66 Happy Birthday Wishes for Men

I’m very sure each and every one has that special man in their lives, a friend, idol, father, uncle or even just a neighbor, that man that makes them mad and happy at the same time. What do you do when their birthdays come around? Sending a man a special message reminding him of the joy and cheer he brings into your life may turn his day into one of the most glorious days he has had so far in his existence.

Happy Birthday, handsome!

Don’t be shy to put down that lovely message to that lovely man to show how much you love and appreciate him. Here are some birthday wishes you can send to him:

Happy Birthday Messages for Men

  • With you in my life, every problem became so volatile that they have to disappear into the thin air. You’re superman in my eyes. Happy Birthday my sweetest superman.
  • I feel like I can do anything with you close to me, you’ve surely changed my whole life and I like the way you’ve done so far. Happy Birthday man of mine. Love you.
  • I have everything I want the moment I decided to let go of the bad energy trapped within me. But you’re the most important thing I have. Happy Birthday my lovely man. Stay blessed.
  • I’m head over hills for you, because you’re a man that suits every fiber of my being. I wish you all the joy in the world as you celebrate today. Happy Birthday man.
  • No matter how much we women want to be so feminist, we still have this soft spot for honorable men. I’m certain that you’re one of them. Happy Birthday man.
  • Your labor and sacrifices for your home is crystal clear to everyone who knows you, you are ladies’ man. May it pay off very soon. Happy Birthday man.
  • Contrary to the general belief that women make the home works, I believe that men make the home work because of their good temperance and ability to endure. Happy Birthday my man.
  • For a family to stand, some key things are decided by the man of the house, this cannot be replaced or reciprocated by any woman. We must appreciate our men. Happy Birthday man.
  • Men are full of activities that are Meaningful and meant to uphold and strengthen the family, they should be well appreciated even if they do little at times. Happy Birthday man.
  • Home goes to their early graves because women fail to acknowledge men as the rightful authority of the home. Men are wonderfully made. Happy Birthday man.
  • Ladies should not try to drag power from their men at home, it is rightfully theirs and it is God’s desire. May God bless you as you celebrate today. Happy Birthday man.
  • Children get better when they have responsible fathers who show that to them by example on a daily basis. Thanks to God for a man and a father like you. Happy Birthday man.
  • The world will produce better leaders and it will become great if parents become better and fathers take time with their kids. We thank God for your life. Happy Birthday man.
  • Men have a divine purpose that no one else should help them fulfill, and that is to be responsible and a provider for the family. Never forget this dear. Happy Birthday man.
  • A man should never consider anything aside his family, he should go to any distance to make them feel right. May God help you to fulfill all these. Happy Birthday best man ever.
  • It’s really strange to see that our lives are going fine but not the way we’ve planned it. We always wanted to enjoy time with friends but family things wouldn’t allow. Happy Birthday responsible man.
  • Men are the type of being that needs only little care and appreciation to do and be everything for their family. I hope women will learn to appreciate them better. Happy Birthday my man.
  • Men naturally love their wives, but there’s a secret to get more love from men, be nice and take good care of their friends whenever they visit. :D Happy Birthday my lovely man.
  • A woman can rip a man apart the most little if she nags, men are people of peace let all nagging not be their ears and they’ll always be good. Happy Birthday my man.
  • I know a man who will break unbreakable walls for his home and do more than enough to provide for all of their needs. He celebrates his birthday today. Happy Birthday man.
  • You’re a man that should be enthroned and worshiped, because the way you handle your family is enviable and commendable. I wish I’ll take after you soon. Happy Birthday man.
  • I’m enormously grateful to all of the people who have helped in the making of the good man my son has become today, may you be blessed a lot. Happy Birthday son.
  • Happy Birthday my man, you are the most amazing person in my life and another year with you is as special as it sounds. I love you!
  • You are a very dear and great addition in my life; the fact that I share your birthday with you today proves we will spend eternity together. Have a great birthday man!
  • It’s your birthday, another day to be goofy, another year to impress me and make me laugh. Happy Birthday my little man, you are loved!
  • I would spend every day with you for you are the reason I have such amazing days. Have a hearty birthday man! Thank you for coming into this world.
  • Blow out the candles, share some cake and be happy that you are growing into the man we all knew you’d be. Happy Birthday!
  • How can I ever repay you for every smile you put on my face? For every special touch or each secretly amazing moment? You are splendid! Happy plus one my dear man!
  • You are the man of my dreams, the only man I want to wake up next to and grow old with. Happy Birthday darling, I love you!
  • The world would be incomplete without you; you are the only man strong enough to hold me down when I’m torn. Happy Birthday dear!
  • Since the day you were born, I knew you were the man who’d change my life, who’d be there to the end, who’d make me what I am. I love you son, hearty birthday!
  • You are my greatest blessing and each time that I get to share your birthday with you makes me one of the luckiest human beings alive!
  • I long to always be close when you grow old, so I can always remind you of how handsome you are my dear man. Have a great birthday!
  • Thank you for the unforgettable moments my man, you are the reason I have to breathe and be glad, grow older, happier and heartier!
  • I don’t know what I would ever do without a man such as you, you have made me want to be what I’m today, I love you with every piece of me. Happy Birthday man!
  • Cheers to another grand year with a grand man who is turning a prime age on this grand day, have fun dear!

