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Smile, it’s your niece’s birthday. When we were young, we had many adults in our life who played a role in taking care of us. Some of these adults are our aunts and uncles. Now, you’re that cool uncle, and you’re that cute aunt, so you have to be ready for your niece’s birthday as she’s waiting the best from you.

Happy Birthday to the prettiest niece.

How can we celebrate a niece on her birthday? It’s time to do what our uncles and aunts have done for us. Birthday Wishes for your niece is the best way to show how happy your are for her sweet day.

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Want to show your love to your niece? Here are some heartfelt and sweet birthday messages for a niece.

  • Happy Birthday, Niece! Your beauty makes me live in peace.
  • There are millions of nieces all over the world. However, I have the best one. Happy Birthday to the best niece ever!
  • Happy Birthday to my niece who is the family’s masterpiece.

Happy Birthday to my niece who is the family's masterpiece.

  • Every piece of me is happy to have a cool niece in my life. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • WOW! My creative niece is celebrating another birthday! What should I do to make her happy?
  • Happy Birthday, my cute niece! There is still a lot you don’t know about this world, I hope I will be able to walk you through it all.
  • From the little girl who loved drawing fancy pictures of princesses, to a real princess. Happy Birthday to my charming niece!
  • Wishing the best for my special niece. I will never forget when my [brother/sister] first told me that you were going to be born. Love you.
  • Hey, sweetheart! Did I tell you before that I’m proud of having the cutest niece in the world?
  • Loving you is easy, taking care of you is a duty, but being able to see you grow up is a blessing. Have a sweet birthday, my sweet niece.
  • Can I say something? May all the beauty of this world follow this beautiful girl. My deepest wishes.
  • Happy Birthday, my gorgeous niece! May distance never separate our bond. I love you, darling.
  • I’ve kept an eye on you to make sure you’re growing into the wonderful woman I knew you would be. Happy Birthday, my wonderful niece!

Happy Birthday, Niece!

  • Happy Birthday to my niece who looks like a real queen!
  • I hope the most important people in your life continue to be available for you when you need them. Happy Birthday, niece!
  • If I could capture a moment in time, it would be when you first learned you had an [aunt/uncle]. You were so happy and full of life that nobody could ever make me forget that big grin on your face. I love you, my niece. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, amazing girl! I know I’m not always around, but I will forever hold you in my heart.
  • I know you will grow into a strong beautiful woman; I can know it from the way you take selfies. Happy Birthday, my precious niece!

Happy Birthday, Niece!


Make your niece smile by one of the following funny birthday messages.

  • Best wishes to the girl who always disturbs my Facebook Messenger. Anyway, love you, niece.

Best wishes to the girl who always disturbs my Facebook Messenger. Anyway, love you, niece.

  • Best birthday wishes to my niece who is getting prettier and prettier. Now, It’ll be a dream for a lot of guys to talk to you. Leave them dreaming anyway.
  • Do you know that your mom asked me once to change your diaper? I had to graciously deny. Consider that your birthday gift, because you would have had a dirty bum.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl whom all boys are afraid of. Keep being strong, honey.
  • Happy Birthday, Niece! You have been a mischievous girl. I’m glad that some of my ways have been showing their impression on you. Let the world be scared if we ever came up with a plan.
  • Your birthday reminds me of the one million scary moments you made when you were young. Happy Birthday, my naughty niece.

From Uncle

Here are some birthday wishes from uncle to niece.

  • Best birthday wishes to my niece who made me realize what it means to be an uncle; it’s an incredible gift.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl who is very lucky to have a very cool uncle.

Happy Birthday to the girl who is very lucky to have a very cool uncle.

  • On your birthday, your old uncle has some old words for your young ears. Every woman has many tests in her life. One thing you should never lose; it’s how you learn from your parents. They love you more than you can ever know. Now, go enjoy!
  • Happy Birthday to the girl whose dad talks so much about her. Whatever you do, keep it up. Love you, niece.

From Aunt

Here are some messages that will help an aunt to wish her niece a happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday, Niece! Aunt loves you.

Happy Birthday, Niece! Aunt loves you.

  • Happy Birthday, Dear Niece! Thanks for every little smile you put on your auntie’s face.
  • Happy Birthday, Niece! I still remember watching you play with your dolls; when you tried hard to make sure all of them got tea, because you were a gracious host. I’m glad to see you grow up into a wonderful woman.
  • Best wishes to the girl who makes me proud to be her aunt. I love you.

Little Niece

Here are a handful of ways to wish a young niece a happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to my little niece who is jovial like monkeys. You make everyone around you glad, and I like that.
  • You will grow to be an amazing girl, I can see it in the way you study your lessons. I love you, niece & Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, my sweet niece! I still remember the first time you grasped my finger with your tiny little hand.
  • A while ago, you were in my hands, but now you are in my heart. Wishing a cool birthday to my cool niece.

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