Birthday Wishes for a Male Friend

When your male friend’s birthday comes along, as his friend you should definitely write something down for him. As a sincere person, we know our friends don’t really give too much thought about their birthdays, so why not remind them by sending them one of the messages below, wishing them a fantastic time as they celebrate their new age:

Happy Birthday my Male Friend.

Happy Birthday Wishes for a Special Male Friend

  • Having you around me reduces my need for a brother, you have protected and cared for me in ways only typical of a brother, and I celebrate your new age in remembrance of your awesomeness.
  • Just like a hamper basket, you contain various elements that meet my tender feminine needs; you are my male superhero friend. Happy Birthday buddy for life.
  • I never realized how different a male friend could be to me until we were apart for a while, you’ve earned your stripes, and consequently, we ladies will be fully participative for your birthday.
  • Every lady needs a male figure in her life, and I’m grateful because I have you to lean on, your support has been unrivaled and encouraging. I’m still thinking of the perfect gift that befits your birthday.
  • The most important gesture in life is to show love, your praise is long overdue, but I had to wait for your birthday to relay how strong a guy you have been to a weak and naive lady like me.
  • I wish you a bright and promising future. You have shown a glimpse of a future leader, and I trust you to do great things. You are most valuable male friend, and I believe you to have a lovely birthday celebration.
  • I consider you an alpha male because most people look up to you for solutions and directives. I never imagined the men to be this sweet. Happy Birthday to an exemplary leader.
  • Being a man isn’t about how physically strong one is but by knowing how to proffer solution to different challenges, you’ve not only solved yours but my feminine problems. I’m increasingly happy for your birth.
  • May all your efforts to make me a happy lady be repaid by the heavens on your birthday; you have done so much for me that cannot be compensated by my words or deeds.
  • Despite missing a handful of your birthdays, I’ll make the most of today’s event. I feel so lucky to have such a fantastic guy as a friend.
  • Today might seem a regular day for most people but not for us because it’s your birthday, how I wished you were more than a friend because a lady needs a matured man in her life.
  • It’s better late than never, I couldn’t have forgotten the birthday of my best male friend. If other guys were to be like you, we ladies would have been happier.
  • Happiness comes from within and extends to the outside, may your birthday fortify you with the enablement to scale another 365 days. I can’t wait to have my pretty face on your birthday pictures.
  • May you encounter only useful things as you prepare to start another year-long journey. How I wish you could be this happy every other day of the year. I cherish our male and female relationship so well.
  • As you’re supportive of me, so shall I also ensure that you have the best birthday party ever witnessed in this community. When ladies are ready to get down, nothing is stopping us.

What do you write in a birthday card for a guy friend?

  • I have been thinking of ways to appreciate your birth; I hope this message depicts my gratitude for having you in my life because you are every woman’s dream, Happy Birthday buddy.
  • Set new goals today and appraise them on your next birthday and see how far you’ve gone because a life without a purpose is doomed to failure. My goal for today is to party with a crucial male figure.
  • From the depth of my tender heart I wish you good fortunes and tidings on your birthday, a lady like me knows a real man when I see one, Happy Birthday to the most authentic man on earth.
  • You have a natural zeal for caring for ladies, and I’m a proud benefactor of your goodwill. I pray the heavens care for you as you have done for us. Enjoy your birthday.
  • Have a fantastic birthday man, may your girlfriend give you lots of kisses, come for some from me too. :D Have an unforgettable day!

Never forget the birthday of my best male friend. Happy Birthday!

  • It’s a special day for me for one of my best friends came into this world crying. You may be tough but remember you have a friend in me. Enjoy your birthday!
  • Birthdays are days when there should be lots of joy and laughter, I expect that much from your birthday my dear. Have an epic one!
  • You are a brother I came to know, you may not be by blood, but I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I know you. Have an awesome birthday!
  • We may not be related in any way, but as a girl, having a brother like you is definitely something to celebrate. Have a hearty birthday!
  • May this birthday bring you more joy than you could ever imagine, I’m lucky I know a great man like you. Enjoy your birthday!
  • We have known each other for the longest time, I’m happy that I found a friend in the most unlikely of places. Enjoy your birthday my good man!
  • What did I ever do to deserve such a great man in my life? Thank you for making me the woman I’m today, have a great birthday my dearest friend!
  • I’m blessed enough to know you love me and lucky enough that you are my friend, thank you for being an awesome man to a lonely woman. Enjoy your birthday!
  • Each day we spend time together is a gift I’m forever grateful for, you are the man who turned this woman’s life into something worthwhile. Epic birthday my friend!
  • We may not be related by blood but what we have is something I never want to lose my great man. Have a memorable birthday, from your sister!
  • People like you make the world a better place. You are a man worth a thousand blessings and I’m lucky I’m the woman who’ll get to see that. Hearty birthday friend!
  • With you in my life I’m never short of lovely times. Thank you for being my friend and the man who protects me. Enjoy your birthday!
  • May this birthday bring you a lot of joy and cheer my male friend, I may be a woman but I feel like a friend you’ll forever have. Enjoy!
  • Every day with you is a blessing and the fact that we are growing old side by side is definitely something worthwhile. Enjoy your birthday my male friend!
  • Thank you for being all I need to have a smile on my face. You are part of the woman I’m today and I am happy to be celebrating a man like you. Happy Birthday!
  • With a friend like you in my life, I can finally be the woman I know I can be. Happy Birthday, you are a man I forever want to keep close!

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