Happy Birthday to a great man. You're bold like a lion.

  • I’m proud to be part of your life, to have the pride of showing you off and to always be the one whom you can trust and lean on. Happy Birthday man!
  • I hope this age brings you closer to the things you hold dearly, you are amazing, awesome and loved and I can’t begin to describe the joy I feel that I share today with you man!
  • May this birthday be bigger, better and more awesome than the last. Have fun man, hearty birthday; you are a gem I will forever treasure dearly.
  • You are not just a man; you are a man of honor and value. May this day mark new beginnings in your life. Happy Birthday.
  • You are the man of the moment, enjoy yourself and have a great day. Happy Birthday!
  • You are bold as a lion, meek like a dove and handsome like a prince. Happy Birthday, wishing you long life and prosperity.
  • Whenever I look at you, I get motivated. You have all the qualities of a perfect gentleman. I wish you joy and success in your life’s endeavors. Happy Birthday.
  • Another year has gone by, and you have not changed a lot, you are still that kind, gentle and handsome individual I have known for long. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the man of my life, king of my castle and mate of my soul.
  • There are some special things that get better with age; you are just one of them. Happy Birthday my friend.
  • What defines a man is not the size of his body, but the size of his heart. And you my friend, you have a big heart. Happy Birthday.
  • Birthdays are remarkable times in our life, and I hope it marks a new beginning in your life. Happy Birthday!
  • You are not just a friend, you are a brother, and all through the years, you have been a great inspiration to my life. Happy Birthday sir.
  • On this special day, I say Happy Birthday & I wish you above everything, good health, happiness and long life.
  • Your adventure in life hasn’t ended here. Even if you already have a wife and kids, you have much to achieve. I wish you the best in this life. Happy Birthday.
  • It’s your day, smile to the moon and it will smile back, count your blessings among the stars. Happy Birthday.
  • Celebrating another year is a reward for your hard work so far. Enjoy your day; I wish you the best.
  • You have come this far, you can never go back because you are meant for great things. A bright future awaits you, Happy Birthday.
  • Your commitment to your goals is amazing, your diligence and doggedness are admirable. Keep pushing. Happy Birthday, friend.
  • May you have a blissful career, successful marriage and an overall wonderful life ahead. Happy Birthday!
  • Ever since you were young, you have shown nothing but determination, excellence and stupendous work attitude. Now that you are a man, you haven’t changed a lot. Happy Birthday.
  • Men are of different types; some are calm, some are funny, while others are hotheaded. You are just one of the best possessing an awesome personality. Happy Birthday.
  • This day comes once a year, enjoy it to the fullest. I wish you happiness and joy that never end. Happy Birthday.
  • Every lady loves to have a man around, because wherever there is a man, there is an assurance for safety. I’m happy to have you as my man. Happy Birthday man.
  • A home is good but not the same without a man, because the man is the head of the house whether he’s rich or poor. Happy Birthday man. Enjoy your day.
  • Some ladies often say that they are better off without a man, they only say that because they haven’t found the man designed for them. True men are men indeed. Happy Birthday man.
  • Today is a special day because it is your birthday. Put a smile on your face, have fun and remember that you have more to achieve in the future. Happy Birthday.
  • Today is a memorable day in history. It’s the day where a king was born. Happy Birthday my friend, may you achieve all your heart desires.
  • You are a good man with a good heart. I hope you achieve all the things you desire. May this day open up new opportunities for you. Happy Birthday.
  • It’s your birthday, close your eyes, make a wish and the angels will be available to grant them to you. Happy Birthday dear friend. Enjoy the best things in life.

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