Cute Birthday Wishes

Being a gentleman is a¬†lifestyle you should be able to have its perfect show. Being a cute girl is a special nature that we can see¬†in¬†ladies styles. Birthday greetings sometimes need to be enclosed inside smooth ways followed by ‚ÄúWOW‚ÄĚ effect. You can choose your cool way to say Happy Birthday. The easiest method to create a cute birthday message is to act like one of our wishes listed below.

Cute Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • It’s not possible for you to pass beside anyone without them looking at you twice, you’re such a glamorous human being, and I wish to get to know you better. Happy Birthday.
  • Can I ask for more from a person that already gives much more than anyone?! No, I will rather ask for little or less because you’re such a valuable person. Happy Birthday sweet.
  • There‚Äôs a joy that emanates from within me anytime I see you even if I’m so sad and I can’t seem to focus, you’ve always been my relief. Congratulations on your birthday sweet. Happy Birthday.
  • Whenever it rains, I feel so much joy having you beside me because you work with the rain to bring me complete calm, you’re my everything. Happy Birthday sweet.
  • You’re such a magic to human race, I hope to be caught eternally in your spell, your spell delights me. Happy Birthday my love and the sweetest person I know in my life.
  • Today is the only day I’ve felt like this in my whole life, you sparked up different molecules in me and I’m excited that only you can do so. Happy Birthday my sweetheart.


  • Your standard is something that can scare off men, and I got close because I just wanna be a friend. You surprised me by taking me beyond the friend level. Happy Birthday beautiful.
  • Cuteness has levels and I’m so sure you will attain the highest level when it comes to grading. I hope you’ll always have everything you need to make you Happy. Happy Birthday sweet.
  • I hope the biggest surprise for your birthday today will be something you’ve always craved for which is to always be happy. I hope I can be the source of that. Happy Birthday cutie.
  • Cool¬†Birthday Wishes
  • Beautiful is your name, wonderful is what you are, you are the Queen of my heart and your throne is expressly designed in my heart. Happy Birthday my love. Enjoy the specialty of the day.
  • I hope today you’ll enjoy the kind of happiness that will make you wish the same for other people. May your life always be good. Happy Birthday to you.
  • You’re the sweetest and the cutest man I know, your way of handling ladies makes every one of them wanna get you from me. I’m a lucky lady. Happy Birthday sweetheart.


  • Won’t ever forget moments that words cannot describe that I shared with you, you’re a key person in the story of my life. I won’t go nowhere without you. Happy Birthday sweet.
  • I hope you will always have the right people by your side and in your life to always bring you excitement and joy every time and every day. Happy Birthday sweetie. Enjoy your special day.
  • I believe that life doesn’t get better than this. Having lovely people around and sincere friends who always want your growth. May God continue to endow you with more of them. Happy Birthday friend.
  • Sweet Birthday Wishes
  • May your life be full of sounds of laughter and resounding feeling of fulfillment always. You deserve to be happy. Happy Birthday sweet pie. Have lots of fun.
  • With me it is possible to remember your birthday and forget mine, because you are such a delightful lady in every way, may today bring you great memories in the future. Happy Birthday cute.
  • It’s always your idea to always celebrate one another, and you’ve never said that for you to be celebrated, but today you deserve to be celebrated in the best possible way. Happy Belated Birthday sweet.


  • Whether life makes it easy or not, I want you to be the happiest person in the world always, because 50% of your happiness is equivalent to 100% of mine. Happy Birthday! Have fun.
  • I’ve been saving money to make today special for you, your picture will be projected at the New York tower in the evening. It’s an expression of my love for you. Happy Birthday sweetie.
  • Because you’re the cure to heartache, headache, body ache and all other aches. You should be called ache-cure-paracetamol. I hope you’ll add that to your name. LOL. Happy Birthday!
  • Inspirational Birthday Wishes
  • Innocent like a lamb, attractive like a puppy and brave like a lion, you are a complete and total man. Happy Birthday to you.
  • You are so bright tonight. Happy Birthday¬†full of light.
  • I love you so much. You are like a rose I can’t touch.¬†I hope one day I win the match. :) Bday!
  • Since the day I saw¬†you for the first time, I didn’t believe in the importance of the moon, certainly you can take its place. Happy Birthday!

Cute Birthday Messages

Cute and Romantic Birthday Wishes

  • Love makes life and your love made my life. Happy Birthday!
  • Let’s dance under the lights of the party and play the music. Happy Birthday to the cutest one.
  • Your love motivates¬†my heart beats. Mercy please. :) Happy Birthday.
  • Unwrap my gift to¬†smile. Your smile is enough to make me happy. Have the best birthday honey.
  • Romantic Birthday Wishes
  • The person who always makes us optimistic, sadness have to be away from them. Smile and have a glorious birthday.
  • Your eyes attract me. They take all my attention and leave me drunk.¬†You can consider that this message is sent by a drunk one. Happy Birthday!
  • Another year with my lovely girl. May we have the permanent happiness in our life. Happy Birthday sweetheart.
  • Which cake will you pick today? I think beautiful girls prefer chocolate. Happy Birthday sweetie.


