Birthday Wishes for Stepdad

Stepdads are the men who step into our lives to guide us, if your father is dead, they are there to reignite the joy in your lives, if not, and he is only there to stand in until your dad comes around. One thing is for sure though; stepdads are selfless beings who come into our lives to fill the void once left. They are angels not devils. When it comes to their birthday, it is always good to remind them.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Sending your stepdad a little birthday message of love and appreciation will surely put a smile on his face. Here are some messages you can send to your step dad to remind him that he means the world to you:

Birthday Greeting Messages for Stepdad

  • The figure of a father is really important in the life of a young girl growing up, thanks for being there at the crucial stages of my life. Happy Birthday Step-dad, I’m so appreciative.
  • I thought it was all gone, all the care I got from my father, my life was taking another form, but your presence brought back all I had lost. Happy Birthday Step-dad. I love you.
  • My life is an interesting one, having two fathers alive is really exciting, but the best is the one I’m presently staying with which is you. :) Happy Birthday Step-dad.
  • You were around for me even when no one else was. It doesn’t matter that you are a stepfather because I consider you my dad. Happy Birthday!
  • I don’t envy your position as a stepfather. I know at first I was way too difficult that you almost lost your mind. But you kept your patience with me. I appreciate it, father. Happy Birthday!
  • If my real father was still here, I’m sure I wouldn’t have more love for him than I do for you. Happy Birthday my great dad.
  • Dear stepfather, you have chosen an interesting role in my life but you were just unbelievable awesome. Happy Birthday! Thanks for being so cool.
  • You are one of the most influential people in my life. You have taught me so much from your long life. We welcome you into this family with one of the best birthdays of all time. Happy Birthday, dear father!
  • Stepfather, you came into my life and have been around more than most. They say that life is truly unpredictable and it seems to be the case with you. Happy Birthday, daddy!
  • Happy Birthday, step father. I was excited to meet you when I kept hearing all these stories about you. I have enjoyed meeting you and seen what all the hype was. You are more than OK in my book. You’re a great father!
  • How can I possibly show you the love and gratitude I feel within? You are the best stepdad anyone could ask for, you don’t replace, you instead make new. Happy Birthday!
  • At first, I was very hesitant to want to accept that you were going to be around. I guess I just used to people leaving. But you didn’t leave. You stayed with us and for that I love you. Happy Birthday!
  • You have surely reignited the fire that was put out when our dad was away, thank you for being such an amazing stepdad. Happy Birthday!!
  • Happy Birthday, step father! May you have a year filled with success and joy! Let’s party!
  • People would make fun of me because they said I didn’t have a father. But now I got one that is cooler than most dads around. Happy Birthday, stepdad. Let’s make memories happen.
  • You would think that one would be able to guess who would become a huge figure in their life. Well, you certainly came out of left field but I appreciate it nonetheless. Happy Birthday, stepdad. You are the best around and I hope to continue this relationship my handsome dad.
  • Stepfather, you didn’t have to become my dad but you did anyway. You didn’t have to deal with me being a headache but you did anyway. Thanks for not giving up. Happy Birthday!
  • You are one of the best around. Not many people have a heart of gold like yours. You are easily stronger than most by a long shot. Happy Birthday, stepdad. You will have a new family that will love you just the same.
  • I am so happy to have you as my stepfather. You are one of the best men around. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear stepdad, I promise that on your birthday I will be one of the most well behaved kids of all time. Just don’t expect it all the time. Have a great day father.
  • Happy Birthday stepdad. You are one of the coolest dads around. I’m glad you have no problem with me calling you dad. I think you deserve it.
  • To my stepfather, you should know that at first I didn’t want to like you. But I cannot deny you have won me over. You are way better than I could have imagined and dreamed. Happy Birthday, stepfather. I am more than happy to have you in my family.
  • You are a great dad, I love you step dad, regardless of the circumstance that brought us together. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Have a blast.
  • An angel was brought down from heaven just for me that is how you make me feel stepdad. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and may you enjoy the day as it comes. Be happy, dad!

Happy Birthday to my amazing dad!

