Valentine’s Day Messages for Crush

Valentines Day Messages for Crush

Valentines is the season for love, it is the one day a year you treat that special someone, it is lovers day and as a person secretly in love, it is a good day to send your crush a little message to show them how you really feel. Messages go a long way in expressing what you can’t say but you mean. Love is a strong emotion, so if you have a crush you have been crushing on, take advantage of the day, swoop in with one of these messages, and of course some flowers and chocolate and see your crush become your lover for the day. Here are some messages you can send to your crush on that very romantic Valentine’s Day;

Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes and Messages for Crush

  • My heart clings to you every now and then, because I have created a castle for you in my heart, I hope you’ll come live in it soon. Happy Valentine’s Day Sweetie.
  • I never knew it could take this long to have you, but to me, the longer it takes, the better I love you. Nothing is going to change that. Happy Valentine’s Day cutie.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • The only wish I have after living is to be with you and I will not stop doing everything to make it possible, it’ll mean a great deal to me. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
  • I’m single and this’s true, but you can push me to a new relationship with the most beautiful person in town. I really like you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
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  • I think today is the best day to reveal my love for you. I’ve been crushing on you for years but you seem not to care, please will you be my valentine?
  • There’s no beautiful garden without beautiful flowers. There’s no me without you. I don’t wanna crush on you anymore, I wanna love and be with you. Be my valentine for life.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


  • The way we met surprises me till date, that’s why I wish we could start something between us. My crush, I hope to celebrate the next Valentine’s Day with you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • You’ve shown unto me this kind of affection just as your crush, what if we outgrow this stage, I guess you’ll give me the world. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
  • You suit the profile of the girl I’ve been looking for to be my partner, I hope I’ll be the one that makes you happy every day of your life. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.
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  • It’s really difficult to think of you with another person as you are my crush and I really want to be with you in the coming valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Today’s valentine is OK but not great because I’m not with you, I hope the other Valentine’s Day will be great, because I hope to live it with you. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
  • I’m really bad at this, but I know what I feel and I feel you. I hope we can be more than friends, Happy Valentines my crush.
Happy Valentine. Enjoy!

Happy Valentine. Enjoy!


  • I must confess, the impact you have on me is great, I really value everything about you even from afar. I hope I’ll get a chance with you. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
  • It takes time to get to know people, but I think your case is different, that’s why you have a lot of suitors. You’re really sweet. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.
  • This day is just for cute people, so enjoy it sweetie.
  • It’s really strange how my heart pounds ceaselessly whenever I hear your voice. I guess it’s really something beautiful. I hope you’ll enjoy this Valentine’s Day.
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  • I have always admired you for a long time and you’re aware of it, but still I stand no chance with you. Maybe you should lower your standard a bit. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
  • I loved you once, I love you still, I always have and always will, just give me a chance with you to prove my love. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush. Enjoy it.
  • I hope I can turn my crush into my lover, you are all I have ever wanted, so make my valentines by being my lover.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • I don’t know if anything can stop me from believing that I can still have you, even despite your successful present relationship. I hope I’m right. Happy Valentine’s Day crush.
  • I’ve been waiting for so long to get a reply from you, but it seems my patience is out but I still love you. I hope you’ll see that I truly care. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • All I need from you is a chance to prove the genuineness of my love for you. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
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  • I understand you’ve not seen the reason to be with me, but I’m glad I could tell of my love for you, because it’s really authentic. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
  • One of the easiest things I’ve ever done in life is to have a crush on you, because it’s just so amazing how charming you are. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
  • All I care about is you and your happiness, I don’t really care if you want to be mine or not. I just love everything about you. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • They say love doesn’t cost a thing, but my love for you has cost me my sleep because I think of you day and night. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
  • Living without you is so difficult, you are my journey of life and destination. You are always included in my prayers. I wish you live a happy life. Happy Valentine’s Day my crush.
  • I feel so lonely and incomplete without you. It’s a big test for me to spend time lonely as you are necessary for my every scarcity. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
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  • I can’t live even a single moment without you, I have got dissolved in your styles and ways. I want you in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day, my love.
  • When you are with me, life exists in those moments. Without you my existence is hollow. Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day, my first crush.
  • Time stops when you pass, people get silent when you talk. Happy Valentine’s Day to the most amazing girl in this world.
  • I daily listen to the tone of your footstep on the ways of my heart. All my heartbeats are disturbed and wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • Life is about two moments and for how long I shall avoid myself from loving you. You meet me or not but my heart will always feel love for you. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • This adorable girl made me crazy all time. Your fair complexion, blue eyes, and charming smile hypnotized me for a long time. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetie.
  • What is the secret behind it, the darkness shed and moonlight filled my heart. I start feeling you in my dreams. I miss you and love you so much. Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.
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  • You are so beautiful, sometimes I asked myself if I’m good enough for you or not. But your presence makes my life better. Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day My sweet crush.
  • This heart has been so restless in your loving memories. Still waiting for you though you have forgotten me. I’m down and crying. Wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I have been crazy since when my gaze has got stuck with your gaze. You are one of the beautiful girls I have ever met. Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy your day.
Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day


