85 Ways to Wish your Son a Happy Birthday

Although raising a guy is not easy, having a son is a great blessing. Every parent wants to be close to their children, so celebrating your son on his birthday is a great way that can do a great change. As you watch him grow up day after day, so you can find the perfect words for him on this special day.

Happy Birthday to the coolest son. Best Wishes!

Send out a birthday message to your son, that speaks out what you really feel and mean with words never to be forgotten. Luckily, here are some sweet and funny wishes you can choose from for your son.

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Here are some sincere and heartfelt messages for your son on his birthday.

  • Happy Birthday, Son! The party has already begun.
  • Can I tell you something on your special day? I would never ask for a better son; your uniqueness makes you the best.
  • Happy Birthday, Son! Let’s have fun.

Happy Birthday, Son! Let's have fun.

  • Happy Birthday to my little candle that lights up my way to the future.
  • From a little naughty boy to a handsome man. Happy Birthday to the best son ever!
  • A sweet birthday to the sweetest little hero in the world. I love you.
  • I’ve been waiting you for many years, so my love for you is unbelievable. Have an incredible birthday.
  • When you were born, there was a sense of eternal relief that rained down on me. You’re an amazing son.
  • Who could ever be so funny and stubborn at the same time except my boy. Your life is beautiful to watch. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • Son, it’s another celebration with you; this is surely a blessing. Do you know how wonderful it’s to see you grow up fast?
  • Happy Birthday to my dear son, who has a big heart that never shrinks.
  • Seeing a kid running and playing with their parents reminds me of our sweet memories together. Have a splendid birthday and enjoy.
  • Happy Birthday to our handsome son. Don’t ever forget that I’m always proud of you.

Happy Birthday to the best son ever.

  • If we did a lot for you, you did more for us. You are the best gift to us, son. Happy Birthday!
  • When you were young, your big dream was flying to the sky. Can you tell me what’s your big dream now?
  • Happy Birthday, my lovely boy! Now, smile and enjoy.
  • Wishing fantastic days to you, my little child.
  • Another year passes; I’m happy to see you grow in front of my eyes. Enjoy today, honey.
  • My friends always talk about your success. Happy Birthday to my wonderful son!
  • Happy Birthday to the guy who is the reason behind my smile every morning. Don’t look around; I’m talking about you, son.
  • Can you save my message? One day, you will need to read it again and again to know how much I love you. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • Happy Birthday, Son! The day you came into my life is the most wonderful day ever.
  • I’m the parent of the most wonderful son in the world. You are true and honest, and I hope you grow older with those traits. My sincerest wishes.
  • The only one I ask God to be better than me is you. You’re my precious boy.
  • My son, take heed to my words: the life you wanna have is at your fingertips, so never relent in trying, and keep taking actions towards it, but don’t forget to have fun.
  • All parents pray for their children to grow up fast that they sometimes forget to live like they should. I’m glad you’re growing fast, and I’m living fine too.
  • I live for only one purpose – for you and for making a good guy from you. Happy Birthday to you, baby!

Happy Birthday, Son!

  • Congratulations on growing up to be the son I dreamt of having. You always deserve the best.
  • Lord brought such an amazing guy into my life. Happy Birthday, my great son!
  • My life lacked joy for a long time, but that ended the day you were born. Happy Birthday, my joy!
  • Son, as you are a year older, may the blessings that you’ve desired for come running at you. Enjoy your wonderful day!
  • I may not be worth looking up to, but you are worth being proud of. I love you, son. Have a unique birthday!
  • I’m happy I have one of those special kids God dropped few years ago. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • Happy Birthday to my son who is the best among his friends and colleagues.
  • Sending my best wishes to my cool boy; anyone with eyes can tell that you will be among the best.
  • Happy Birthday to the world’s best son, from the world’s luckiest parent.
  • My son, you came to this life for a reason; try to know it and work hard for it.
  • Today, I raise a glass to the birthday of the most important man in my life, my precious son.
  • Happy Birthday to a son whose bright mind makes him a very special son.
  • My son is turning [Number]!! WOW! You finally did it. Get ready to be the future man.
  • Happy Birthday, Son! Your life is not far from being perfect, and I’m sure you will do it.

Happy Birthday, Son! You're a gift to my world.

