SMS Birthday Messages

Birthdays come and go but special messages sent during this time are never to be forgotten no matter the medium in which it travels to reach the recipient. Birthday wishes to a special someone should come from the heart, it should mean something and it should say something special and unforgettable. Here are some birthday SMS wishes written below that are guaranteed to say what you mean with ease and a lot of thought. Share one of these birthday wishes with that special someone and see a smile form on their faces. The kind of smile that never fades:

SMS Birthday msgs

SMS Birthday Wishes and Messages

  • I really missed writing to you. My phone keyboard and screen wish you a birthday as awesome as you are. Missed you much.
  • Everyone has one birthday every year, so you need one private SMS message every year. Maybe two. Have a nice birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to my first person on my mind this morning. I hope to be the first one who visits your phone. Millions of wishes for you.
  • A message flies from my phone to yours to send you the best wish. Happiest of birthdays just for you.
  • Wishing you a birthday as sweet as this message. I hope your phone is open to deliver my greeting. Happy Birthday.
  • I wish you’ll eat the best cake you prefer. Say goodbye to diet today. Have a gorgeous birthday!


  • From my location, I send pictures for the moments we’ve had together. It’s a day I’ll show them to you as I wish you a cool birthday.
  • Hi, I’m Jack’s mobile. I’m sending this message to say “Happy Birthday to you” and Jack also will call you. See you soon.
  • I might need a special training to know how to surprise you with a strange abnormal message to wish you. Happy Birthday cutie.
  • I hope you drown in a pool of greetings and gift boxes. I hope you reach your dreams soon and touch them. Happy Birthday!
  • At the speed of cars on the highway, I hope you reach your dreams. Happy Birthday friend!
  • Don’t wait to get older. Wait to become wiser! Happy Birthday.

SMS Birthday Cards

  • Hey dude, tell me how to congratulate someone on their birthday! Oh, wrong message! Sorry, don’t save it.
  • My father told me that sending messages through phones is not enough to wish someone, so open the door and wait my kiss. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy birthday my good man, you are a perfect addition to the world; I love you and hope to see you grow older than the hills.
  • May this birthday be better than the last, may you have more fun, more people and most of all, more presents.
  • You are a great person, I hope as you grow older, you may grow happier, healthier and wealthier, be the greatest person to ever walk on this earth.
  • I will always tell you how much you mean to me for you are a treasure I would never want to lose, I love you so much, have a great birthday!


  • Happy Birthday my dear, you make the days better and I am glad I have you older, wiser and heartier, have fun!
  • Birthdays are great events when they are meant to celebrate a great person, have a fantastic birthday my dear; you mean the world to me.
  • I would never want to lose you, I couldn’t live without you, I am glad I get to share in your birthday so I could tell you how important you are to me.
  • Happy Birthday my dear, thank you for the smiles and good times, I hope you have a great birthday!
  • Have a great birthday my dear, you are an amazing persona and I hope you forever remain to be honest, earnest and great, have a great time.
  • Happy fantastic birthday my dear, you make a room bright by smiling; I hope you have a great birthday and a beautiful new beginning.

SMS Birthday Greetings

  • I treasure you so much because you make me the proudest person alive. Have a great birthday my dear, I really love you a lot.
  • I wish you a very cheerful birthday, may all your wishes come true and may your heart grow larger with love and appreciation.
  • Learn to live, love and have fun and you will see how wonderful the world is without worries, happy birthday!
  • I hope someday you will look at my message and see how much I love and appreciate you, have a great birthday my dear.
  • You are special to me and I definitely feel whole with you in my life, have a great birthday, may everything go as planned.
  • You are a bright child and I know you are going to be someone really great someday, just promise to share your awesomeness with those who love you.


  • Never think no one cares, I’m here, I care and I love you to the moon and back, have a great birthday my dear.
  • Happy Birthday my dear, you are a special person and I hope you enjoy each and every second of today, have fun my love!
  • Happy Birthday to the most handsome little man in the world, you are a gift from above and I appreciate you so much.
  • This is your day, own it, have fun with it and most of all, learn to appreciate every second of the day, hearty birthday darling.
  • Have fun, forget your worries and let yourself go, it’s your day and I hope you are wise enough to know it.
  • Happy Birthday my angel, you are all I need to take another breath of life, have a great birthday dear.

SMS Birthday Messages

  • I love you so much and hope you have a very amazing birthday, you are who you are and I hope to forever be there for you!
  • I will be your shoulder to cry on, I will be there to pick you up when you are down, you are special to me, Happy Birthday.
  • I hope you know how loved you are, have a jolly time at your birthday my dear!
  • My mind is frozen to collect the best words in English language to empty my happiness feeling. I’m happy for your B-day. Have a wonderful one.
  • I need three hands to send you an SMS message while wrapping your birthday gift. Happy Birthday my cool friend.
  • A shirt of joy with pants of fun are enclosed in suit of happiness, is just for your birthday style. Happy Birthday stylish dude!


