Good Morning Messages for Best Friend

Best friends are the people we can definitely never live without, not only because they are part of us but because they comfort us in ways that can’t be explained by math or science. Mornings aren’t many people’s specialty but doesn’t your best friend make waking up in the morning worthwhile? All the things you look forward to sharing with them and the moments you’ll get to create and laugh about when you grow older?

Get your body out of bed and make me breakfast. Good Morning!

Send your best friend a morning message every day until it becomes a habit; you can start with the ones here as you get more creative ways to wake your best friend up:

Best Good Morning Messages for your Best Friend

  • Rise and shine dear friend to explore the riches of the morning and to give thanks to God for the gift of another day.
  • I woke up thinking of all the crazy things we have done; I wouldn’t have wished for a better friend than you. Get out of bed and make today worthwhile.
  • I never missed not having a brother because you have filled that bridge since childhood. So get your body out of bed and make me breakfast.
  • I wanted my message to be the first thing you would see this morning because I want you to know how important you are to me. You have been a genuine friend.
  • We have been Friends from the start, and we will remain, friends, till the end, so do not even try doubting my loyalty. Good Morning dear friend.
  • You can either sleep in bed thinking of how handsome I have become or get up from the bed to tell me how awesome I’m. Admit it friend, I’m the boss.
  • I enjoy spending time with you especially the crazy ones, so lazy out of bed and let us plan how we are going to hook up later in the day to catch some fun.
  • If you are still in bed, friend you must have given up on calling me this morning nevertheless I guess it’s my turn to return the favor. Have a beautiful day ahead!
  • A friend is God sent to assist and accompany one through the uncertainties of life, you have been much of a friend, and I feel thrilled reaching out to you this morning.
  • Join me in enjoying the morning rather than clinging to your pillow; I will keep disturbing you till you get out of bed. That what friends do.
  • Trusting you was so easy, and you have always justified my blind choice. It’s another beautiful morning dear friend.
  • Never will I let anyone or anything get between our friendship. You are one of a kind, and I wish you the best of everything the morning has to offer.
  • Real friends are hard to find, but I got you on a platter of gold without any fee charged. Enjoy the morning with my right morning text.
  • I cannot assure you of a good day, but I can guarantee we will talk all about it over a cup of tea. Have a great time at the office.
  • You cannot enjoy your morning alone without me creeping on you, relay the dream you had about me winning a bet against you, I hope today is that lucky day dear friend.
  • You are such a handful that is why I cannot afford to have two best friends; you surpass them all by the way you snore in bed. Wake up sleepy head.
  • My assurance to you finishing today a happy friend is high because I have plans that will light up your evening bit, you have to start the day by getting out of bed.
  • I cannot tell my life story without acknowledging your impact and support at different times; you are my superhero best friend. I hope you accomplish all your goals for the morning.
  • You must have been sent from another planet or system to be this perfect as a best friend; I like everything about you and believe you are not real, wake up then report immediately to my house.
  • I woke up to a message notification from you my annoying best friend, and I’m at this moment reciprocating the favor. I don’t have words to say to you this morning.
  • You have become like a twin to me and I can’t believe we’ve known each other all our lives. Good morning dear best friend, wake up! It’s another beautiful day to rule the world.
  • Being best friends for two years is not a joke, I’m so glad to be sharing each morning with you. Good morning my beautiful best friend, another day, another clean slate. See you soon.
  • Good Morning dear best friend, you make life so much easier for me and I can’t help but look forward to a day we will spend quite well together. Already missing you so much! XOXO
  • I know how much you hate being woken up in the morning but I miss you and I really can’t wait to spend the whole day with my best friend just goofing off. So wake up sleepy head, good morning.
  • Good Morning best friend! It’s a beautiful day to think of someone as special as you. I know you will always be the one I can count on and I hope you know you can count on me too. Wake Up!
  • I already miss your smiley face and cute adorable laugh, really hope we’ll be spending the day together. Good morning! You are my beautiful best friend and I love you so much.
  • Good Morning! Since you’ve been away I’ve had no one to hang out with, the days have been longer. I miss you my best friend and I wish you were here. Nothing’s been the same since you left.
  • You are the one I want to grow old with and beside best friend, just thought I should appreciate you this morning and wish you a lovely and blessed day. Good Morning!
  • Good Morning! You definitely make my days more interesting my best friend and I can’t wait to have breakfast with you. At our usual place? See you then… don’t forget to take a shower. Love you!
  • You are really one of a kind and I do appreciate and love you more each day best friend. Thank you for always being there for me, you are a true gem. Have a fabulous morning!
  • Good Morning! What shall we do today best friend? Can’t wait to hear all about your night, see you in a bit. You are the sun that shines on my day and the moon that keeps me safe at night.
  • If words were worth all the love and appreciation I have for you best friend, I guess a good morning will have to do, I hope you slept so well. Have a blessed day ahead.
  • Keep safe, keep warm and I hope the bed bugs didn’t bite last night. Have a fun filled day with happy moments and enjoyable memories, you are someone I want in my life forever. Good morning!
  • I hope you dreamed of me last night my best friend, I did dream of you and all the good times we’ve shared so far. Enjoy your morning dear.

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