75 Ways to Say Happy Birthday to your Grandma

Most of us are lucky enough to have met their grandma and have her share with us her past stories. Some take this as a joke or for granted but most take this as luck and as a blessing to meet her in person and not as a photograph shown to you by your parent. Grandmas are the best, aren’t they? From overfeeding you to being part of each and every experience you will go through.

Happy Birthday to the best grandma.

Appreciating your grandma during her birthday is one of the sweetest things you can ever do. Old people are a blessing to our lives and as such, use one of these birthday wishes to show her just how much:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Grandma

  • You are the family that isn’t mentioned in my ID, but you’re still the family that should be named in my happiness source book. Have a different birthday, great grandma!
  • You always hold us close to your heart Grandma. You pamper us when we feel bad and you gave us the meaning of love. We are here to celebrate your day with love. Happy Birthday, granny.
  • Words could express the thousands of feelings I’ve always had for you, dear granny. Your essential lessons will never be forgotten. I’m humbled to have you in my life. Happy Birthday, grandmother. We love you.
  • Delicious meals leave a good taste for a few minutes, but delicious grandmothers add a permanent good taste to our life. Let’s eat the cake. Enjoy nana!
  • You are not just a grandma to us, you are our role model. You deserve to have a public holiday, not just a celebration. Your birthday is what we need now to rock. Have a nice day!
  • I can’t forget all what you taught me; how to count my money, how to be safe while playing and how to eat and drink! You are my main mentor. Happy Birthday grandma!
  • Knocking the door makes us in a rush to see our granny’s face behind it. When we see another one, we may get sad. Happy Birthday to the greatest source of happiness in our lives.
  • Whatever movie I watch on TV about the grace of a loving grandmother can’t compare to my grandma’s grace and love. Asking God to keep you healthy.
  • I feel it’s hard to be responsible for my kitty. So What about a woman who is responsible for the whole family and doesn’t sleep well if one of them is not okay. It’s a great day for a great lady. Happy Birthday grandma!
  • You are a great person in this family. This doesn’t mean that no need for the celebration. We need to rock, granny.
  • We may hear about a father who left his sons, a mother facing troubles that forces her to go away… But it’s hard to hear about a tough grandmother leaving her grandsons. The best birthday to the best grandma!
  • I don’t enjoy anything like I do while hearing the stories that my grandma tells. Your affection can change anything to the best. A fabulous birthday to you, grandma!

From Granddaughter

  • There is always one beautiful place to seek comfort. A place to wipe away my tears. A place where my fear is turned into courage. That place is in your arms. Grandma, I love you!
  • A beautiful and a kind Queen is never hard to Identify. With all the wrinkles on your face makes you still the beautiful woman I have known all my life. Happy Birthday, granny, your granddaughter loves you.
  • Thank you, my lovely grandma, for all the help you have given me along my life. Your advice has always been the control and judge in my school and my whole life. Wishing you the best birthday ever!
  • Mothers are the fine hugs, but grandmothers are the permanent ones. You can be with me all the time, unlike my mom who’s sometimes busy. I hope you have a great celebration, granny!
  • My mind can erase a lot of memories simply except my sweet memories with my dear grandma. It’s my cool destiny to be a daughter to your son. Wishing you the happiest birthday!

From Grandson

  • My father told me about the great reason behind his success in the life; of course he has a great mother and a great motivation to keep going in the right way. You are also an amazing grandmother to me. Best wishes!
  • Simple toys that my grandma has made me are more amusing than any other new electronic ones. Thanking God for giving me a cool grandmother like you.
  • Riding horses is fun, but playing with the horse toy while sitting between the arms of my grandma is much fun. Asking God to keep you healthy and happy always. Have a great birthday!
  • Your chair in our home leaves everyone tranquil and happy. Your wisdom makes me come back to you before whatever decision I take. You deserve a great celebration. Happy Birthday grandma!
  • Great-grandmas are always closer to grandsons than the parents. I feel understood when I’m with my sweet grandma. Have a birthday as wonderful as you!
  • I’m your grandson even after my marriage; It’s still important to go in my life with my grandma wisdom and smartness. You are a perfect example of the greatest of great grandmothers. Have a cool birthday!

