Lovely Birthday Wishes for Wife

They say that who finds a good wife, finds a good home. Women are vessels that should be appreciated, looked up to and adored. Meeting the girl of your dreams is a blessing, marrying her is fate, and growing old together is the happiest thing that a man can ever experience. When your wife’s birthday comes around, appreciate her with a message she will never forget.

Happy Birthday, darling!

Luckily, below are some messages you can send to your wife on her special day to show her how much you adore her, and can’t live without her. Use one of these birthday wishes for a never seen before result.

Romantic / Funny / Pregnant

Sweet & Romantic

Here are some sweet and romantic messages for a wife celebrating her birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to the best wife of this universe.
  • Every man can marry, but not all can find the wonderful woman. Have a special day, my wonderful wife.
  • Sending you countless packs of kisses on your birthday.

Happy Birthday to the best wife ever.

  • Life is hard and full of obstacles, but being with the sweetest lady can make everything easy. Best wishes to the world’s best wife.
  • If all women are as supportive to their men as you are to me, then life will be awesome. Have an awesome birthday.
  • As we met many hurdles to be together, we must live every good moment as it deserves. Here’s your birthday brings a new day for love and wishes. I love you, great woman.
  • Wishing you a white day like your heart, pink balloons like your lips, and shiny candles like your eyes.
  • The happiest birthday to the wife who took my hand to build a family. You deserve the greatest of everything.
  • My dreams were shattered when nothing was working, but then you accidentally came into my life. My life wouldn’t have taken shape without you.
  • Preparing a nice present for you makes me confused about if you will love it or not. Hope you will. Love you!
  • If your hug is a prison, so goodbye, freedom. Happy Birthday, my cool wife.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! I love you.

  • One strong hug + Ten kisses = my present to you on your birthday. is it enough?
  • Building a new house needs some bricks, building a new friendship needs time, but building your picture in my heart was momentary. Love you!
  • If birthdays wonderment depends on how beautiful the person is, you will have the most wonderful day. Enjoy, sweetheart!
  • The tongue doesn’t say every word we feel. I have many feelings, but can’t express all to you. Happy Birthday, my pretty wife.
  • You are the oxygen I breathe, and the cause I’m still alive for. Happy Birthday, Darling!
  • The wind can easily blow out candles, but nothing can turn our passion off. A lovely birthday to my lovely wife.
  • Happy Birthday, my amazing wife! I’m so grateful for the love you give me every day.
  • All can just wish you a happy birthday, but I can’t do that without a special hug and three more words. I LOVE YOU!
  • A superb birthday to the woman who gave the world [number] years of beauty. Love you!
  • When we first met, you didn’t believe that I love you enough to be your life support. Now, I hope you changed this idea to know how much I really adore you, sweetheart.
  • Sweetest wishes to the sweetest wife, whose beauty is sharp like a knife.

Happy Birthday to my wife, whose beauty is sharp like a knife.

  • Because you gave me everything needed for a glamorous life, I wanna wish you the coolest things in life. Enjoy your day extraordinarily.
  • Happy Birthday to my wife who is, luckily, my best friend as well.
  • I thank God for giving us one more year together. I hope I live hundreds of years with you.
  • You’ve always been my fine resort in this world. Thanks for being with me, loving me, and most of all for being born.
  • I’ve been encountering good things all my life because I found you, honey. On your great day, I wish you the joy that your heart desires.
  • As you teach me the meaning of life, I will teach you the meaning of celebrating. Have a happy one!
  • You are the light that makes my life brighter. Can you keep doing this?
  • Maybe it seems to you that I’m the last one who cares for your birthday, but I’ve been thinking of you all the day. The happiest of birthdays to my sweet wife.
  • My sincerest wishes to my Number One Lady.
  • We have grown so fond of each other, so I hope we continue to live in joy, happiness and prosperity. I love you.
  • I’m blessed to have such a beautiful and supportive life partner. I wish you the true happiness on your birthday.
  • I waited your birthday to give you a very little part of what you gave to my heart. You make me always happy.
  • Are you are a real human or an angel? It’s just weird when you think. Happy Birthday, Angel!
  • A beautiful wife, a strong mother, and the cutest kid ever when she needs something from her husband. Happy Birthday, my girl!


Here are some funny birthday messages for your wife.

  • Happy Birthday to the wife of the most handsome man ever.

Happy Birthday to the wife of the most handsome man ever.

  • [number] years old and still cute! I’m sure this makeup is still working.
  • With balloons and gifts, I remind you that you are married now; some birthdays need a special gifting. My deepest wishes to my naughty wife!
  • To my wife who owes me much, I couldn’t get you a gift this time to be even. Don’t get mad, please.


Here are some messages from a husband to his pregnant wife.

  • Happy Birthday to the cutest balloon I have ever seen.
  • Best wishes to the mother of the future baby. I LOVE YOU!
  • Pregnant and cute! How can this be possible! Enjoy your day, cutie.
  • Get ready, we will celebrate at one of the best restaurants; our coming baby will love it. Happy Bday, darling!

If your wife is in her early thirties, we got you covered, here are some 30th, 31st and 32nd birthday wishes.

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