  • I don’t have to worry, I see mum smile and I know you were right for the job. Have a great birthday, stepdad, please do enjoy yourself.
  • You always surprise me, bring in new things, build confidence in me and I know with you I know I have something to always look forward to. Have a wonderful birthday, stepdad.
  • It’s your birthday, stepdad, you make me happy and I never knew I would be so happy. I hope you get to enjoy your birthday and everything that comes with it.
  • How awesome are you, you make even the boringest of things seem cool. You are the coolest stepdad I know of, have a great birthday.
  • Cheers step dad, you are a great man and great men like you deserve a day to be recognized and showered with love. Do enjoy your birthday, dear.
  • I never thought life could be so fulfilling, you are a great man and I hope you do get to enjoy this day. I love you so much stepdad. Have a blast and Happy Birthday!!
  • I am proud of you step father, you stood up when every other man looked away. I hope you have a long and fulfilling life. Have a great birthday.
  • I cannot think of any more words that could tell you how much I appreciate having you in my life. It’s your birthday and I can only hope you get to enjoy each and every bit of the day. Have a grand day.
  • You are the only man that stood by us; I hope you know you are a great addition to us all. Have a blast stepdad. Happy Birthday!!
  • It’s your birthday, stepdad; I know you must have a lot planned out. I just want to take this chance to thank God for your life and to thank you for being part of us. Have a great time out today!! I hope you have a lot of fun.
  • You are my hero, my first love, I did not see my real father but as long as I have been conscious, I considered you as my father. You are the best dad ever, Happy Birthday!
  • How would my life be if you were not in it? Thank you, dad for everything you did for me and my mother. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, my dear step dad.
  • You are my peace, you are my comfort, and you are the only desire of my heart. You are my touchstone in this world, since I have got you as my step dad, my life has been adorned. Happy Birthday.
  • You have given me the new life otherwise; my life’s petals would probably smash. Only you deserve approbation and respect. Happy Birthday, my dearest stepdad.
  • It’s very hard to replace your beloved real dad to the stepdad, but your truthfulness, loyalty and patience impel to accept you as my dad. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
  • Our relation is sometimes like sunlight and heavy clouds, a feeling of indifference and animosity always arises, but despite the fact you are my stepdad, I wish you a Happy Birthday.
  • Dad, you are my inspiration, no matter you do not have much affection and devotion as I have in my heart. Have a joyful birthday, my dearest step dad.
  • Life was so difficult before you, but your arrival made our lives easy, painless and incredible. Happy Birthday, my dearest stepdad. We love you so much.
  • Happy Birthday to the most virtuous man as ever, whose principles and accountability are incredibly great. Happy Birthday my loving step dad.
  • I couldn’t get the color of your eye nor the Rh factor of blood, but one thing I received from you, how to live happy in hard situations. Happy Birthday, my dearest stepdad. You are the best!
  • Just want to propel the birthday wishes, present, and love on your way, you are always occupied a space in my thoughts. Happy Birthday, sweet stepdad.
  • Our relation does not owe to genetics. It just needs the pleasure of love, devotion, respect, and responsibilities. Happy Birthday, dear father. Keep smiling!
  • I am very glad and grateful to you that you made my mum’s life as heavens; she found every bliss and happiness in your shade. Thanks, dad and Happy Birthday!
  • Dad, you made my all dreams come true, you never differentiated between me and your own kids. Thank you dad for being so nice with me. Happy Birthday!
  • You filled the sunshine of your love in our darkened lives. You are responsible of us till the last breath. Happy Birthday, my dearest step father.
  • Relations are all about love, you and I are connected with the bond of love, emotions, and sympathy. Your presence made my life complete, I always missed a father but now no more. Happy Birthday, my loving dad.
  • Your support and assistance at every step of life feels me proud that I have the diamond that no one else has. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, my world’s best step dad.
  • It’s an honor and tribute for me to celebrate the birthday of that person, who is one in thousands, if he wasn’t in our lives, our lives would get a move towards deterioration. Happy Birthday, my great step dad.
  • Thank God that I met you earlier in my life in the form of my great step dad. You act like the best mentor and advisor in this universe. If I had another life, I would keep choosing you as my father. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Having a father is something you can’t buy, a precious thing you can’t create. It’s the gift of God everyone having it should be so thankful. Praying for God to protect my stepdad as he’s a real dad to me. Have a wonderful birthday, fantastic father.

Powerful Birthday Wishes for Stepdad

  • I’m not sad or angry for having stepdad. Having you as my step father is a priceless thing I appreciate with every piece of my heart. You make me feel that my real father is still here. Have an amazing birthday, papa!
  • Maybe not every step son loves their step dad, but I’m so sure I’m very different to everyone because I love you so much than you could ever imagine. Happy Birthday to you step dad.
  • No one loves to see their parents get divorced, even though it was hard for me at first, it ended up being the best because I gained the support of an awesome step dad. Happy Birthday daddy.
  • I might not call you every day or choose to cuddle around you when I’m around, but you know if my mom is happy, it’s because of you. Happy Birthday step-dad, I appreciate you.
  • Playing football with you reminds me with the best moments I spent with my real father. You did for me more than he did. You care and protect me. Have a Happy Birthday, my cool stepdad.
  • Every day I ask myself, what if my mother chose another person, would I be that happy son? I think no. I just want you to be my step father who can direct and teach me. Happy Birthday, my great dad.
  • There is no step exists between us, you are my super dad and I am your cool daughter. Have a stunning birthday, my sweet dad!
  • To my stepfather, you have picked me up many times when I was down. You have provided support and did an awesome job being a dad. Happy Birthday! You are the best! I appreciate it.
  • Let us have some fun today stepdad. I know that we don’t always see eye to eye but let this be a day that we can enjoy. Happy Birthday, father! It would be a ton of fun.
  • Happy Birthday, stepdad! My mom always spoke so highly of you before I met you. After meeting you, I can see why she loved you. Enjoy your special day. You have a new family who loves you.
  • My mother is step to your sons and you are step to me. Thinking of my mother as a step one makes me feel that all step parents are cute and great. You proved that to me as a unique stepdad. Happy Birthday, father!
  • I hope you enjoy this day step father; you are a man I can surely look up to. You deserve the very best on your birthday, papa, I hope you get it.
  • Maybe I’m wrong when I guess that you have grown up in the haven of a stepdad, but I can’t find another reason for your kindness with your stepsons. I hope you have a birthday as cool as you are to me.
  • On your birthday, we will see a group of great people celebrating you. Your friends and relatives are all respectable just like you, so your birthday will take different style. Enjoy, papa!

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