Funny Birthday Messages for Grandma

  • As I know you need your glasses to read my words, so I used big letters to make it clear for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!
  • Happy Birthday to the woman whose picture is my phone background. Laughing toothless makes me smile while using WhatsApp.
  • No kind of sweets can leave a great taste like the sweets I ate with my grandma. I know you still can eat the cake. Enjoy granny.
  • You have no idea about how I laugh when my parents tell me stories about your adolescence and beauty. Looks like all had a crush on you. ;)
  • When you kiss me. you remind me of Sponge-bob who hates his grandma’s kiss, but I like yours much. ;) HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANNY!

Say Happy Birthday, Grandma! By Age

For seventy-year-olds, eighty-year-olds & ninety-year-olds:

70 Years Old

  • With every passing year, your love and care have increased. You reached 70 and still protect us from all the negativity of this world. All we say is thank you. Happy 70th Birthday, grandma.
  • When we know that it’s grandma’s 70th year, we expect many wonderful things to happen. I never stop thinking of the sweet cake with candles. Let’s celebrate, granny!
  • You were always my support in every argument against others. May I be beautiful at 70 just like you. Happy 70th Grandma!

80 Years Old

  • You are a perfect creation, you gave birth to a perfect generation, and they gave birth to the future. We are all here for this perfect celebration for the greatest 80-year-old woman alive.
  • A splendid birthday to the woman who founded a big family of many children and grandchildren. You are the source of kindness whom all resort to. Have an 80th birthday that can’t be differentiated from your first one!
  • Going to the zoo with my baby makes me remember the sweet memories with my grandma who loved playing with monkeys. Best fun always with you, granny. Happy 80th Birthday!
  • Every year, my lovely grandmother gets better. You’re now 80 times better, Best wishes granny.

90 Years Old

  • Granny, I feel that when I reach 90, I will be happy for the happiness that I will give to my grandchildren; I’m sure they will feel what I feel now towards you, my lovely grandma. I wish you have the best party ever.
  • It was a great day when my grandma came to this life 90 years ago. We have to make it the best day every year. Happy Birthday grandma!
  • Your wrinkles say how great you’ve been in your life. You’ve challenged what we can’t challenge. Your age is convenient for great people like you. Have a superb 90th birthday grandma!