  • My heart is beating¬†faster. My eyes can’t sleep. I know I’m in love with you but I have work tomorrow. :) Tell me what I have to do to sleep. Happy Birthday!
  • I think¬†you are not a human, you are an¬†angel. Happy to be¬†in your life to be blessed every time I see you. Happy Birthday angel.
  • Like a firework you are, because you make me filled with enjoyment, vigor and vitality. Happy Birthday cutie.
  • Your style¬†is so tidy. What a fantastic guy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
  • Let’s go away, I want to put you in a warm hug, so you can just hear my¬†heartbeats. Happy Birthday to my inspiration.
  • Birthday Love Messages
  • Do you want to know what I need? You, sea and two beach chairs. Why two?! I think one is enough. :) Happy Birthday darling.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl who loves the rain. May the sky rain blessings and dreams just for you. Enjoy!
  • Do you remember our childhood when we were waiting the rain to see the rainbow?!¬†May you have a life as colorful as rainbow. Happy Birthday sweetie.
  • Did I tell you before that you are my daily and permanent dream? Of course it’s the sweetest dream I can ever ask for. Happy Birthday baby.
  • OMG!¬†I didn’t¬†leave my signature on the card. It’s okay, I think you know my words, don’t you?! Happy BIRTHDAY!


  • You are the mercy angel. You are the leader of love. Happy Birthday, my love.
  • Happiness maker is someone called (mention their name).¬†Thanks for spreading happiness in our family. Happy Birthday great one.
  • Let’s celebrate. I bought the cake. Happy Birthday full of desserts to take.
  • Do you remember the first day when¬†I talked¬†to you? I was shy like you today. Happy Birthday red cheeks.
  • You are lucky to have a birthday today, but I’m luckier to have a great person like you in my life. Happy Birthday dude.
  • Your love is deep in my heart. Your birthday is great as you see in my card. Enjoy and be away of hazard.
  • Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend
  • Your phone call¬†is enough to spread the happiness in my body, so what about being face to face with you. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Your face makes the sky look better, your birthday make the card look cuter. Happy B-day.
  • All are coming today to eat the cake. :) But I’m different, I’m coming to blow out the candles. :) Happy Birthday naughty boy.
  • Let me hold you and go away with you. Let’s do something different. Happy Birthday to your eyes.


  • I’m totally full of your love, so drown me to see it. Happy Birthday.
  • They said hug your sweetheart once a day, but I say hug your love all the day. Happy Birthday my cute one.
  • 20 years old! You became older, baby. I love you so much and I hope that year brings you happiness. Happy Birthday, cutie.
  • Every day passes you become more beautiful. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl in this world.
  • The best dinner & the sweetest cake for the cutest face. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • You prefer¬†the pink more than other colors. I love you more than anyone else. Happy Birthday¬†barbie girl.
  • Sometimes, I forget everything and close my eyes thinking of you, once I remember your face,¬†I smile happily. This can only happen to lovers. Happy Birthday my love.
  • I love my mirror in the life. I love my backbone in this universe. I love to say Happy Birthday to my angel.
  • Ask this card about the feelings it felt while making it. If you believed the card can talk¬†so you are crazy. :) Happy Birthday honey.
  • People¬†may love you, but I’m the only one who adores you. Happy Birthday!
  • 400 Unique Birthday Wishes
  • I miss you so much. I will come soon to hug you. Have a wonderful birthday, baby.
  • The moon is different from stars, exactly like you are different from all others. Keep being unique and amazing. Happiest of birthdays.
  • Choosing a card design can be very difficult decision, but when you know your love well, so it’s easy mission. Happy Birthday darling.
  • You are so funny and so beautiful. A person¬†like you deserves a birthday that never happened before.
  • I have two moons:¬†one in the sky and the other is here. You can guess what ‚Äúhere‚ÄĚ means. :) Happy Birthday my moon.
  • I want to know what your plans are after finishing my card. I think you have some crazy ideas today. Happy Birthday naughty girl.
  • You are the sun of my day and the moon of my night. I have fallen in love with¬†you at¬†first sight. Happy Birthday snow white.
  • Your love is like a tree I resort to its shadow. Your birthday deserves the best party to rock and celebrate. Happy Birthday cutie.
  • These words are not written by a pen or typed by a keyboard, they are coming directly from my heart. Happy Birthday to my love.
  • Belated Happy Birthday Wishes
  • Make this day a new start¬†& forget what happened yesterday. Your lips are created to smile. Happy Birthday!
  • Your parents should be glad for having you. Your co-workers should be¬†proud¬†of working¬†with you. Happy Birthday honey.
  • Don’t believe people words about getting old, you are forever young. Have a cute birthday!

Cute Birthday Wishes

Be always honest in your words and feelings to send the wishes that will meet a great respect. Be cool with your cute messages that always draw the smile on lips. Happy Birthday to your love.

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