Birthday Wishes for Cats

If you are a cat lover, you will agree that cats are not only the best pets to keep around, but they are also the cutest and most adorable creatures man has ever had. They are furry and cute and are good company. Whenever their birthdays come up, it is nice to give them a little message, even though they won’t get what you mean, but I bet they will.

Happy Birthday to the cutest cat ever.

Appreciate your adorable fur ball, your sweet cat, on its birthday with these cute and amazing messages just for them. Here are messages you can read to your kitty:

Birthday Wishes for Pet Cat

  • No doubt that you are the best of your kind. Happy Birthday cutie. Keep growing and keep mewing.
  • You have brought a lot of good things into my world, you don’t only bring me comfort, but you send my foes away, those creeping rats that disturb me every time. Happy Birthday cat.
  • Happy birthday to the most amazing cat I have ever had the pleasure of keeping as a pet. I love you so much kitty and hope that you may live longest.
  • Sometimes I don’t like your arrogance but your cuteness makes me crazy. I cannot do anything to you except loving you more and more. Happy Birthday, my charming cat.
  • Happy Birthday cute cat. I can’t stop loving you even in your silliness. You mean so much to me.
  • If I have authority to recommend the noble prize on universal sound figuring out harmony, I will definitely stand for your purr. Have a wonderful birthday my dearest pet cat.
  • Your skin is so soft and I feel it every time you are around me, I can’t feel comfortable with any minute spent away from you. Happy Birthday cat.
  • I heard you are going to London very soon to see the queen my pussy cat. Remember to take me along with you. Happy Birthday cute little cat.
  • So gentle, so cute and so charming, how I wish you can turn to a human and become my best friend, because you have every attribute a good friend can have. Happy Birthday lovely cat.
  • You have been so helpful by catching all the mice around the house. Never did I think after catching all the mice, you will catch my birds. Shame but all the same Happy Birthday.
  • When I hear the sounds of your meows, it puts smiles on my face. When I see those cute winks you give, I feel that touch of love. It’s just me saying, Happy Birthday Kitty.
  • Hey! You are too stubborn at times but you have been the best friend I have had in a long time. I cherish your sweet ginger patterns. Enjoy this mouse cake and Happy Birthday.
  • Your mew is so pleasing to my hearing, its sound triggers a sense of joy that flows from within me. I hope we’ll have many more good time together. Happy Birthday my pet.
  • Happy Birthday cute cat, all of your tricks are amazing to witness, the way you jump up in excitement when I come back from work makes me happy. Happy Birthday cute cat.
  • Your cuddle delights me most of the time. I really love you so much. Happy Birthday kitty katty.
  • Happy Birthday precious kitty, I wonder what you would do today your birthday, unlike us that can drink and party all night long on our special day. But I do hope you enjoy it.
  • Happy Birthday my most loyal companion, I do hope you enjoy today in every possible way, even if it’s to mew for the whole day, you know I’ll allow that. Happy Birthday cute cat.
  • Your body is so refreshing and soothing, I hope I can have you to myself all day and all night, but my aunt won’t allow that because she loves you too. Happy Birthday cute cat.
  • Sometimes you act silly and I seem not to understand you, and sometimes you show all of your emotions by coming close and giving a sign that you need cuddling. Happy Birthday my awesome cat.
  • Your simplicity is of the highest order, because you are so gentle and meek, always willing to cuddle with me. You are a different type of your kind. Happy Birthday!
  • Everything about you is admirable, the way you sit, the way you walk, I’m sure if you could talk, your speech will be a pleasant one. Happy Birthday Cutie.
  • You are the type of creature that can walk on any path, you taught me a great lesson through that. Happy Birthday beautiful cat of mine.
  • You taught me by your deeds that life is not a bed of rose, that we should absorb anything that comes our way and learn from them. Happy Birthday cutie.
  • Life is too short not to have a close pal that we can often embrace, you are my own cool pal and I am happy you’ve never stopped loving me too. Happy Birthday kitty.

You're the most amazing cat. Happy Birthday, Kitty!

