Birthday Wishes and Greetings for Niece

Birthday Wishes for Niece

Children grow up to be outstanding adults if raised appropriately. When we were kids, we may have some other adults in our life that played a role in taking care of us and teaching us. Some of these adults may have been a friend, our grandparents, our aunts or uncles. Now that you are older you may have a niece in your life. It’s time to do what our uncles and aunts did for us when we were younger. It’s time to give back. Birthday Wishes for your niece is the best way to show how happy your are for her birthday.

Best Birthday Wishes for Niece

  • Your beauty is more valuable than any form of ornaments given to the Queen of any land. Few queens can stand beside you. Happy Birthday queen niece. Enjoy your new day and new year.
  • I hope the most important people in your life continue to be available for you when you need them, and no evil can confront them. Happy Birthday niece!
  • Those who dream most, often get to nowhere, no matter how sweet their dream is, those who do most will always be ahead. Be a doer niece. Happy Birthday to you.
  • If I could capture a moment in time, it would be when you first learned you had an aunt/uncle. You were so happy and full of life that nobody could ever make me forget that big grin on your face. I love you my niece. Happy Birthday!
  • There are millions of people all over the world. However, no one will ever be my niece. Happy Birthday to a rare beauty.
  • It may come to a surprise but I’ve kept an eye on you to make sure you were growing into the wonderful woman I knew you would. If you would have never done that, I would have come back and grounded you so hard, you would have forgotten what the outside world looked like. I just love you my niece. Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Niece!

Happy Birthday Niece!


  • I will protect you from each and every harm that comes your way. I love you a lot baby, never forget that. Happy Birthday, niece.
  • I will try to spend as much time as I can with my gorgeous niece, may distance never separate our bond. I love you darling. Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you the very best in this life. May all the beauty of this world follow the cool niece all the days of her life. Happy Birthday!
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  • You are a nice little girl, strong in heart and brave in action. I hope you grow to be a strong and lovable woman. Happy Birthday, niece.
  • Loving you is easy, taking care of you is duty but being able to see you grow is a blessing. Happy Birthday, sweet niece. May you have a blast!
  • Thank you for every little smile you put on my face. You make my days happy, I appreciate everything you do. Happy B-day, niece.



Birthday Wishes for Niece From Uncle

  • I never realized what it meant to be an uncle until you were born. You gave me an incredible gift that you will never understand until it happens to you. Till then I’ll give you the best example I can. Happy Birthday my niece.
  • Don’t ever forget about your uncle. If anyone makes you sad, come to me, unless it’s your mom or dad. Then that’s a different story. But either way, Happy Birthday my niece!
  • Oh so you say I’m an old man? Well, this old man has some old words for your very young ears. Listen up and listen well. A woman will have many tests in her life. One thing you should never lose, it’s how you show respect to your parents and how you learn from your mother. They love you more than you can ever know. Enjoy with them. Happy Birthday!
  • Your dad talks so much about you. You have no idea how highly he speaks of you. You may not know this about your father but he doesn’t speak like that with just anyone. So whatever you are doing, keep it up. You are only going to go to great places. Happy Birthday my niece.
  • My cute niece, the next time your naughty brother fights with you… You can easily say, stop it, or I will call my uncle! 🙂 Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Oh my niece, you are sometimes such a little brat. But you are my niece. So that being said, you are lucky to have a cool uncle. Happy Birthday niece.
Happy BIRTHDAY! Have a good day sweetie.

Happy BIRTHDAY! Have a good day sweetie.


Birthday Wishes for Niece From Aunt

  • You have given many a scare with some of your wild moments. We were told for the longest time that seeing kids grow up has many moments of fear and anxiety. But we always came out on top and happy that you have grown. Happy Birthday my naughty niece.
  • I’ve played a part in making sure you were raised right and grew up well. I remember watching you play with your dolls and acting like a little princess. I remember you tried very hard to make sure all your dolls got tea because you were such a gracious host. You pick up well from my sister. I’m glad to have seen you grow up into a wonderful woman. Happy Birthday my niece.
  • I’m happy to have you by my side. I will give you everything I never got in life and more. I love you like my daughter. Happy Birthday, niece.
  • I’m happy to have you in my life. I get a little girl I can show guidance to. I hope you grow to be a strong and selfless girl like your aunt. Happy Birthday!!!
  • Every piece of me is happy to have a cool niece in my life. I still learn through you. Happy Birthday dear!
  • Enjoy this day to the fullest, be brave, be courage and forever be yourself. You make me proud to be your aunty. I love you, Happy Birthday!
  • I know you are a lover of necklaces and precious jewelries. I promise to buy you the ones that will make you look like a queen. Happy Birthday niece, aunt misses you a lot.
Don't touch my niece's birthday cake.

Don’t touch my niece’s birthday cake.


Funny Birthday Wishes for Niece

  • You have been a mischievous child. I’m glad that some of my ways have been showing their impression on you. Let the world be scared if we ever came up with a plan. Happy Birthday my niece.
  • Did you know that your mom asked me once to change your diaper? I had to graciously deny. Consider that your birthday gift because you would have had a dirty bum. Happy Birthday my niece.
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  • I’m an old uncle/aunt, but I never forget that I used to spank you when you were little! 🙂 Happy Birthday honey!
  • Happy Birthday to the girl whom all boys are afraid of. 🙂 Keep being strong honey to kick them all.
Happy Birthday to the girl who loves butterflies.

Happy Birthday to the girl who loves butterflies.