  • I hope that starting from today, you’ll never be the same again, because the glory of God will fill every void in your life. Enjoy your day of glory.
  • I wish this son the best; a better home than mine, a better partner and a better life. Happy Birthday!
  • When I remember everyone left my life, I also remember I still have the best of them. Have a superb birthday, son.
  • Whether your birthday will open new doors for you or not, I will always be here for you, son. Don’t worry about anything.
  • Happy Birthday to the boy who is still trying to be taller than me. In your dreams, baby.
  • Finally, that’s the perfect picture of the real man. Congrats!
  • Happy Birthday, Son! Let’s discuss how the party will be thrown.
  • I’m wishing you bountiful heavenly blessings on your birthday, because God has given me mine, by adding you to my family.
  • On your special day, sending you a special thank-you message for never disappointing me.


Here are some funny birthday messages for your son.

  • Happy Birthday to the boy who made me a professional diaper changer.

Happy Birthday to the boy who made me a professional diaper changer.

  • My best wishes to the coolest son ever, regardless being a noisy boy to our neighbors.
  • I pray that no mischief will ever come nigh you, even if you’re the one who brings it.
  • Your birthday reminds me of when we dressed you up in a girl’s dress. This never failed to make me laugh.
  • My dear son has not only grown taller than giraffe, he also did a lot of enviable things such as being a year older today.

From Mom

Helpful ways for a mother to wish her son a happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to my son who always takes care of me.
  • All birthday greetings to Mama’s Boy!
  • You made me a proud mother, and all I can wish you is an amazing celebration.
  • Happy Birthday, Son, from your sweet mom.

Happy Birthday, Son! From your sweet mom.

  • Sending you lots of little kisses to fit your cute face.
  • Here we go again! Let’s remember the day I was pregnant with the world’s coolest son.
  • I can’t forget the days when you couldn’t sleep at night without mom’s cuddling. You’ll always be my sweet baby.
  • No feeling can be stronger than that of a mother to her son; you changed my world when you came into it. Happy Birthday, son! I love you forever.
  • All sing, It’s my naughty son’s birthday. My warm wishes to the boy who was always breaking the kitchen utensils.
  • Happy Birthday, Son! May our life together as mother and son continue to be love filled.
  • A super-duper son is growing up fast. How cool!

From Dad

Young or old, every son needs to hear from his Dad. Here are some birthday messages from a father to a son.

  • Happy Birthday, Son! You’ve always been my support, thank you!
  • If I was half the guy you are, I would really be proud of myself. Happy Birthday, cool guy!
  • Deepest wishes to the guy who takes care of things in my absence.

Happy Birthday, my dear son! Your father is always proud of you.

  • The joy of every father is to have a son that looks like him and perhaps better. I’m happy that you are as handsome as Dad. Happy Birthday!
  • Congrats, son, on growing up fast; that means less trouble and more maturity.
  • Can I give you a piece of advice on your special day? Time is like money, so exploit your time in precious things you will be proud of finishing. Happy Birthday to you.
  • You couldn’t say “papa” 10 years ago, now, you can play football like mini Ronaldo. Happy Birthday to my strong son.
  • Happy Birthday, Son! Remember that you have to build your future well by using your energy in useful things.
  • You don’t know how happy I was when I heard you say “papa” for the first time. Sending you my best wishes.
  • On this special day, I need to tell you something. Father and son relationship is soothing; I enjoyed it with my father, and I’m enjoying it with you, my son. Happy Birthday!
  • Whenever I look at you, I see a picture of myself many years back as a growing young man.

Happy Birthday, Son!


On your stepson’s birthday, surprise him by one of these messages.

  • WOW! My stepson took a giant step today. Happy Birthday!
  • A special greeting to an incredible man whom I call my stepson.
  • Happy Birthday, Son! Thanks for being with us.

Happy Birthday, Son! Thanks for being with us.

  • Happy Birthday, Dear Stepson! I have a surprise for you, just as you surprise me every day.
  • Congrats, stepson! I hope your birthday brings you as much joy as you bring into my life.
  • You have to know that our biological barrier will never stop me from saying I love you. Happiest of birthdays, stepson!
  • Happy Birthday to the beautiful gift life gave me in the form of a stepson.
  • Knowing you was a coincidence, but celebrating your birthday is a great blessing. Happy Birthday, my wonderful stepson!

Happy Birthday to the best son in this world.

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