Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven

Happy Birthday dad in heaven.

Wherever your dad is, this world or the next, he is supposed to be celebrated and remembered during their birthday. Losing a dad is not easy, especially when you are at a young age or even when you are older. But when death comes, it has no warning and we can never really stop it from taking its course. Sharing a message on their birthday may give you closure, it may make the most dull day happy for you. Share one of the birthday messages here below with your dad in heaven, remind him of how much you love him, miss him and celebrate him even though he is gone somewhere better:

Happy Birthday Wishes and Messages for a Deceased Father

  • You may be far from sight but you are in my heart always and forever. Have a great birthday dad; I hope the angels are treating you kindly up there.
  • Hi. Dad, you were the best Dad in the world; if this were Father’s day, I would hug you. But since it’s your birthday, I will give you love. Enjoy your rest in heaven.
  • You have been a great father to me. I want to let you know I keep your legacy flying high. Happy Birthday in heaven.
  • Love sings with several shouts of praise from the heart. My heart always listens to the love song you consistently played to me. Happy Birthday in heaven!
  • Life is fickle, and those who trust in it will not have the ability to express their inner peace. Dad, you taught me the essence to live; finding happiness. Happy Birthday in heaven Papa.


  • You are one in a million Dad. No, one in a billion. In fact, you have affected me more than a billion would. Happy Birthday in the land of no returns.
  • You are now part of the angels, your smile is as a fuel to reach the human earth. I always remember the glow on your face. Keep enjoying endless peace. Happy Birthday in heaven.
  • Rest is a place that every man wants to get to. Papa, you have gotten there in perfect harmony. Keep soaring and enjoying Heaven’s best. Happy Birthday to you dad in heaven.
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  • Your presence when you were with me on earth helped me get through my bad times. You helped changed my bad times to good times. I love you Dad. Enjoy Heaven.
  • You are a rare gem and a blessing to humanity. Since you left, the earth has not recovered from the shock of losing a perfect fit for you. Happy Birthday in heaven.
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Happy Birthday dad in heaven crying girl.

  • Heaven now enjoys the grace with which you passed the earth. You deserve the best that heaven has to offer. I love you Dad. Happy Birthday in heaven, your legacy lives on.
  • The most incredible person that ever graced this earth was you. Fantastic, marvelous, beautiful and handsome. I love you Dad. Happy Birthday in heaven.
  • I have big thank you for bringing me into this world; meeting you was the best thing that had happened to me. Enjoy Heaven and all the blessings in it. Happy Birthday in heaven Dad.
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  • I’m overjoyed, happy, thankful and excited to have had a father like you, but I really wish you stayed much longer. I love you. Happy Birthday in heaven, I miss you a lot.
  • You are more than just a father to me. You are my hero and inspiration. You still inspire me even in heaven. Have fun in heaven dad. Happy Birthday!


  • I appreciate every love you gave to me while you were on earth, I wouldn’t have survived without it. Your soul is so pure and caring; your love is far-reaching. Happy Birthday in heaven.
  • I can’t pray for health for you because you currently live with the Giver of Life. Enjoy the glorious presence of His Divine Grace. I love you Dad. Happy Birthday in heaven
  • Every day you spent with me here meant another pleasant day of making our lives extraordinary. Thank you, God, for sending a father like this my way. Happy Birthday in heaven Dad!
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  • The angels are singing to God in praises; they are unaware that a new angel has been signed in. He is my Dad; the angel that raised me through life. Happy Birthday Dad!
  • Life is sweet if we have a father like mine. He is the hero that taught me about God. Now he is where God is telling him about me. I love you Dad. Happy Birthday in heaven.
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Happy Birthday dad in heaven blue background and white flowers.

  • I know you left involuntarily, but I miss you more each day dad. I wish you were here to blow out the candles on your birthday cake. Enjoy your birthday!
  • I wish I could dance with you one last time dad, but I hope you are dancing with the angels right now as they sing you the birthday song. Hearty birthday!
  • You were the greatest part of me, I’m still struggling to find my way, but I know I’ll get there because you are watching me from up there. Have a grand birthday dad!
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  • You gave me the best years of my life dad; I still love you and hope you are resting peacefully with the angels. Enjoy your birthday in heaven.
  • I still can’t believe you left without a goodbye; I miss you more each day and wish you were here to share this birthday cake I made for you. I love you dad!


  • I wish I could come and say hi to you in heaven, or maybe just get to hear your voice one last time dad. You were an amazing man who lived an extraordinary life. Hearty birthday!
  • You were an amazing dad to me, you made me the woman I’m today and I wouldn’t be if it weren’t for you. Forever celebrating you dad, have a heavenly birthday!
  • I can never compare you to anyone; you were my dad and still are my dad. You may be in heaven but we celebrate you today. Have an awesome birthday!
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  • Whenever I was scared you were there, you taught me how to become brave and strong. I’m who I’m because my dad loved me. Enjoy your birthday in heaven!
  • You may not be here but your memory forever lives on, enjoy your birthday in heaven dad. I hope the angels sing a special song for you!
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Happy Birthday dad in heaven orange background.

  • I tried everything to forget that you were no longer here, but I’m reminded of you every day that I live. Have an amazing birthday in heaven. I miss you dad!
  • I miss everything about you; I miss your voice, your smell and the way you sang the birthday song. I hope you enjoy your birthday in heaven dad, sing out loud!
  • Having to live without you is hard but living without you knowing you’re in heaven is a little better. I hope you’re happy dad and that you’ll get a cake for your birthday!
  • May this birthday be the best yet dad, I miss you so much and each letter I write gets heartier since you went to heaven. Enjoy your birthday!
  • I will always remember you for the man you were, I miss you dad but I know heaven is better with an extra angel in it. Have a great birthday!

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