39 Birthday Wishes for Brother from Sister

Birthdays are important to many because we only get the opportunity of celebrating once every year and it’s always nice to witness another 365 days against all the odds. As ladies, we love receiving than giving, however, it’s always kind to give back little of the love shown by others in our own unique and straightforward way especially when they are family members and loved ones.

Happy Birthday, my sweet brother.

If you like your brother as you have always professed and it is his birthday, your message will mean a lot to him and could be more valuable than the many presents and compliments he receives from others. We have a range of words that you can select from, send one today and watch his face light up with joy and excitement.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother from Sister

  • Unlike most brothers who don’t look after their sister happiness, you have been my rock and support; I wish you more gracious years ahead.
  • It’s going to be a busy day ahead, so I wanted to be the first to wish my brother a Happy Birthday. Never forget that your sister loves you so much.
  • I love whatever makes you happy; I hope your birthday brings you enough happiness this day has to offer. Kisses from your sister.
  • May you stay happy brother because you have contributed to my happiness in numerous ways and I wouldn’t have traded you for a sister.
  • Even though we differ in sex, I wouldn’t have had more fun growing up if you were a girl. Shootout to the freshest birthday boy.
  • Any woman will covet you for a boyfriend, but luckily you are more to me. You are my brother, as thus your birthday means so much to me.
  • You possess all the qualities a sister craves in a brother. I love you just the way you are and join others to celebrate your birth.
  • It feels so good and breathtaking to have a brother like you. I walk with chest high because you always protect me. You are my action man. Enjoy today with much love. Happy Birthday!
  • There is no better gift than you. I thank you for being the best in everything to me. It’s your birthday, I want to wish you all the best in life.
  • Happy Birthday my brother! I hope you have a memorable and fun day. Remember we only get to drink soda in only special occasions, today, times change. Enjoy all you see in the Fridge.
  • May all these loads of wishes come true in your life. Truly, you have changed in many ways to become the most responsible person I have ever known. I wish you a fabulous birthday brother.

For Younger Brother from Elder Sister

  • My love grows for you every passing day because brothers of your type are rare. I thank God for blessing me with a brother on this day. I consider myself a lucky sister.
  • The best gift mom and dad ever gave me was you; I will thus reference you at any given opportunity. Your birthday has provided me with another.
  • You are such a stubborn little brother, so energetic and adventurous. Having you around makes me go crazy sometimes but it’s the best feeling of my life. Happy Birthday pretty kid. Just stop your troubles.
  • Thanks for always making me cry and smile as well. I’m proud to be part of your life. Just keep doing what you love best. I love you.
  • That illness nearly took you away from me. But you gave me another life by fighting stronger and today you are well and kicking. Happy Birthday my hero. I love you brother.

For Big Brother from Little Sister

  • My bosses always wondered why working with me was easy. I learned the act of understanding men from you big bro, and it has been of a great help. I feel happy for your birthday.
  • I have an intuition that you will remain happy even after your birthday. Please don’t forget to keep your loving little sister abreast with today’s activities. Have fun!
  • My friends are full of envy because they don’t have a brother as caring as you and I’m proud of that. It will be nice to meet a few at your party.
  • For all the troubles and fights you have gotten into to protect me I say thank you. You had protected me from when we were kids till now. Happy Birthday Big Brother!
  • You are like a little daddy to me, I can always count on you in times of need, and I feel ecstatic.
  • Best wishes from your little sister. Back in time I remember when you used to carry me around, singing and buying me ice creams. These golden memories will never be forgotten. Happy Birthday handsome brother.

For Brother from Another Mother Sent from his Sister

  • I love the fact that you are my support even if you don’t live with me. You stand number one amongst all the men in my life. Have a marvelous day, my loving brother.
  • Special people deserve the best wishes. May your first teenage year bring you all the best and prepare you to be a strong boy. Hey, don’t be scared just enjoy yourself. Happy Birthday! Stay lovely.
  • Here is another year of us laughing together as one. I wish you a lovely day not just for today but for the rest of your life. Glad that our dad brought us together. Happy Birthday!

For Brother from A Married Sister

  • I appreciate you for many childhood memories I always tell my husband about; we had time growing up as siblings. Happy Birthday to a brother that all girls should have in their lives.
  • My heart wishes and prayers for you on this sunny special day of yours is to prosper and be happy every day of your life. May the ages keep coming with grace. Happy Birthday my son’s uncle!
  • May God keep watch over you my brother and may He give you all your heart desires and a long life. On this beautiful day, your nephews and me wish you a superb birthday with much love.

For Brother from his Twin Sister

  • Your name is inscribed in gold on the core of my heart because you are such a beautiful twin brother. Not many can boast of your qualities, and I’m happy for our birthday.
  • May this special day bring you smiles as much as the one you always put on the face of your twin sister. Your gift for today is under your pillow, waiting my gift too. :)
  • Sending you this special morning all the best wishes. May your new age be the beginning of greater things. Happy Birthday my twin brother. Keep your head up and may your dreams come true.

For One and Only Brother from Sister

  • I don’t think any man will understand me the way you do because as a brother, you have spent more time with me than them all. I will make your birthday a special one.
  • If you were not my brother, I would probably be getting married to you, as a lady I recognize a good man and you tick all the boxes. Your birthday is worth celebrating.
  • A brother whose heart is as big as the oceans, someone who always loves and smiles. Very hardworking and also humble. Best of wishes to you on this special day.

Funny Birthday Messages for Brother from Sister

  • I’m lucky because I get to steal your t-shirts and hoodies, have a fantastic birthday brother because sister loves it that way.
  • If I’m to pick between a million dollars and you, I will pick the money. Sorry bro, I need to get a car. :)
  • Together we had beautiful and great childhood memories, remember we used to steal granny’s eggs if she fell asleep on the farm. It was so much fun. Enjoy your day bro!
  • Hey, we are going to party tonight my buddy. Don’t let mom know we’re going to drive her car tonight. :) Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations! Don’t be afraid to take a step towards your goals. We will walk these roads together to the end except if you found your girlfriend early. :) Happy Birthday partner in crime.

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