Birthday Wishes for Niece Who Is Far Away

  • Even though the distance is so much between us, you’ve chosen to be the best friend to my daughter. You’re so kind-hearted, just like your mom. Happy Birthday niece.
  • Happy Birthday little one. As I watch you in the videos, I cannot help but be proud of the person you are today. I appreciate every little smile you put on my face. I love you.
  • Happy Birthday baby, you are an amazing little girl. I know I’m not always around but I will forever hold you in my heart.
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  • Happy Birthday dear, I know you will grow into a strong beautiful woman, I can know it from the way you take selfies. Keep  contacting me as I always miss you honey.
  • It’s your birthday and your uncle is going to have a special surprise for you. Now as long as mom and dad tell me you have been a perfect little angel then you will get your gift. Happy Birthday my niece.
Happy Birthday Niece!

Happy Birthday Niece!


1st Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 1

  • We have a new member to this family and I’m glad to be be your aunt/uncle. You will never be without someone who looks out for you my niece. Be always good to your family. Happy First Birthday my niece.
  • It’s the first time for me to say Happy Birthday Niece. Grow up baby.
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2nd Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 2

  • You are growing up so fast; I don’t want to miss a single moment of it. I love you so much. Happy 2nd Birthday, beautiful niece!
  • Two cute hands + two cute teeth = a cute niece trying to smile. Happy 2nd Birthday sweetie!
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Cuteness is a cute niece.

Cuteness is a cute niece.


3rd Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 3

  • I feel blessed to have this opportunity to share the birthday of the cutest 3-year-old baby. I love you a lot, niece. Happy Birthday!
  • Three years of feeling the pride of having the cutest niece in the world. Happy 3rd Birthday honey.
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4th Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 4

  • 4 years ago, I remember when my brother first told me that you were going to be born. We had it all planned out for you. Now that you are 4 years old, I’m always going to watch out for you. Don’t ever forget that my niece. Happy Birthday.
  • You were in my hands two years ago, but now you are in my heart and eyes. Happy Birthday my cute niece.
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Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday.


5th Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 5

  • I remember the first time you grasped my finger with your tiny little hand. I’ve seen you go from crawling to walking. It has been a joy to witness. Happy 5th Birthday my niece.
  • Thanks for being jovial like monkeys. You make all those around you glad. I hope you keep that part of you. Happy 5th Birthday, cutie.
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6th Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 6

  • My niece, you are the most precious little girl in my life. I love you a lot. Happy 6th Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl who always disturbs my Facebook messenger. 🙂 How many new stickers do you have this month?! Love you niece.
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Happy Birthday my beautiful niece.

Happy Birthday my beautiful niece.


7th Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 7

  • You will grow to be an amazing girl, I can see it in the way you study your lessons. I love you so much. May all good things fall on you. Happy 7th Birthday!
  • My little niece is growing up so fast, she’s now 7 years old. May you never miss a chance of making a memory. Happy Birthday, I love you!!
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10th Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 10

  • You are such a great student at school as all teachers say, so you deserve the best birthday honey. Happy 10th Niece.
  • You are a 10-year-old intelligent girl, you know what is wrong and avoid it. May you carry on with this spirit. I love you, Happy 10th Birthday!
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16th Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 16

  • You used to love doing those coloring books and drawing fancy pictures of princesses and princes. Now you are older and going to be a sweet young lady. Happy sweet 16th birthday!
  • You are young but your fierceness and bravery will help you through this journey. I hope my cute niece never loses her way. Happy 16th Birthday honey!!
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Happy BiRthDay!

Happy BiRthDay!


18th Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 18

  • it’ll be a dream come true for a lot of guys to talk to you now. 🙂 I hope you’ll keep them dreaming anyway. Happy Birthday pretty niece.
  • My little 18-year-old girl, there is still a lot you don’t know about this world, I hope I will be able to walk you through it all. Happy 18th Birthday niece, I love you.
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21st Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 21

  • You are creative, you have an imagination that is beyond this world. May you use that for good. Happy 21st Birthday, niece!
  • You are an amazing niece; I hope you carry your grace and big heart wherever you go. I hope you get all that is good in this life. Happy Birthday!! I love you!!!
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Happy Birthday my sweet niece!

Happy Birthday my sweet niece!


Cute Birthday Wishes For Niece

  • Happy Birthday dear, you are a little girl everyone is proud to be associated with. You will never lack love, support or anything you may need. I love you.
  • I hope you enjoy this day, and you know I will always be here for you. Happy Birthday to the best niece in the world!
  • For everything you make me feel, for all the days I will spend with you, I will forever be happy. I love you angel, Happy Birthday!!
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  • Happy Birthday princess, time for more candy, cakes and juice. I hope you have a very fantastic birthday. I love you, sweetheart.
  • You make each moment worth looking forward to. I love you sweetheart; you are the best thing to ever happen to us all. Happy Birthday!!
  • Happy Birthday angel, you are surely a gift from above. I love you and with each and every moment I spend with you, I feel lucky. Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


  • I already know that I’m going to hear stories about you without end. It’s going to be one of the most hilarious and maybe stressful times of my life. But I love you my dearest niece. Happy Birthday.
  • You are surely a piece of heaven, I’m proud of everything my niece is today. I love you sweetheart, may all your wishes come true today and each day of your life. Happy Birthday darling!!!
  • Though the past may be extremely bitter, there is every possibility of having a better tomorrow, your attitude towards it will play a big role. Happy Birthday cute niece. Have lots of fun.
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  • Finding your true purpose will contribute excessively to your happiness, you just do all you can to find the rightful purpose that will keep you going. Happy Birthday niece. Be blessed.
  • When you mix too much with the world’s system, they will find a way with their mediocrity to dilute your acute concentration. Be wise and keep growing strong. Happy Birthday pretty niece.
  • May your day be a true delight as you celebrate your birthday, sit back, relax and enjoy. Today is your day and it’s just all about you. Happy Birthday niece. Have a nice time.

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