Birthday Wishes and Messages for Brother

Birthday Wishes for Brother

Most times they are really annoying, they nag you, pull your hair maybe and even play rough with you, but there is no better man to have in your life. A brother is for life, no matter how mad you get at them sometimes, what would the world be like without that brother who pisses you off in so many ways but cares for you deeper than a friend or a relative? When his birthday comes around, it is nice to wish him a happy birthday in a unique way. Maybe send him a message that shows you are thinking of him. Here are some messages you can send to your brother on his birthday:

  • I didn’t choose you as a brother, but I thank God that you are. Happy Birthday!
  • Your being in our family is enough reason to put a smile on our faces. We’re going to make this your happiest birthday yet.
Happy Birthday loving brother.

Happy Birthday loving brother.


  • I have to admit it that it is difficult to find a man like you who cares and loves unconditionally. You are a wonderful brother, any woman that you pick will be lucky. Happy Birthday.
  • Having a brother is a blessing many people wish to have. Thank God I’m blessed with the world’s best brother. Have a wonderful birthday bro.
  • I knew that a best friend could be the brother. I know that because I have you. Happy Birthday brother.
  • You thought we will just celebrate you today. You are completely wrong. We celebrate you every day since the day you were born. Happy Birthday bro.
Happy Birthday bro!

Happy Birthday bro!


  • There is no doubt that trees die and flowers fade, but our relationship knows no bounds, you have been more than just a brother. Happy Birthday, lovely brother and friend.
  • As you celebrate today brother, I wish you a wider smile on your handsome face, more strength to move on and plenty of joy to flood your heart. Happy Birthday brother, enjoy every bit of it.
  • As long as you’re here, I feel safe and strong. May you have one of your best days today. Happy Birthday bro.
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  • The candle of brotherhood is never blown out. On birthdays, all candles are blown out except the candle in our hearts. Happy Birthday brother.
  • It’s true some friends last forever and some are even very loyal but none can still match the special bond I have with my brother. May it never break. Happy Birthday brother. God bless you.
  • Everything has their season and all activities under the sun have a stipulated time. For you, it is a time to breakthrough. Happy Birthday brother. Have a splendid celebration.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


  • You are the only one that could fit to be my brother because you cover up my flaws due to your kind and enduring nature. Happy Birthday wonderful brother.
  • To have a journey to the center of the earth is a great fun for everyone. To have a good brother is a permanent deep happiness to your heart. Happy Birthday bro.
  • Your smile is captivating, your laugh is satisfactory and your brotherhood is the best in the world. Happy Birthday brother. I cherish and love you.
  • Gladness fills my heart for having a brother like you. Your hospitality is always beyond measures. Happy Birthday, cool brother.
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  • Our brotherhood is so strong to never be broken by steel. Happy Birthday to you.
  • You have been a great addition to the decision making aspect of my life. Your words can neither be taken for granted nor thrown away. Happy Birthday, brother.
  • Your lifestyle is just as simple as it is and it is worth emulating. May you live a long and live a fulfilled life. Happy Birthday, brother and companion.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


  • You always help me, so help me now to pick up a nice gift for you. Happy Birthday bro.
  • Even though we’ve had our own share of rough paths, especially in our relationship with one another, blood is truly thicker than water and thanks for always being there when I don’t care. Happy Birthday, brother.
  • One person that can replace a father’s position and be perfect at it is you bro. You are the brother who deserves to hear that. Happy Birthday.
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  • You are harsh and tough, however I see reasons behind all of your actions, which is love and compassion. Happy Birthday, brother, I value your efforts in my life.
  • They said two heads are better than one when it comes to making crucial decision, I’m glad we make decisions together because we have always made the best of them. Happy Birthday brother.
  • A new year of our relation will start; happiness, fighting, sadness, loving, all of naughty things we do together. I wish more this year. Happy Birthday my bro.
I didn't choose you as a brother, but I thank God that you're. Happy Birthday!

I didn’t choose you as a brother, but I thank God that you’re. Happy Birthday!


  • You are simply exceptional in all you do. Your orderliness will take you to places, your tenderness will open doors for you. Happy Birthday, brother. Enjoy your special day.
  • May your birthday be the day of choice that’s full of music and dancing. Happy Birthday brother.
  • Your shining face and your witty smile is enough to bring smile to the face of any man on earth. Happy Birthday, brother. Enjoy every bit of it.
  • May your new year be better than all the past years. Starting from here, Have a better life.
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  • This book didn’t help me find wonderful wishes for you. You deserve more than this. Happy Birthday lovely brother.
  • When I needed encouragement you gave me much more, when I needed knowledgeable advice you showed up, when I misbehaved you chastise with love. You are always there at the right time. Happy Birthday, brother.
  • Beautiful smiles for someone who makes my heart smile. Happy Birthday my brother.
Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!


