Birthday Wishes for Father – Happy Birthday Dad

Birthday Wishes for Dad.

I love my dad, do you love yours? A dad is not only the man who biologically matches with your DNA, a dad is the supporter and encourager in your life and the man who truly knows who you are and what you are worth. A dad can be the man that was there since the day you were born, or the God given one as your stepdad who means more to you than anyone else, whoever he is, he is your dad. When their birthdays come around, it is important to send this man a message worth remembering. Lucky enough, here are some messages you can write to your father to show him how much he means to you:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Dad

  • You have taught me and given me the wisdom to face my life situations smartly. Happy Birthday, dad.
  • Happy Birthday to the man who built this family and this home.
Happy Birthday best father.

Happy Birthday best father.


  • Happy Birthday to the man who taught us how to differentiate between right and wrong. Happy Birthday, father.
  • Days will come when a lot of people come to appreciate the kind of person you are and not just in your family. You’re more than a father. Happy Birthday Dad.
  • Thank God for sparing you to enjoy your many labors especially in good health. Thank you for all the sacrifices and thanks for always being there. Happy Birthday daddy. I will always be grateful.
  • My father is a shield and protector. Protecting every member of the family since forever. He’d rather be injured than see the wound on one of his own. Happy Birthday special dad.
Happy Birthday my hero.

Happy Birthday my hero.


  • You taught me how to be a good man, how to be different in life and how to help people. Happy Birthday, father.
  • Anything I’ve achieved in this life, you are the cause of it. You made me, dad. Happy Birthday.
  • We don’t love you just for what you’ve done and have been doing for us, but we love you even for those things you’ve not done, you’re a father in all ways. Happy Birthday Sir.
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  • Dad, you feel our weight and the heavy burden we place on a daily basis, but through it all you always smile. This makes me want to always relieve you. Happy Birthday dad, keep on smiling.
  • You are always motivating in deeds and words, you would never grumble about your loss.  There is none better than you dad, not as I have seen. Happy Birthday Super Dad.
  • You teach us the meaning of manliness and fatherhood. Happy Birthday, dad.
Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad!


  • Thank you dad for all ethics that you taught me. Happy Birthday, great father.
  • By the life of a father that you’ve been, we’ve enjoyed every blessing of fatherhood. No greater way to enjoy a fatherly love. We love you in every way. Happy Birthday daddy.
  • You are the best friend that I have ever had. Happy Birthday, dad.
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  • You made me, you helped me and advised me all the time. I’m grateful to you. Happy Birthday, dad.
  • Is there any man like you? You’re such an emotionally caring man, your love for people can’t be overlooked because it’s always real and authentic. Such an extraordinary man. Happy Birthday Dad.
  • My blood is your blood. My name is your name. I love you, dad. Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!


Birthday Wishes for Dad from Daughter

  • No wonder lovely young women are still attracted to you dad. 😀 You are charming and so loving. But don’t give attention to them. Enjoy your hearty day dad. Cheers.
  • A good man married a good woman to give the world a cute girl. Yes, it’s me. 🙂 Happy Birthday daddy.
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  • My dad is always worried about me, so I always feel safe. Happy Birthday, dad.
  • Your sweet girl is wishing you the best life as you did for her. Thank you daddy & Happy Birthday!
  • Thanks for making me the girl who can hold a pen and write a message. May this birthday be as great as you have been, daddy.
Happy Birthday to the best dad.

Happy Birthday to the best dad.


Birthday Wishes for Dad from Son

  • Today, I recall all our wonderful adventures, all the sad and happy moments. You are my best comrade and my lovely father. Happy Birthday exceptional daddy. I love you so much.
  • Dad, let’s play football like we always did, let’s run, let’s jump, let’s do something different. Happy Birthday, cool father.
  • When I see you, I ask the God to be like you when I grow up. Happy Birthday, dad.
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  • Millions of flowers to my cool dad who saved me many times in my life. Happy Birthday, dear father.
  • As I grow into a man, I hope to gain your character. I’m proud to be your son. Happy Birthday, dad.
  • I have teachers in my life and a boss at work, but you will forever be the first teacher and boss in my life. Happy Birthday to the greatest father.
Happy Birthday my Super Dad!

Happy Birthday my Super Dad!


Many More Birthday Wishes for Father

  • You gave me all things I needed and more. It’s the time to be beside you as you celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday, father.
  • You are my hero, you are the ideal father, you are the best example of a father. Happy Birthday, daddy!
  • You planted in me the seeds of responsibility, challenge, purposefulness, determination and so much more, I hope they grow as I do. Happy Birthday, dad.
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  • One day I will tell my sons about your struggle. You are a good man. Happy Birthday, papa.
  • Every day with you is a great day, but today you deserve the best as you are the reason for us being here all together. Happy Birthday dad.
  • Thank you, father, for teaching me how to deal with others, and how to handle problems. Happy Birthday, dad.
Happy Birthday Daddy, I will always be grateful.

Happy Birthday Daddy, I will always be grateful.


