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What does valentines mean to you? Valentines is usually considered as a day for lovers, a day where two people get to express their love for one another through various means including the traditional candle-lit dinner and chocolates. Why not settle for a little valentine’s saying to your loved one to warm up the amazing day you have planned for them? Here are some Valentine’s Day love sayings you can share with that special person to show them you are thinking of them:

Happy Valentine’s Day Sayings

  • If love was a game and everyone had a character, you would be my pirate. That’s because you’ve stolen my heart. I love you my pirate.
  • Love is the king of feelings, we feel safe in love. We are always curious to know how our love story will be to its happily ever after.
  • We can’t choose whom we love by detecting some special characters. Love is a surprise and Valentine’s Day is a celebration for it.
  • Till now, I remember the time and place when we had met for the first time. I felt a twinkle into my heart when I saw you. You can imagine what happened to me when you told me that you love me. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • A calculator can’t count your beauty score, your kindness level nor the number of fans you have. I love you. Happy V-day.


  • I get amazed when I see you looking at me. I get happy when I smell your odor around. I have a big smile when I see you walk by. I love you and Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • when you feel your heart can’t endure the happiness when talking to your loved one, you breathe hardly and you can’t stop involuntarily smiling, you need to say, “I love you” all the time.
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  • Love you so much! I miss you because you are my life.
  • You are silent most of the time, but your silence makes me pay more attention to your eyes. Happy Valentine’s honey.
  • I asked the trees, “How do you stay alive?” They told me that water is the life element to them. If asked about my life element, just look at the mirror to know the answer. You are my water and my valentine.
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Valentine's Day Love Sayings

  • My goal in this life is to achieve your dreams before mine. Have valentine’s day full of love and happiness.
  • Life is tasteless without you, my world is empty without your eyes, and my way is silent without your voice. Honey, enlighten my way and by my side always. I love you, my valentine.
  • Love is when you find your other half. Your life will go incomplete till finding this person. You’ll be lucky when you find the right person at the right time. Happy love days.
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  • Love is the tool that creates the limit of misery and starts happiness feelings. Finish your sadness and start looking for the real love. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I count the time before meeting you. I count sounds of birds when I hear your voice. I love you, my valentine.


  • Love cannot be purchased for money. It’s a precious feeling you never find from any amount of wealth.
  • If you get tired of love, don’t surrender. The end is wonderful and deserves great efforts. Don’t let it go.
  • In love, there is no cause for you to say goodbye if you love someone special. Try to be fine for them.
  • Challenges are subsets of success and failure, just as perseverance is to love. Valentine Day is a day to be enjoyed by the successful ones, the ones who scaled through the hurdles of love successfully.
  • In case you ever tried to break up with me, I would never let you do it. I’d love to be with you for eternity. Have a great valentine, sweetheart.
  • Love is not an event to choose attendance, it’s a long-term emotion that you can’t control.
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Love Sayings

  • I hope to see what the future has for us, you are my destination and there is no way I’d get lost. Happy Valentine’s Day, darling.
  • Roses come with thorns, Valentine offers us the opportunity of celebrating an imperfect being in a perfect way because no one is perfect.
  • I wait to see you tomorrow. I just need to say: Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.
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  • Happy Valentine’s Day for the person who is worth feeling love. Whatever you did, I will keep loving you.
  • Being away sometimes doesn’t diminish my love to you. It just gives me a reason to miss you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.
  • You quench my thirst, you feed my hungry soul, you are my life and my all. I adore you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.


  • Love brings happiness to us, sadness away, and the energy to the heart and the soul. Let’s have a special valentine.
  • My heart utters with your name. My all move with your love. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Love makes time infinite. I don’t see the beginning nor the end. Love transfers you to another world.
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  • Love someone because of their qualities, you may love them irregardless of their imperfections.
  • Dare to venture, dare to love, those who take the bull by the horn and attain success are the ones that enjoy Valentine. Take worthy and romantic risks.
  • I love you not because of your face or clothes but because of your soul and heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.

Valentine Day Messages

  • Love can revive you over your failure and depression times. May each problem you have be fixed with love in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day to all people.
  • Sand is a main thing to be seen in deserts. Loving you is an essential thing to find in my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.
  • Love is like eating popcorn. As you can’t get full from eating it, you can’t get full from sharing moments with someone special. You need to see your lover all the time with no end.
  • It pays to love than to hate so smile more, enjoy the gift of humanity and celebrate Valentine to the fullest.
  • Goodbye tears, Welcome felicity, I’m in love and no more darkness in the life. I wish everybody a Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • If you deeply love someone, set them free. If they come back, they are yours forever. If they didn’t, be sure that you had chosen the wrong one.
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  • Ever since I knew you, I have achieved the victory by being with you. You are my inspiration, you always give me the hope to keep up. Happy Valentine’s Day, my glory.
  • Valentine is the celebration of the accomplishment of the contest of love which enables both candidates to win at the same time.
  • If your heart is mixed with the sky, clouds will rain by lots of your sentiments. It will be a motive for people to start loving each other. Happy Valentine Day, baby.
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  • Love varies among countries. Cold sentiments in some citizens and strong for others. Your love can build a new special country for us. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.
  • With you, No need for anyone else. I need you, my valentine.
  • Love is not a game to win, not a puzzle to solve, it’s pure sentiments that come unexpectedly and you should reply. Happy Valentine’s day.

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