Thank You Messages for coming to a Birthday Party

Being thankful after celebrating with your friends is definitely natural feeling. Feeling happy after reading a birthday card is a main thing we all have it in this situation. Party is done and you have finished reading all wishes written on cards. Cakes have been eaten and candles are opaque. Now, it’s the time for your mind to start expressing happiness and appreciation for friends and relatives who did that with you. It’s the time to thank them for coming to your awesome party and also for gifts and greetings. Don’t let anything stop you from showing what’s in your heart. Start now by picking up one of thanks notes listed below.

Thank You Messages for Coming to My Birthday Party

  • I’m really honored for having you at my birthday party, even though you came in at the last minute, you have left with me something to remember for a while. God bless you.
  • The last year’s birthday party was dull without you, because of your business but your presence this year made it lovely. I’m still suffering from the hangover. :) Thanks a lot.
  • I’m glad we had no exams to write this year, the birthday party wouldn’t have been the same without your presence. The memory will linger on for long. Thanks.
  • Can’t stop laughing when you were picked to sing a birthday song for me. You sang well but if your song was produced it wouldn’t sell a copy. 😀 Thanks for making my birthday memorable.
  • Growing older scares some people, but not me. As long as I have friends like you around, I’ll be glad to always celebrate my birthday. Thanks for coming to the party. You made it awesome.
  • You made my birthday a wonderful one friend, the only worst path was dancing with you. 😀 You are a terrible dancer, but that made it special. Thanks for coming to my birthday party.


  • Your elegant attendance made the party like a big festival. Thank you so much for giving me the best birthday.
  • Pleasant surprises make life really beautiful. Thank you for giving me the best and most appreciated surprise of my life. Thank you for coming to my birthday party. I’m blessed by your love.
  • Having a birthday party is something good. Having the people you love and appreciate on the celebration is something great. Thanks for coming!
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  • Is that a wedding message? Or just engagement party greeting! Oh, it’s thanks note. Thanks for attendance my birthday party!
  • Thanks for dancing with me on my birthday celebration. Let’s repeat that soon.
  • If you clicked this SMS message, know that you have left joy and laughter not only on my birthday, but it’s still happening in my heart. Thank you a lot!

Thank you for coming to my birthday party

  • My heart prays for you that you may have all the good things that you deserve because you glorified my birthday party with your presence. Thank you for coming to my birthday party.
  • Do you know that I can’t actually even sing at parties, but I did that with your help there. Buddy, Thanks for coming to my birthday party with your big heart.
  • Thanks for surprising me by your sudden presence at my birthday party. I waited that to have the full fun.
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  • You partied with us like an amazing person who knows everything about parties and fun. This means that you made my birthday different. Thanks, dude!
  • You made me feel like Trump on TV, like Ronaldo around the pitch. Thanks for coming to my birthday party.
  • Wishing me a Happy Birthday, preparing a special gift and coming to give it to me then celebrating my birthday with me – What more can I need?!


  • The truth about friendship is that when they have joy, you have joy too. Thank you for spicing up my occasion with your expensive jokes.
  • Thank you so much for leaving everything to attend my birthday party. Do me a favor and come to my brother’s birthday soon!
  • Hey, wake up, you received a new message. Open it now. Thank you for sending me the same message wishing me a wonderful birthday 3 days ago. Thanks for coming to my party as well.
  • My birthday would have been incomplete if you didn’t come. Thanks for completing my birthday with fun and happiness!
  • May God bless you and you find all what you lost in your life as you made me find the real fun on my birthday. Thank you so much, it was a great party with you.
  • Balloons size has increased because of your long breath. We wait you every birthday to fill balloons with air and maybe to see you again. You can find the answer. Thanks, dude!

Thank you notes for coming to my birthday party

  • Ice cream, cakes and desserts weren’t only the sweets of my birthday party. My friends attendance, especially yours was the best part. Thank you so much for coming here!
  • Writing wishes is good to me, but coming to my B’day celebration is better. Thanks, bro for coming!
  • Once upon a time, someone told me that blowing candles out is the best part in birthday parties, but I see that my trustworthy friends coming was the best part. Thank you so much!
  • This message is prepared for some special persons who made a great change on my birthday. Thank you for bringing happiness to my party!
  • Thank you for your beautiful words to me. Hope to you many good wishes and healthy life.
  • You are a wonderful man. I ask God to make you happy as you did for me on my birthday. Thanks for coming!


  • The good person is that who remembers the special moments of others. Thank you, buddy!
  • You made my birthday party an unforgettable experience for me, I’ll remember everything you did on my day for a long time because you made it so beautiful. Thank you for your presence.
  • My day was so funny because of friends who share it with me not because of the event. Thank you for attendance!
  • You are my brother and I was so happy with your gift. Thank you so much, dear one.
  • Your words about me at my birthday party made me wonder why you weren’t my best friend in the first place. :) Thank you for gracing my occasion, you are the best.
  • Life happens only once, and that’s why every great achievement should be celebrated. Thank you for celebrating with me on my great day.

Thank you for your attendance

  • Dad, let me kiss your forehead. I celebrate my life events just because I feel proud of being your son. Thanks for helping me to make the best birthday party.
  • Thank you for the great expression of love towards me, you made my day great and a memorable one. Thank you for coming to my birthday party.
  • Thanks, sister, you are so beautiful today and forever. What a lucky man who will marry you!
  • I had the most shallow birthday party I had ever known, but with you guys there, I felt like flying over the moon because you made it so beautiful. Thank you for showing up at my party.
  • Thank you, my love. The birthday with you became completely different from all ones I celebrated without you. I’m so happy to be with you.
  • Ever since I know myself, you are the only friend that stood by me, even through thick and thin. Now you threw me the best birthday party ever. Thank you for honoring me on my special day.