Sentimental Birthday Greetings for Grandma

  • Seeing pyramids is meant for tourism and you are meant for wisdom. Wishing you an astonishing birthday, grandma!
  • Your picture deserves a spot in the museum, what a cool grandmother you are! Every word of yours has a positive impact, Happy Birthday, impactful grandma. Keep being strong.
  • I may get a promotion at work, and feel lucky, I have gotten what I want. All of this is because of your prayers for me. I have the most beautiful and lovely grandma ever.
  • It doesn’t matter how old you are, I’ll always pray for additional 20 years for you. With you, life is meaningful and delightful. Happy Birthday to the best grandma in the whole world.
  • Everyone has a source of happiness. Some people love money and others love power. But to me, your hug and kiss are my main source to smile and be happy. Have a wonderful birthday, grandma!
  • You are a soldier in the form of an old woman, you are so brave in decision-making and your strength is like that of a strong man. Happy Birthday grandmother. Rest and eat the fruit of your labor.
  • You gave us attention when our parents couldn’t do, you gave us love when our parents were too busy. You are an angel sent to us. Happy Birthday, grandmother, keep glowing.
  • Dear grandma, when I see your face, I get relaxed! Your smile, your jokes and all of you make me feel comfortable and hopeful to find the good in my life. A sweet birthday to the sweet lady.
  • It’s your 10th decade granny. See how many things and people God has blessed you with. You will sure lose count if you start counting your blessings. Just give thanks!
  • Our family founder, my grandma, deserves to get the appreciation and respect she deserves all the time. We cherish being your sons and grandsons. A great birthday to the greatest grandma!
  • Although I don’t live with you in the same home nowadays, but no one can satisfy my deep happiness like you and my sweet memories with you. Bad things can be good if you are there. May you have many more!
  • My heart always says hurry up and go to your grandma. You are the best person who can handle many of my problems and get genuine happiness for my success. Happy Birthday granny!
  • You rained down your love on me, grandma, your affection is stored in my mind forever. You are a great part of this family and I love you so much. A lovely Bday to a lovely grandma.
  • Many women are indeed noble, but you surpass them all through your deeds. You are brave, fearless and hard-working. Happy Birthday grandma. We love you a lot.
  • My friends ask me why I’m so knowledgeable. And I reply them that I have a tree of knowledge in my garden. Grandma, you’re the tree…. Enjoy many more.
  • It’s not surprising how you forgot that your birthday is today. But it’ll be surprising how I’m making you know by reading this. My sincerest wishes……you mean so much to me and us all.
  • Grandma, you gave birth to the best child ever. And your child gave birth to me. I know I’m becoming great just because of you. You’re great and I wish you a magnificent celebration.
  • Your presence has a strange ability to hide my tears after crying. Your laugh revives the smile on my sad face. Happy Birthday my wonderful grandma.
  • To the greatest and the best grandmother in the world, you’ve always been close to me, You always encourage me and motivate me to go ahead in my studies. Happy Birthday grandma.
  • Dear grandma, You are always in my mind and I can not stop thinking about you. You’re the most important person in my life. I hope all your dreams come true. I really miss you. With love…. Grandchild… Happy Birthday!
  • Every dream my mind tried to reach, you were pushing me forward to do it greatly. I hope I give you the limitless happiness on this special day.
  • Thanks to the lady who sets her work aside when I visit her. You welcome me with a big hug and a great smile on your face. I will never forget that, grandma.
  • This is the day of joy. May it not be turned to sorrow. Grandma will live to achieve greater things. You’ll be called a blessing by many generations.
  • It’s rare to find an old friend who can deal and play with naughty kids like me. My grandma always gives me great fun and pleasure. Happy Birthday granny!
  • Grandmother, I love you so much that I wish you were my mother. You are an epitome of true maternal care, love and friendship. I love you endlessly.
  • It’s not easy to write a unique message for a wise grandma, but it’s normal to have all beautiful words in your heart and can’t translate them well. Happy Birthday great grandma!
  • My school bag is full of books and lessons which I can’t appreciate more than your golden advice for me to take care of myself and be always fine. Have a marvelous birthday grandma!
  • If I became important and worthy of appreciation, this would be because of your great directions and unprecedented advice you give to me. Love you!
  • Aging is a natural stage in our lives, but kindness and mercy never be advancing age. You’ll be always a great source of love and passion. Happy Birthday to my cute grandma.
  • You are the one who can keep our family united. Your birthday brings all your loved ones to this home to find deep happiness next to the cakes and cupcakes. Have a cool day!
  • My dear grandmother, you’re the most important person in my life. I wish you are happy and achieve all the things that you want.
  • Dear grandmother. When I was a child, you were always supporting me even if I’m wrong, to make me accept your advice. You are always the best in everything and everywhere. I wish you the happiest time. Happy Birthday granny.
  • Dear grandmother, when I say my grandmother, some people think you are just like any other grandmother, but they do not know that you’re exactly same as my mom, you’ve been always around every time I needed you. Happy Birthday grandma. Love you. Your grandchild!
  • To the person who was taking care of me when I was a child most of the time. You were playing with me all the time. You were teaching me to depend on myself under any circumstance. You are the greatest grandmother not only in the world, but in the entire universe. Have a special birthday!
  • Dear grandmother, I’ve always admired your behavior in most cases; Love, manners, patience, and even hatred. You have always been a good listener and have great solutions. You are a perfect mentor. I’m now trying to learn how to become like you. Love you, grandma. Happy Birthday! [Author: Abdalla Msallam]
  • Dear grandmother, I have missed you so much. I missed your food which is one of the best foods which can be served. Please tell my mother the secret recipes, because my stomach got crazy from my mother’s food, don’t tell my mother this part please. Grandchild. Love you, grandma. Happy Birthday! [Author: ِAbdalla Msallam]
  • Dear grandmother, I like to thank my parents because they had to go and leave me with you all the time. They also let me stay with you at any time. I always tell you everything important in my life, my studies and my passion. I love you grandma. Happy Birthday!

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