib bone.
  • Happy Birthday celebrations to the mother of my friend’s kids, the apple of his eyes and to the one who lights up his body, spirit, and soul with an undying love.
  • There is an adage that says one does not appreciate what he has until he loses it. I join my friend on your birthday to tell you how vital you are to us.
  • My friend once told me that it would be impossible to cope with the aftermath of losing you, your birthday reminds me of how much you mean to him.
  • Greetings to the latest celebrant in town, your birthday adds more spark to your graceful and enviable union with my friend. You are such a darling.
  • My friend got blessed with the gift of a spectacular and outstanding wife, may your light continually shine amongst women on this day and beyond.
  • It has been another 365 days of relating with a unique and vibrant feminine figure; I look forward to celebrating more fulfilling birthdays with you. My warm regards to your husband.
  • You have performed the task of a wife and mother so well that you make it look easy; I appreciate the number of hours spent by you in ensuring you have a happy home. Enjoy your Birthday.

Happy Birthday to your wife!

  • I rejoice with you especially on your birthday, may you live long to fulfill all your desired potentials.
  • I can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful woman to my sweet friend. Happy Birthday. May you enjoy all the best in life. Have a healthy and long life.
  • I have never seen my friend so happy like he is with you. You truly have the magical touch that moves his heart. May you be always blessed with love. Happy Birthday.
  • Formal Birthday Wishes for my Manager’s Wife
  • All I ask is total happiness and long life with good health. May the way you changed my friend’s life be a blessing in your life. Happy Birthday my friend’s wife.
  • He’s so lucky to have you as a Wife. Indeed, a true woman changes everything and makes it new. You are so lively and very kind. Thanks for the delicious meals. Happy Birthday.
  • Loving, caring and supportive wives like you make the world a wonderful place. I always go on my knees asking God to send a woman of your type to me someday. Happy Birthday.
  • May you have nothing but wonderful surprises on this great time of your life because you are doing a wonderful job. I wish you all the best. Happy Birthday!
  • I really love and appreciate the kindness you show towards all your husband’s friends. We have been jealous you take away our best friend but we are happy he is a responsible man. Happy Birthday.
  • Congratulations on this great step you have taken in life. You are the most special, loving and hardworking woman ever. Today we celebrate you. Happy Birthday my friend’s Wife.
  • My friend is the happiest man of this world because he has the best and the greatest wife in life. I see the flames of love burning so high in his eyes. Thank you! Happy Birthday!
  • May God bless you with all your heart desires. May every candle on your cake be a symbol of all the colorful blessings God will shower upon your home. Happy Birthday my friend’s wife.
  • May you have all the love and happiness you deserve on your birthday. A true soul mate and life partner to my dearest friend. Enjoy all the happiness you need. Happy Birthday, my friend’s wife.
  • Happy Birthday to my friend’s life partner. You gave courage and strength to my friend to stand firm, happiness in every sad moment. Thank you.
  • Wow! You are so special. My wish for you is, may God give you all the happiness and love from your husband. Enjoy this special day. Happy Birthday, my friend’s wife.
  • May Unconditional love fill your home. May the Lord open the doors of prosperity and long life onto you. I can’t wait to see the party begin. Happy Birthday my friend’s wife.
  • You are a blessing. I’m proud of you for how far you changed my best friend. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. May God grant you all the beauty of life with your husband.
  • In my life I’ve never seen a woman like you. My best friend is the luckiest in this world. May you have a Happy Birthday.
  • My deepest heartfelt wishes to you. I wish today’s happiness becomes your destiny. Happy Birthday my friend’s amazing wife. Enjoy your new age with much love.
  • I’m so happy to see that my friend’s dreams have been fulfilled to marry you. May you have a fabulous celebration today. Happy Birthday to the best wife of the year.
  • Love is so kind. It feels so good to see you both together. What a beautiful moment it is! May your celebration bring life to both of you. Happy Birthday to my friend’s wife.

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