Long Happy Birthday Wishes

What does your birthday mean to you? What does the birthday of someone special to you mean? Buying gifts is a good way to show you remember someone on their special day, but what if you’re broke, far or due to other reasons can’t get the special person a gift?

Happy Birthday to a very cool one.

Sending a birthday message to the birthday person can make their day better than it began. Birthdays are special days for special people and I’m sure everyone loves to feel special, take a chance and choose one of the long messages below to send to that special someone on their special day:

Long Happy Birthday Wishes and Greeting Messages

  • It’s not just a day for you, but it’s a day for the family and your friends because you’re a great influence in the life of everyone around you. Happy Birthday to you dear brother.
  • Happy Birthday to you buddy, now that you are here with us, your radical friends. A low-key celebration won’t be acceptable here. Get dressed and let’s go party. God bless your new age.
  • Happy Birthday to you sweet man, it’s time to go out and get a dozen of people to light up this atmosphere. Let’s have a blast to celebrate you. Enjoy the great year ahead.
  • Happy Birthday to the person whose name is specially crafted upon my heart. I wouldn’t be able to do something without you. You’re an amazing person in my world. Enjoy your day.
  • There are some company that you enjoy and there are some that you detest. In your company is where I love to be all the time. Happy Birthday dear friend. Enjoy your special day.
  • The thoughts I have of you are magnificent, it is impossible to think of you and not be glad to the point where you burst to laughter. May your days be long. Happy Birthday buddy.
  • Thanks for being by my side day and night, for keeping me in perfect shape all the time. I love you so much and heaven knows. Happy Birthday to you my love and life.
  • Before I met you, I thought it was important to be with someone whoever it is, but I got lucky to meet you, since then I have emotional balance. Happy Birthday wonderful woman.
  • You carry a shine that cannot diminish, it’s meant to dominate everywhere you step your feet on and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Happy Birthday to you my dear sister.
  • The perfect example of a great woman is what you are. Let not the world change any good thing that is resident in you. Happy Birthday to you my dear brother.
  • It’s great to have a brother like you, I will gladly avert any bad thing that someone wants to do to you. You mean so much to my existence. Happy Birthday brother.
  • A kind of person who is a hero right from onset of their life is what we need in this country, someone who is selfless come what may. I have benefited greatly from knowing you.
  • Every female species are wonderful to be with but none of them ever came close to that kind of person you have always been to every person around you. Happy Birthday to you friend.
  • Truly Great People find a way to ensure greatness of others, that’s just who you are. A friend who wants others to succeed with lots of help from him. Happy Birthday to you dear friend.
  • Happy Birthday to an amazing friend, the cosmos and its being rejoices today because the world’s best man, celebrates today. Enjoy your special day man and God bless you a lot.
  • The light of the friendship we experienced together shines till today. I’m glad to have met you a long time ago. You’re a friend like no other. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Happy Birthday lady and friend, thank God I had exposure to someone like you, I wouldn’t have had any experience with ladies. Thanks for being a good friend. Enjoy your special day.
  • Few years from now I’m sure a lot of people will find it to believe when they see you on TV because the processes you’re going through right now are superb. Happy Birthday buddy.
  • Being here with you today really warms my heart, you are someone I will forever celebrate, appreciate and care for. Have the grandest of birthdays dear, you are loved!
  • Seeing you growing up into the fine human you are really makes me happy. I can’t believe it’s been another year already. You are more special to me than you think, enjoy your birthday!
  • I promised to always be here for you when you needed me and even when you didn’t. I intend to keep that promise and all the other words I’ve said to you before. Have a beautiful birthday.
  • You are an important person in my life and I couldn’t begin to imagine life without you. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. I appreciate and love you so much. Have a fine birthday!
  • Loving you came so easy to me, you are one of the most amazing people I have met and being here today and celebrating your birthday with you really makes me happy. I hope I won’t spoil the fun.
  • Everyone thinks they know you, but no one knows you as well as you do, and being as it may, have the most amazing time doing what you love to do on your birthday. Just please save me some cake.
  • I can’t believe you are all grown up, from the little child who picked their nose to the person standing before me right now! I’m honored to be part of your birthday. Enjoy!
  • You have always been and will always be the one who means more to me than anyone or anything else in the world, and I couldn’t stay away. Hope I make your birthday as special as you make me feel.
  • Having someone as amazing as you in my life has made everything better in my life and I couldn’t miss the chance to celebrate your birthday with you. I hope your birthday is as perfect as you.
  • You truly are someone I’d love to grow old with, we may be young and witty now but we will soon grow toothless and grumpy, there is no one else I’d rather do that with. Hearty birthday!
  • I have searched the world but couldn’t find someone as old as you, have the happiest of birthdays old timer, your stories and advice keep me coming back for more. Enjoy your special day.
  • I’ve learned so much from you and I can’t believe that today is your birthday. You are my mentor and my role model and there is no one else I’d rather look up to. Enjoy your birthday!
  • Special people like you deserve more birthdays than the candles on their cake can hold, wishing you a long life full of joy, love and hearty moments. Enjoy your special birthday!
  • You are one in a million and I have never met another person like you. Thank you for making me part of your birthday, enjoy each slice of cake, every piece of candy and each memory you’ll make.

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