  • It’s so beautiful isn’t it, that every lady wants to emulate you in their walk, you are such a great example. Happy Birthday cat.
  • The time I spend with my cat is never wasted. I love to enjoy and play with you. Happy Birthday kitty!
  • Whenever you take a nap in my lap and circling around my feet, your soft silky furs gives me an amazing feeling. Happy Birthday my cute kitty.
  • Some think cats are ordinary, but I consider you as a family, because I learn so much from you, you have no worries other than to eat, sleep, mew and purr. Happy Birthday kitty katty.
  • There is this genuine comfort I feel when you lay down on my lap, you are such a divine creature and your kind should be thoroughly cared for. Happy Birthday my awesome pet.
  • Happy Birthday to the cat which has the cutest mewing and the finest furs. Enjoy your ball.
  • Although you make a fuss in my home, intrude in kitchen stuff and spread filth in my room, I have no other option but to love you. Have a wonderful birthday cute cat.
  • Just because of your ultimate cuteness and naughty acts, I hold you in my hands to kiss you. A very Happy Birthday my lovely pet cat, we spend a great time together.
  • You have a good sense of smelling, you always get frightened from our neighbor’s dog, you love to take milk and chicken. Happy Safe Birthday to you kitty.
  • You are my good companion, my playing stuff and a good time pass. May you live with me forever and never leave me. Have a wonderful birthday, my honey cat.
  • You are an antidepressant for me. Whenever I’m in stress or feeling anxious, I just start to play with my pet cat and gradually my courage comes back to me and I feel cheerful again. Happy Birthday, my dear cat.
  • You are not just a cat for me, you are the best toy with whom I play, and you are the best companion with whom I share my life as you are my lovely cat. Have a great time together, Happy Birthday.
  • You are the best gift of my life I have ever received, you make me laugh, brighten my life, get snuggled with me and love me unconditionally. You are sweet pet cat. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  • You are my cute, adorable, smart and intelligent pet cat. I love your adventures and cuddling. I really enjoy with you and feel happy. Have a wonderful birthday, my kitty.
  • Your cute face and beautiful appearance always attract me towards you and your friendly behavior make you socialize everywhere. My love for you will always be nurtured. Happy Birthday.
  • Do you know what makes me feel safe at the morning? It’s your meow! Happy Bday my cute cat.
  • Your cute eyes, curious expressions, and pleasing purring voice enthrall me and other members of my family as they are not the pet lovers, but they do love you a lot. Wishing a wonderful birthday at our home.
  • Your cuteness, smartness, and intelligence compel me to love you more than anyone else. You are such a master toy for me and my kids. Happy Birthday my lovely kitty.
  • In fact, making a fun fuss at my home and your curious and comic acts are more engaging and interesting than watching a comedy movie. May you live a long healthy life – Happy Birthday.
  • I just love the moment when you feel extreme laziness and stretch your legs mightily then slowly, do a catwalk, come to me and take a nap on my lap that is so amazing. You are my sweet cat. Have a fabulous birthday.
  • You were my first preference; when I saw you in the pet house, your long silky hairs, white complexion, cute green eyes, playful and adventurous nature attracted me and forced me to love you. Wishing you the wonderful birthday, my lovable pet cat.
  • My cat is my favorite pet; it’s very affectionate and engages in the naughty acts. I love my pet cat a lot – have a blasting birthday bash.
  • You are the best pet ever, I got you when you were just a kitten and I have had so many days of your loyalty and grace. I love you kitty, Happy Birthday.
  • Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you, I know I am not an easy person to live with but your companionship means the world to me. Here is to more amazing days with you my cat. Happy Birthday.
  • You are my closest friend, your purrs and playfulness make me happy that I get to spend another cat year with you hopefully, Happy Birthday my cat.
  • My cat is turning older, and it still has that grim on its face, growing old isn’t a bad thing kitty; I get to be with you and you with me, may you have many birthdays ahead.
  • Happy Birthday kitty, you are the most amazing partner I’ve ever had, you make my days worthwhile and I cannot imagine a home without your cuteness, enjoy today, I will make you something special.
  • To my little Garfield, I know you hate Mondays, I know you love milk and being lazy, what I love most though is that you choose to be all that around me. Have a hearty birthday kitty, and you are amazing.
  • My gangster cat gets to enjoy another year with me; I hope we last forever, for you are the companion I cannot live without. I love you kitty, have a great birthday!
  • It’s your birthday my dear cat, I get to make you feel like a little king, and here is your kingdom, I celebrate you today and hope for many more years with you. Happy Birthday!
  • You are my best friend, the one I can always come home to and feel loved by. You make me happy and I don’t know how I could ever repay that. Have a great birthday kitty.
  • You are the cutest creature I have ever met, you make me happy by just looking at your playful nature. May this birthday bring more for you. Happy Birthday kitty.
  • You make me happy, glad and more alive, I love the way you cuddle up close to me and show me care. Happy birthday dear kitty, may you have a million more.
  • Happy Birthday kitty, you are my super cat and I love you to the moon and back. Live more years for I love to spend time with you.
  • My cute cat is growing older, I love that I get to share these moments with you, you are practically part of the family. I hope you enjoy your birthday.
  • Kitty, may you have a whole lot more years in my life, I can’t imagine life without you, and you are the best thing to ever happen to me.
  • Happy birthday kitty!!! I love you. May this birthday give you health, happiness and a whole lot of mice.
  • Another year with you kitty, that is more than I could ever hope for, I am grateful for you and wish you many more years so that I could have you close. Selfish I know but you mean a lot to me kitty. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to my beautiful little cat whose name spells out as CAT – Charming Amazing and Tenderhearted. Enjoy your special day with some milk, I know you love that.
  • I wish I will have the privilege to give unto someone someday the kind of attention I give to you. Happy Birthday my precious cat, hope you do have a fun filled day.
  • Kitty katty ohh you are so cute, I hope I can have a kid as cute as you, Happy Birthday my able companion, I wish maximum joy today for you.
  • Kitty, you are the naughtiest, laziest but still the most adorable pet I have ever had. You make me smile by just looking at you. Have a Happy Birthday kitty, to many more years together.
  • I always come home to your purrs and the cute way you rub against my leg, you make coming home feel amazing for I have someone to come home to. You are my most prized possession and I love you kitty. Happy Birthday!!
  • Happy Birthday my cat, may you have many more years with me so I can pet you, feed you and love you. I celebrate you kitty.

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