  • My brother, Do you remember when we were children? We’ve been always together and not apart from each other. I remember, and hope you will always be with me. Happy Birthday. (By: Maram)
  • I missed your birthday last year as you know my big time at work. Today, I will be here just for you and to see your smile while holding candles. Happy Birthday cool bro!
  • Life will not always give the best to those who desire it, but to those who toil and labor to have it. You deserve every good thing that is happening to you. Happy Birthday, brother, keep soaring high.
  • When we were young, we used to fight for toys and games. Now, no one can take this card from you. Happy Birthday to the best brother.
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  • I’m the last one who congratulates you, but always remember that you are the first one in my heart. My brother, every year you are my best friend and companion on my way. Happy Birthday. (Author: MARAM)
  • Happy Birthday. May all your wishes become facts. May your life be filled with happiness. May you be beside me all your days, my bro.
  • You are like a king in his awesome majesty, if you are to govern a territory, your rulership will be embraced by everyone. Happy Birthday, brother. I wish you more wisdom to achieve in life.
Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday.


  • I have walked on the wrong path before and I almost lost my way and purpose but you gave me hope not to give in. Thank you for everything brother, may your days be long. Happy Birthday!
  • I’ve seen straightforward people who want to achieve greatness and leave an indelible mark in history of the world, but none could match this special brother. Happy Birthday!
  • Running through the phases of life is not easy but your words of encouragement keeps me moving and I see no obstacle. Happy Birthday brother, may you continue to flourish.
  • With you, life is great as I always know I have a shoulder to rely on. I hope you’ll achieve all the dreams that you had. Enjoy your special day brother.
  • Happy Birthday bro. I hope I’m the first one who told you that. Have a nice day.
  • I have searched over the hills, under the mountains and I looked everywhere in the whole world, but I never found anyone that could take your place brother. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Celebration, gifting, wishes, loving, long life, all of these become amazing only with you, my bro. Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday Bro!

Happy Birthday Bro!


  • If I’m blessed with gold, favored with silver and graced with great wealth, it can’t still be as valuable as the role you have played in my life. Happy Birthday, brother. Thank you for everything.
  • Remember, Every end has a new start. You end a year to begin a new one. Hoping a bright year full of amazing things for you. Happy Birthday my bro. (Author: Maram)
  • I have a kind brother beside me all time. I find him when I need help. Don’t leave me alone. Hoping a new happy year just for you. Happy Birthday, brother.
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  • Good and brave people are known in time of trouble. You stood by me when I was depressed. You gave me a lasting hope, I’m lucky to have you as a brother. Happy Birthday!
  • A day is such a great encouragement, a month is an improvement, but a year is an indelible achievement, today marks another new moment in your life. Happy Birthday, brother.
  • Your choices are significant ones because they’ve come to form the elementary and key templates upon which we together grow. Thanks for guiding me with the truth that you know. Happy Birthday brother.
  • This day, sunny day, cool day, blooming day. I just want to say, Happy Birthday.
  • A bottle of rose water is enough to show your pure heart. Happy Birthday brother.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


  • Your instinct may make you wise but the advice of the people that love you is unquestionable because they always look out for your best, thank you for guiding me, brother. Happy Birthday to you.
  • May your next birthday be full of marriage stuff and see you in groom style. Happy Birthday bro.
  • Say bye to sorrows you got the last year. Start a new year full of smiles and pleasure. Don’t let any bad thing affect you. Happy Birthday bro.
  • Although you are my younger brother, I see you as a real dependable man who is responsible for his family. We always depend on you. Happy Birthday bro.
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  • For me, falling is a normal thing because I know I have a brother who will always pick me up. Happy Birthday, brother and guardian angel. Enjoy your special day and be blessed.
  • We always fight for things. We may quarrel for no reason. However, we love each other. Happy Birthday brother.
  • Sara asked me about you to give you a birthday gift. Don’t ask me who’s Sara. 😉
Happy Birthday Dear Brother.

Happy Birthday Dear Brother.


