The Coolest Birthday Wishes and Cards for A Special Boy

Boys are unique and they shouldn’t be stopped from their silly ways, it always make them become more mature when they grow up. Everyone knows a young lad in their life. Children are considered God’s children in many cultures as they are innocent in the ways of the world. You would be surprised to see how much they can learn as their brains are like sponges.

An amazing boy is going to celebrate. Happy Birthday to you.

A boy can be related to you as a brother, cousin, nephew or just a friend at school. If you know any boy, you may want to wish him a happy birthday and be an awesome role model for him. We got you covered.

Happy Birthday Wishes for A Boy

  • Little one, you are easily going to become someone impressive within a couple of years. I know this because I see it easily. Enjoy your special day honey!
  • Happy Birthday strong boy, the way you use and care for your body makes me wanna become a boy once again. Enjoy your fruitful and youthful days.
  • Hey, young man, you get to be extremely carefree today and have fun. I wish you a day of laughs and joy. Enjoy!
  • You are going to get an awesome surprise today. The only question is will you be ready? Happy Birthday kiddo.
  • Happy Birthday to the smart kid. You are going to be someone special for many people as you make many people smile with your cleverness. You are a true diamond. Enjoy!
  • As a boy, you will get a lot of things to happen to you and not everyone will understand you. That’s when you start to learn what it takes to be a man. You are getting one step closer.
  • Hey kiddo. You are now a year older. That is really great news! You are only getting taller, stronger and braver as a result. A marvelous birthday to a young man.
  • I will celebrate you with a great zeal, because you are my beloved son. Have a wonderful year ahead.
  • It is the time for a wonderful celebration, lots of gifts, candles and bubbly balloons as it is the party of the most adorable baby boy. Happy Birthday my little brother!
  • Whether it is sorrow, or happiness, my heart always calls for you, you have made my life improved, there is only you for me, who is always ready for my care. May you have many more sweet boy.
  • There is satisfaction in every decision people make, but the level of joy in the decision will be determined by its outcome. Always make the right decision boy. Have my best wishes!
  • Challenges and disappointment are inevitable, I hope you’ll turn them to things that can always encourage you. Have a wonderful birthday my boy.
  • My son has got a camel ride, and all his cute little friends run across the camel and sing. Today is the birthday of my lovely child.
  • Your cheerful smiles are my strength and they are the reason of my life. Happy Birthday son!
  • Days like these make me want to cry. I can’t believe how fast you have grown. May this day bring you cheer.
  • Wake up, stretch and have fun. It’s your day and I hope you enjoy this day to the fullest.
  • My boy, you are growing up. I hope this day reminds you how much you mean to me. Have fun dear.
  • This your birthday dude, do whatever you want. You are special to me and I wish you nothing but the best.
  • Thank you for being a part of my life, you are the most amazing little man I have ever come across. May this day bring you all your heart’s desires.
  • This is a special day for you little man, you are the best boy in the world. So have fun baby, you deserve a superb birthday.
  • This is a super fantastic day for you baby boy, you are going to have fun. I hope all your wishes come true dear, I love you so much. Happy Birthday to you.
  • It is an awesome day for a little young man. I hope you enjoy yourself dear. Millions of kisses to you!
  • I will always celebrate you for the honest man you have proven to be, have the best birthday yet.
  • I love you and want to see you grow into an old, grumpy wrinkled man with lots to live for. Have a celebration worth a million smiles.
  • You deserve the best and I hope I can give you that, I adore you and don’t want to be anywhere else but here. Have a hearty birthday buddy.
  • This is going to be the best day of your life little man, so sit down, relax and get ready to have fun. Happy Birthday to the cool kid.
  • This day is not only special to you, but to me as well. I get to see my little boy turn a new age. I hope this day brings as much joy to you as it is to me.
  • This is an amazing day for us all. I get to take out my fine china in your honor boy, may this day bring you as much luck as you deserve. Have a unique birthday.
  • Today is your day; I hope you utilize it to the maximum. Do all you want to do and be careful, you mean the world to me. I love you. Have fun dear.
  • Best wishes little one, it’s your day and I hope you get as much out of it as you’d wish. I love you so much, have fun.

For A Baby Boy

  • You won’t be a baby forever, so enjoy your childhood and by the way, enjoy your special day!
  • Happy Birthday baby boy! I wish you a year of happiness and cuteness!
  • You filled all the darkness of my life with the moon light of your birth; you are my cute loving son.
  • My dear baby boy, let me share you a secret, don’t get upset, the body is just a void shell and you are the pearl of my soul. Have a unique birthday!
  • You are an angel in our family, your delight smile and cheerful screams make us ecstatic and crazy for the moments. A very amazing first birthday to my sweetest and dearest boy.
  • You are an amazing boy and you deserve nothing but the best. Have a fun bash baby boy.

For A Male Friend

  • Happy Birthday to my cool friend. You are gifted and will grow up to be someone incredible. I wish you the best of luck this year.
  • Dear friend, you will have many different encounters in life which will show you something different at all times. But don’t ever forget to have a smile on your face as you will want to stay happy.
  • Just remember, when the tough gets going, get some candy to make you smile. Then take care of the tough. Have a cool day my strong friend!
  • We are old companions, we always care for each other and the colors of childhood friendship are always in my heart. Enjoy this big event.
  • You are one of my greatest friends among all to whom I share my all secrets, happiness and sorrows. A sweet day to the birthday boy.

For Best Friend Male

  • You are such a troublemaker but that makes you a ton of fun to be around. Since today is the day of  your birth, I know for a fact that you will cause a huge ruckus. Happy Birthday Best Friend!
  • I promise that you are going to have one of the best birthdays of all time. I know this because I did some of the planning. I hope you like it. Enjoy my best friend!
  • Things change with time but our relationship never changes, you are still a crazy, naughty, cheerful and enthusiastic friend. Have a wonderful day buddy.
  • Whatever you have in your life is the reflection of your own choices, change your taste, make a different choice and get the desirable outcomes. The best Bday to my best friend.
  • Best wishes for my cool friend. You are getting young day by day.

For Boy Crush

  • Today is the birthday of the most handsome boy at school. May I attend your party to see you dancing.
  • You are the most captivating and sweetest boy, your cute little mischievous actions made me want to talk to you. Enjoy, naughty colleague!
  • Though you never express your love but I can feel it all time. Thank God I had the chance to tell you that you’re the sweetest guy.
  • It’s your birthday, your time, and your hour. May you enjoy it to the fullest. Staff yourself with cakes and juice. Have fun handsome friend!!

Happy Birthday, Cool Kid

  • Happy Birthday cute boy, always remember that it is you that must invent what you will become in the future. Enjoy your special day.
  • You must be among the special boys that gives a new meaning to being a boy. It’s in wanting to achieve more than imagined. Happy Birthday cool boy.
  • You are a young man now but you are incredible for your age.
  • Hey kiddo. There are plenty of things to do on your birthday. You can become an action hero, maybe a fighter, or a king. Who would you rather be? In any case, Happiest of birthdays.
  • You are going to have a fun filled day, with all your family and friends around you showing you love. It is going to be a great day filled with life affirming memories.

Funny Messages

  • Happy Birthday to the little Batman who always flies at night.
  • My very best wishes for a young boy who will grow up into a strong man that will break walls by one hand.
  • You are now a year older! You are now an old man! I’m kidding. You don’t even have any chin hair yet.
  • Always smile when the sadness intrudes, but don’t smile too much or you will look funny.
  • This is your time, let’s blow out all candles and cut your favorite chocolate cake.

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