Happy Birthday Wishes for your School Principal

Principal is the strictest person in any educational facility. You fear them although they just want you to respect authority. They do this because it is the best way to learn. Principals should be appreciated every now and then because not all principals are very hard.

Happy Birthday to the best principal.

Maybe sending your school principal a little message on their birthdays can go a very long way. It can even change their grumpiness into a friendly teacher for a whole day. Here are some wishes you can send to them.

Sincere / From Teacher / From Student / From Parents / Madam


Here are some sincere and sweet messages for a school principal in a general way.

  • We’re so grateful for impacting our lives with your integrity. You’ll always be our #1 principal. Happy Birthday!
  • Thank you for all your care, principal. I look up to you because you are a person worth looking up to. My sincerest wishes.
  • This pen is a simple gift for what you do with us. You need many of this to record the dates of your accomplishments. A great birthday to a great principal.
  • Kings rule kingdoms, managers rule companies, but you rule the impossible. You manage thousands of naughty students. Happy Birthday, Wonderful Principal!
  • You are an amazing principal, a figure we can all respect and fear. May you enjoy this birthday and all those that come after it.
  • You are a good listener, an excellent teacher and a perfect principal. Happy Birthday!

You are a good listener, an excellent teacher and a perfect principal. Happy Birthday!

  • I hope you have fun as you celebrate this magnificent day. Happy Birthday, Sir!
  • I may not be a part of your B-day, but I wish you all the best as you turn a new age, principal.
  • A great school + an awesome principal = The future scientists. Enjoy your time, sir.
  • You possess all the leadership qualities which are the biggest reason for your school success. Happy Birthday, Dearest Principal!
  • You are a leader, a hero, an idol and a person I’m definitely proud to call my principal, have an unforgettable birthday, sir.
  • Thank you for being always there for us, we hope you enjoy your birthday and every other birthday that comes your way. Have fun!

From Teacher

Here are some birthday wishes specifically from a teacher.

  • Your actions have taken this school to the next level. May this birthday push you to a higher level in your life.
  • You are not just involved in the process of running this school, but you’re also involved in improving our teaching skills. Happy Birthday, Principal!
  • Your excellent achievement will always be talked about as long as this school exists. We honor and love you, sir.
  • Everyone knows it’s not easy to be a principal, but you handle your own job with a very distinct passion which makes you stand out. Happy Birthday, Principal!
  • Officer in the serious times and a doctor if support is needed. That’s you, our great principal. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the most awesome principal!

  • If there is an award like the best principal in the whole world, no one could beat you to it because of the way you have handled this school. Happy Birthday, Sir! You’re loved.
  • You are a good principal, support teachers in every issue, interact with students, and take part in pep rallies. I wish you a fabulous birthday, best principal.
  • Best wishes for the best principal. You have changed our school to a better place for students and teachers as well.

From Student

Here are some birthday messages specifically from a student.

  • Teachers lead us and you lead teachers, so you are a main reason for our development. The best birthday to the best principal.
  • Today is an excellent opportunity for us to express my gratitude. You did the best for our school, so you deserve the happiness everywhere you go. My sincerest wishes.
  • Principals like you are very rare, you always find a way to help everyone.
  • You’re not just a principal for me, you’re my role model. Now, enjoy your day, sir.
  • Happy Birthday to the [man/woman] who is trying to make us men and women the society can be proud of. May you enjoy your time.
  • Thank you for being such an awesome and cool principal. I hope you enjoy your birthday with all you celebrate the day with.

From Parents

Here are some birthday greetings specifically from a student’s mom or dad.

  • You have brought a change to the life of our [daughter/son], no one else could have done such work. Happy Birthday, Principal! You are a great influence.
  • Grateful is a cheap word in appreciation of the work you’ve done for our children. We hope we can celebrate you perfectly on your special day.
  • My laziest child is now soaring high. All thanks to you, when [he/she] had no interest in [his/her] teachers, you made [him/her] see reasons to study and become the best. Happy Birthday, Principal!
  • My [son/daughter] doesn’t stop talking about you. I’m sure you’re proud of him just like he is of you. Best wishes!


Here are some messages aimed at a female principal.

  • A purple flower is wishing my beautiful principal a happy birthday.
  • It was inspiring when I knew that our principal is a cute lady. Happy Birthday to you!
  • It’s my great honor to celebrate my principal; she is the backbone of my success. Happy Birthday!

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