  • I’m so sure of that nothing can stand in the way of your development, nothing is strong enough to bring you down. Your glory is meant to shine forever. Happy Birthday brother. Keep glowing.
  • When I was defiant to life improving advice from you, when I dumped every word of wisdom that comes from you, you never stopped pestering me. My life improved because of your resilience. Happy Birthday brother.
  • Every moment we have shared is always fresh in my memory, that’s why it’s really difficult to spend a second away from you. Happy Birthday, brother.
  • While I was cleaning my room, I saw your gift to me on my last birthday. I was so happy and decided to choose a better gift for your birthday. Happy Birthday my cute brother.
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  • Brotherhood is not just a word. Brotherhood is a pack of pure sentiments kept in the minds and hearts to shine over the lifetime. Happy Birthday to the best brother.
  • May today bring you the right platform for the manifestation of the greatest dream you’ve ever nourished and may your aspiration for the future stand strong. Happy Birthday, brother. Have fun.
  • It’s a good bless to have a great brother like you. I love you my soul brother.
  • I wonder where you got the strength from, to always aim higher than the sky. With this attribute I can tell you that you will achieve all your dreams in no time. Happy Birthday, brother. Keep blossoming.
Love u bro, Happy Birthday!

Love u bro, Happy Birthday!


  • A person like you is worth celebrating more than once a year but not more than 5 times as we have other friends to celebrate. 🙂 Happy B-day.
  • My number one fan, my solicitor, audience, judge, doctor, accomplice, and lots more. You are the best thing I ever have. Thank you for being my everything. Happy Birthday sweet brother.
  • Two, they say, are better than one. Because if one should fall, the other shall get him up. That is who you are to me bro. Happy Birthday brother and guardian angel. Enjoy your day.
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  •  Everyone is a reflection of their brother, because brothers are made in the same womb and little can separate them. I’m happy to have shared the same womb with you. Happy Birthday my special bro.
  • I fall, more times than I can remember but you are always there to pick me. Thank you loving brother, no one else can do all that you have done for me. Happy Birthday brother.
  • Without you! I would be roaming the shores of solitude, with the compass of lack, till I ultimately berth on the plains of destitution. Thank you for being born man. Happy Birthday brother.
  • When I’m in between choices, and my ways are full of doubts you were there. Your words and deeds saw me through every time. I pray our bond as siblings lasts eternally. Happy Birthday brother.
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Happy Birthday Bro


Birthday Wishes for Brother from Sister

  • I feel safe being beside you, brother. You are the one whom I always rely on. I don’t have to worry about losing if you’re here. Happy Birthday bro.
  • Do your best on your birthday. You may find your life partner among my cool friends. I will be your messenger. Happy Birthday, my nice brother.
  • You are the one who takes my hand to complete the diet. Keep that and don’t ask me to eat your cake. Happy Birthday dear brother.
  • We can live without spouse in the life, But it’s so hard to find a girl that lives good without brother. I love you, my bro. Happy Birthday.
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  • Happy Birthday to my big brother. Your sister is proud of you. Don’t make her angry by being away on your birthday. Come celebrate here. Happy Birthday bro.
  • I hate when someone insults you. I get angry when I hear bad talk about you. You are the best brother to me. Happy Birthday.
  • You are the one I fear when they get married. I don’t want to be alone without my genial brother. Happy Birthday bro.
  • Have a good birthday bro. You are the life’s best brother and you don’t have to say the same to me. I love you bro.
  • You have changed a lot in our family life. Your sister is so proud of you. Let’s make some changes on your birthday. Happy Birthday brother.
  • Together we can do many things that make me feel like a child. I thank God you are always with me.
Happy Birthday my naughty brother.

Happy Birthday my naughty brother.


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Birthday Wishes for Brother from Brother

  • We shared the bedroom. We shared the bathroom. We shared the same family. It’s hard to think of life without you. Happy Birthday bro.
  • You are not just a brother for me. You are my best friend, my co-worker, my partner and my dear one. Happy Birthday brother.
  • Happy Birthday to the person who shares our daddy’s punishments with me.
  • Be ready to challenge my birthday. We’ll see if yours is better than mine. Happy Birthday bro.
  • That was a special day for me when my younger brother came and brought a lot of happiness to my family. Wishing you a happy long life with us. Happy Birthday.
  • You are many entities to me. My best advisor and my best critic. I will never forget that your love and iron hand made me who I’m today. Happy Birthday special brother.
  • This’s a brother who was always fighting with boys for me and to make me always happy. Happy Birthday to the brave brother.
  • For the guy who was always studying with me, I say: “Happy Birthday, brother”.

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