  • Hope to you the best wishes and thank you for your good words in your card.
  • One of life’s greatest ways to show love is in being available to make people feel good on their special days. You made me feel great. Thank you for coming to my birthday party.
  • Thank you, my grandpa. You gave me a great birthday party that made my friends so excited to dance.
  • Even though you are stubborn, I never knew you have this depth of kindness. You planned well for my day and you made it awesome. Thank you for your contribution to my birthday party.
  • Playing, running, laughing, jumping and your wishes that enhance my positive feedback. Thank you, friend.
  • You painted my occasion and gave it the brightest color. I appreciate you so much for all that you did, it made me happy. Thanks for gracing my birthday party.

Nothing lasts forever like your attendance at my birthday party

  • The best thanks message containing grateful words will be to my trustworthy friend. Thanks for coming to my birthday party!
  • I had the best fun of my life not because it’s my special day but because you made it an awesome day for me.  Thank you for your effort in making it possible and thank you for gracing my birthday party.
  • Thanks for the gifts and wishes I got from friends and relatives. I hope to be always together for hundreds of occasions.
  • You made my day like a Christmas day, full of lights. Thank you, bro.
  • I had goosebumps every time I see you on my special day. When a prominent figure like you goes for any occasion, the occasion is blessed. Thanks for coming to my birthday party.
  • All my life, your good words encouraged me and made me like the firework. Thank you now for changing my birthday!


  • The journey of our growth and development has been adventurous and I thank God for knowing you. Thank you for making my day a really special one.
  • Thank you for all friends on twitter who congratulated me. The hell is waiting for all of those who couldn’t remember my birthday.
  • Thank you, guys. It was the best birthday party in my life. Hope good wishes for you. [Post on Facebook]
  • Your creativity and enthusiasm is adorable, especially when it comes to bringing joy to the face of people. Thank you for coming to my birthday party. You gave me joy.
  • Crazy friends are useful on the days like that. You made my birthday a part of the craze you have. Thanks for making that there!
  • Your lifestyle made me enlarge my thought, you are an excellent example for me. Thank you for coming to my birthday party. I’m really honored and blessed.

Thank you my friend

  • Millions of thanks go to one of my closest people. I hope you get all what you want in your life. Thanks again!
  • Thank you, bro. I appreciate your care and remembering my birthday. Hope speedy achieving of goals for you.
  • Celebration needs a big cake. The cake needs volunteers to slice it. Thanks for the one who was the first knife user on my birthday. Thanks, dude!
  • It needs time to thank someone for an amazing thing he has done. For a person who came to my birthday party I say: I’m so grateful to you for being here with me.
  • If I opened all books to collect the best thanks messages, I would fail to find a perfect one. Thank you, my friend for honoring me at home yesterday.
  • Thank you for making my birthday a worthwhile one and I do hope you had lots of fun like I did. Thank you for coming to my birthday party. Remain blessed.

Thanks Buddy

  • Anyone would be happy after knowing that you are one of those who came to his party. Thanks dude for coming and changing the taste of my birthday.
  • Nothing lasts forever, that’s also about sweet things that pass fast like your attendance at my birthday party. You deserve many thanks!
  • Every good thing is like the puzzle needs pieces to complete. You were a great piece that brought fun and happiness to my B-day party. Thank you for coming!
  • It’s easy to see many people in your party blowing up candles, but not easy to fill the party with sweet people like you. Thanks for making my birthday light up.
  • The joy and fun you gave to me on my birthday will never be forgotten. Thanks for changing my birthday from fun to crazy fun.
  • It’s a pleasure to see your car coming to my birthday party on one of days of bad weather. Thank you for coming!

Thank you Messages for Coming to a Birthday Party

  • With lots of love in my heart, I want to thank you for coming to my birthday party, you made it a great occasion for me. Thanks and God bless.
  • Thanks for sharing the cake with me. I spare 5 more slices to visit me again. Don’t miss that, please!
  • Writing wishes needs some mind power, but receiving them needs the heart power to get happy and fly to the sky. Thanks for giving me that on my birthday!
  • Thank you, mom. You are the angel of mercy and the example of love. No one can slice the cake like you!
  • Thank you, my wife. You are the best blessing as a life partner. You are also my birthday partner, so let’s eat one more cake.
  • The greatest gift I could ever receive on this day is your presence, but you didn’t just show up, you came with lots of gifts as well. Thank you for honoring me on my great and special day.
  • You are the best friend and the only one who I like speaking and celebrating with. Thank you very much for helping me in the party.
  • You made me feel really good, you gave me all I needed and your response of love to me is beautiful. Thank you for coming to my birthday party. I am really honored by your presence.
  • Your presence alone on my special day gave me joy and exceeding gladness, but your deeds and kind gesture made it historical for me. Thank you for gracing my birthday party, I am honored.
  • My party was like a tree which looks nice with sweet fruits. You were the best fruit there. Thank you for coming.
  • You have sent a nice greeting to me on my birthday. Now, I reply to tell you how wonderful my party was because of you and my trustworthy friends. Great thanks!

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