37 Birthday Wishes for Dad from Son

Father son relationship is one of the most important relationships known to man. As a son, you look up to your dad for he portrays the kind of man you’ll most likely be in the future. A dad can be many things, but a father is someone who looks out for your best, he is the man present in your life, the man you are proud of and love.

Give your dad the respect and love you would give to a man who treasures you by sending him one of the messages below on his birthday.

Happy Birthday to my mentor, my wonderful father.

Birthday Wishes for a Father from his Son

  • If the youth of nowadays can have a great sense of commitment towards their families like you had with us, the society will be better. Thanks for your commitment dad. Happy Birthday to you.
  • You are not just a treasure to your family and your community but you’re a national treasure even if they don’t know yet. Enjoy this beautiful day.
  • I want you to know this, even if you are not my father, I will be your biggest fan but you happen to be my father and my mentor. Happy Birthday to you mentor dad.
  • I’m glad to choose your line of profession. But I don’t know if I’ll ever match the fleet of awards you have. But I’ll try to give you a competition. Best wishes dad!
  • It’s so amazing how time runs, but it’s beautiful how your kind heart has never changed a bit. Happy Birthday to you Dad. With lots of love from your son.
  • With every age comes the challenges, but I hope that this age won’t be too challenging for you. If it is, just call on me dad.
  • A great birthday to a great daddy, I pray this age will give you more reasons for joy and happiness. You’re loved to the hot Mars and back. Enjoy your special day.
  • I wouldn’t want our father son relationship to ever change; you still remain the man I look up to and love. Have an unforgettable birthday dad.
  • It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us father and son, wishing you the greatest and dream fulfilling birthday yet. I love you.
  • I may not show you how much you mean to me dad, but I’m the man I’m today for you cared enough to correct me when I was wrong. Hearty birthday old man!
  • I see myself in you and that gives me courage to become the son you’ve always known me to be. You are one of a kind.
  • Having a father as strong and as supportive as you has definitely changed my views as a son. I hope to always make you proud, may you live longer than the days and nights.
  • I know I have the best dad in the world, and I’m a proud son for that. Thank you for being a man I can look up to. I love you dad, enjoy your special day.
  • To my pop man who has been my real G. From day 1 of my existence. I’m really proud and excited by your old age. Thanks for everything!
  • This message is for a special man whom I’m proud to call father. Have the happiest of birthdays, you are loved and respected.
  • Fathers don’t need too much to feel important, I wish to do much for you but you’re always OK with little. That shows the greatness of your character dad. An amazing birthday to an amazing dad.
  • With you in our lives, we are blessed enough, we don’t need to ask for much more, because all blessings flow through you and unto us. The coolest Bday to the coolest Dad.
  • The kind of respect accorded to you dad is something that comes from every fiber of our being. You’ve made the lives of everyone in this family special. Happy Birthday to the best dad.
  • I may not be as strong as the other boys, but I have the best dad who knows my true strengths and that is why I love him and wish him the best as he turns a new age today.
  • Thank you for always being there for me dad, I wish you the best birthday, I’m happy that I’m blessed enough to be the son of such a great and strong man.
  • Now at old age, there is need for you to find hope for living, faith to keep believing and a purpose to look to. I hope you’ll have all that dad. Best wishes sir!
  • May you continue to bloom like the flowers. We are happy to have a father like you. Enjoy your special day dad.
  • May you shine brighter today than you did on your previous birthday, I’m who I’m because my father loved and cared for his son. Hearty birthday my wonderful dad!
  • I’ve planned for today and those plans will be revealed to you in few minutes. Just get dressed, we’re going out. You’ll get to know of the surprise. Happy Birthday dad.
  • Happy Birthday to you angelic dad. I called you angelic because your guidance is very good for any growing man like me. I really wish to have you around for long. Enjoy your special day.
  • It’s not the age that brings wisdom, but you’ve grown in wisdom as you age. So great to have a wise father like you. We have the counsel every time we need it. Happy Birthday Dad.
  • I don’t celebrate Father’s Day because every day is my Father’s Day. There’s always something to learn on a daily basis from you dad. Let’s celebrate you today.
  • Happy Birthday dad, being your son is one of the things I can’t take for granted. Thank you for always showing your care and love to me.
  • May this birthday be better than all and any other; you have made me a great son for I don’t know a man who is stronger or better than you.
  • Being a man is best reflection in the eyes of the father, thank you for teaching me to be a man everyone can be proud of. I love you dad, may you have the best birthday yet.
  • May your guardian angel continue to protect you even as you grow old papa, you make me feel lucky to be a man and to be someone others can look up to.
  • I may not have the right words to say dad, but I hope the gift I bear makes you see how proud I’m to be your son. You are a blessing to me. Have my deepest wishes!

Funny Birthday Messages for Dad from Son

  • Dad always wants me to keep records of money for him because he always forgets, but when I try to be wise and keep some for myself, he remembers. :) What a smart dad!
  • My sincerest wishes for the man who plays football with his son. :) Ronaldo will be jealous of you soon dad.
  • Happy Birthday to the serious man who makes us frightened when he gets angry. :) Smile dad, it’s your special day.
  • Wow! My dad’s birthday! I’m curious if he will let me drive his car today as he will be busy for celebrating. :)
  • We all derived the strong emotions with which we talk from our dear father. I’m so glad it’s the day of your birth, but I’m sad that you have gray hair. :) Happy Birthday to you old man.

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