  • You are a candle burned for us. Happy Birthday, dad.
  • A father will always be an important figure in one’s life, but having a cherish-able father like you is much more important. I appreciate your fatherhood. Happy Birthday, dad.
  • Happy Birthday, lovely father, you are the mirror of my life; I built a lot about my life on your examples. You are an emulable father. May God bless you beyond doubt.
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  • Looking at the way you have fathered us, I can say vividly that you have done all things that you need to do well, we love you and we appreciate you. Happy Birthday, sweet dad.
  • Happy Birthday to a multi-talented daddy, you are not just a father; you are teacher, a guardian and a counselor. May God bless you with more wisdom and long life. Stay blessed, sir.
  • You find a way to monitor everything about us even without making any move. We love you, sir. Happy Birthday!
My great father, Happy Birthday!

My great father, Happy Birthday!


  • Happy Birthday to you, great daddy. I want you to know that our life will never be the same without you, it will never have a meaning without you. Thanks for standing by us.
  • Hearing about your experiences, I think you have passed through a lot to make life easier for us. We have benefited a lot from your sacrificial way of living. Thank you for loving us. Happy Birthday, dad.
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  • Everyone respects you and treats you fairly because of your integrity and kindness. It’s a thing of joy to be called one of your children, you are our pride. Happy Birthday, father. Enjoy your day.
  • You taught us never to despise anyone because we all have equal rights. Thanks for that piece of advice that has always worked for me. Happy Birthday, father!
  • Happy Birthday to a loving and caring father, I tell people that you get more worried about us than we do about ourselves. Your heart is made of gold.
  • The glory of our family, the strength of our home, we celebrate your greatness today. Happy Birthday, father.
I love you dad, Happy Birthday!

I love you dad, Happy Birthday!


  • Time flies so fast that we forget you are already growing old dad. I wish you happiness and all the good things your heart desires. Happy Birthday, daddy. Have lots of fun.
  • You are the moon of this night and the man of this day. Happy Birthday!
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  • I looked for a present, but I couldn’t find anything to match your value in my heart. Happy Birthday, daddy.
  • Switch off the lights. We have your face, and it’s enough to light up the universe. Happy Birthday, dad.
  • I have learnt from you how to succeed in life and at work. Happy Birthday dad.
  • You spent your life in work to learn and educate us. You are our hero dad. Happy Birthday.
To my Cool Father, Happy Birthday!

To my Cool Father, Happy Birthday!


  • You are always a rock that protects us from dangers. You are strong to face our problems. You’ve had enough of pain to reach this stable state with us. It’s a day to relax and find some fun. Happy Birthday, dad.
  • We have prepared a great surprise for you daddy. Come home fast to see what it is. Happy Birthday.
  • Mercy and care are not for sale. You give them to us every day you are here. We all love you, dad. Happy Birthday.
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  • Happy Birthday to the father who took his sons’ hand in their worst situations. Best wishes for the best father in this universe.
  • If we choose fathers, you will always be my best choice. You are a great dad. Happy Birthday.
  • Wishing you a birthday as wonderful as all what you do for our family. Happy Birthday, best father.
Happy Birthday to the best father in this world.

Happy Birthday to the best father in this world.


  • You are the example of love, mercy and kindness. I’m so grateful to you. Happy Birthday, dad.
  • I love you with all my heart and I adore you. Happy Birthday to you, dad.
  • Dad, do you know why the moon is not in the sky tonight? As it’s already with us now. Happy Birthday dad.
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  • Thanks to my mother for accepting you to be our cool daddy. Happy Birthday.
  • The sacrifices my dad makes are unthinkable, he would take a bullet for anyone in the family. No one can take his place. Happy Birthday loving and caring dad.
  • It’s the birthday of the best father ever. Let’s rock.
You have educated me and given me the wisdom to face my life situations smartly. Happy Birthday Dad!

You have educated me and given me the wisdom to face my life situations smartly. Happy Birthday Dad!


  • Dad, thanks for making our life a great adventure full of fun. Have fun today on your birthday. I love you, daddy!
  • A Happy Birthday to a strong dad who has a great capacity to keep his family in progress.
  • Dad, with you we never go back. We are always progressing in our lives. Happy Birthday, my great father.
  • May your birthday bring you happiness and laughter. Be happy, dad!
  • We have a wise father whose birthday is today. Happy Birthday, dad.
  • One of the reasons for being happy today is seeing my father’s smile when he sees his B-day cake. Happy Birthday, dad!
  • Don’t let people make you believe that you are not the perfect father. We all believe that no father can be as great as you. Happy Birthday, father.
  • Dad, be ready to move onto the next year in your life. Be careful, you are getting older. Happy Birthday.
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  • Happy Birthday, dad. I hope this day brings you closer to changing your dreams to facts.
  • A tough father means a person who can handle the responsibility of his family. You can relax for today. Happy Birthday.
  • Thanks for your tips about life. Thanks for direction and advice. Happy Birthday, daddy!
  • They called the uncle and brother as second or alternate fathers, so you are an original one. Happy Birthday, my dear dad.
  • Thanks to the God who gave me a special dad like you. Happy Birthday, dad.
  • Thank you dad for believing in me and being beside me at all time. Happy Birthday, precious father.
  • When I feel down, I remember your strong support with me. This feeling can get me up again. Happy Birthday, my main mentor.
  • You know what! I felt many times that I’m not good because I can’t take even one of your responsibilities. Thanks for being our supercool father. Happy Birthday!

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