  • Gifts like cakes are easily eaten. Gifts like balloons are easy popped, but the celebrating and spending time with friends will forever be in your memories. To an amazing birthday for you.
  • Celebrating a birthday is like eating ice cream, both are sweet and leave a good taste. Sweet birthday to you.
  • I wish you a day full of meat and drink. Save money to take a break after that. Happy Birthday.
  • Don’t clean messages box before knowing that I wish you get all your dreams in hands. A gorgeous birthday to you.
  • When you see someone delicious, you feel you love to kiss them. When you know that it’s the birthday of someone cool, you feel you love to gladly wish them a wonderful party. Let’s have fun there.
  • If you suspect that my message will be late, I will try to be the first one to show up on your notifications. Happy Birthday!

SMS Birthday Wishes

  • I hope I’m the first person whose message was at 12.00 am before anyone else. Happy Birthday starting from now.
  • One more year in your life will be good to make a great change in you. One year older, one year greater, live this day with no stress or sadness. Happy Birthday!
  • Weddings need suits. Success celebrations require casual style. Tell me now what’s suitable for your birthday to eat cake with. Have a fun filled day.
  • I hope heartily the best moments today will be just for your eyes. Create the fun and joy to your friends and relatives. Happy Birthday!
  • Your birthday doesn’t need a reminder to anyone. Your day is known by the full moon in the sky. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Open the window, look at the sky, there are many stars there; look at the most shiny one. Your day is like that one among others. Happy Birthday man!


  • Hey, That is a new SMS message. I hope that I’m the first one to say Happy Birthday to you. Enjoy!
  • Happy Birthday to the most ambitious friend. May you reach all of your goals in life. Best wishes!
  • One day, we will meet and remember all fantastic days we spent together, this birthday will be one of them. Have it wonderful.
  • One, two, three. Today you must be free. Do you agree?! Enjoy your birthday under the tree.
  • Hi, bro, What about the party? Is that today? We will do it. A great birthday to you.
  • Your birthday makes synchronization with other fantastic events. You are different and deserve a unique gift.

SMS Birthday Messages

  • Happy Birthday my friend. Hope you get the best wishes in this coming year. Catch your dreams and don’t let them go.
  • I know that the big hope you look for is the marriage. I hope you get it this year, bro. Happy Birthday dear!
  • Hey, phone. Tell your owner that someone wishes them a birthday full of pleasure and hugs. Now, say peep!
  • Do you know why I love and wait your birthday party?! At your party and besides the wonderment of your birthday, we meet all our classmates and friends that we didn’t meet a long time ago. May you be a rich man in the future!
  • Why don’t we get out and have a fantastic night? Think and reply so I can give you your special gift!
  • [SMS for daddy] Happy Birthday dad. I swear this’s the best day in my life because my lovely dad came to the world. I love you dad.
  • [SMS for sisters] It’s my sister’s birthday. Sorry, this year, I can’t celebrate with you like the birthdays before, but my heart will be with you. I’m very happy to see you grow up with me. Happy Birthday cutie.
  • In this fantastic morning, I send you an SMS text to say Happy Birthday my best friend. Enjoy yourself, dear.
  • It’s 12 am. It’s your birthday. Have best wishes, bro!
  • May this birthday bring you luck, love and good grace, you deserve the best and I hope you get the best out of this day. Enjoy your new age.
  • As old as you may feel right now, remember, age is just a number and that shouldn’t limit you from being the best this world will know. Enjoy your birthday.
  • You mean a lot to me, and that is why I adore you so much. I hope you enjoy this birthday and that you may grow to blow 100001 candles and more.
  • Another year with you should be better than the last years. I celebrate you today and every day we get to share new experience. Have a great birthday my friend.
  • Take today off and let’s celebrate, you had much money last month. Happy Birthday rich one.
  • [SMS for elder sister] Happy Birthday my sister. You are like mom on her birthday, but not the same age. You’ve changed the meaning of life for me. You are the best sister and friend. Enjoy, dear!
  • You are the most interesting person I know of and I can’t wait to get to know you more. Have the best birthday yet mate!
  • I look up to you because you are someone I would love to idolize. I’m glad I’m part of your birthday because I wouldn’t want to miss a single moment of your life.
  • May this birthday be all you hoped for and more, you are loved, appreciated and adored. Have the best day ever.
  • We will throw a fantastic party tonight. Can you join us? Oh, I forgot, you are the owner. Happy Birthday dude!

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