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Valentine’s Day Messages for Boy Crush

  • My heart has done the partnership with you as you are the ideal candidate for my heart. Tell me what I should do, my heartbeats stop when you are misplaced. Happy Valentine’s Day, my great guy.
  • You are the reason that why I love all the seasons, why I feel the fragrances of flowers and why I feel peace inside me. You are my first love and first crush. Miss you baby. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I can’t tell you how my heart is excited in your love, my shadows are even with you, my man wherever you are. I’m madly in love with you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my handsome guy.
  • Come and complete today an incomplete story, don’t spoil this great day. You and I are the part of this game. Make this day beautiful. Happy Valentine’s Day.
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  • I’m an unknown crazy night but my relaxing and pleasing morning is you. Happy Valentine’s Day, honey.
  • I’m sure you will fall in love with me, just spend some evenings with me. Happy Valentine’s Day, cool guy.
  • I have always had my eye on you, sorry it has taken me so long to tell you I love you. Happy Valentine’s day dude, I hope we can be more than friends.
  • I have mastered every ounce of confidence I have to tell you I really like you and I have always had a crush on you. Be my valentine today, please?
  • I love every single thing about you, I hope you don’t run away when I tell you I have always had a crush on you. Will you be my valentine?
  • Happy valentine’s day baby, yes, I have liked you for so long and now is the perfect time to present my case. Will you be my lover?
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Valentine’s Day Messages for Girl Crush

  • You are the cutest girl I know, I like you a lot and I hope this day will be a start of a beautiful relationship between you and me. Please tell me you feel the same way too.
  • Happy Valentine’s day my love, you are awesome and I love you so much, may I make this day unforgettable for you?
  • If you give me a chance, I will show you how much you mean to me. I have always liked you and I believe valentine’s day was made for us.
  • Happy Valentines beautiful girl, I have always had my eye on you and I don’t believe I will ever stop seeing you, even if I go blind. I love you and hope we can be more than friends.
  • Your smile spreads through your face like the spread of water in oceans. Your voice keeps capturing my mind and oh, you’re my girl crush. Today, I’m taking you as my Val.
  • How would I forget you! You were the last desire of my life. I need you all time and I miss you so much. Enjoy the beautiful day for lovers if you ever think a moment about me. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • I love you sweetie just like my mom loves my dad…… Happy Valentine’s Day.
To the most beautiful girl, Happy Valentines Day!

To the most beautiful girl, Happy Valentines Day!


  • The best gift for a day like this is to spend the day with you, that’s when I’ll think of the day as successful. I hope you’ll grant my request. Happy Valentine’s Day cutest girl.
  • There are some things I couldn’t just do right, if you can come into my life, I’m sure you’ll turn me to a superman, because my love for you is strong. Happy Valentine’s Day honey.
  • Happy Valentine my crush, I was told not to push to make a relationship happen between us, if it’ll happen let it be and if not, nothing changes. Enjoy this day and beyond.
  • I like you a lot, I like you more than my favorite game box, and I hope we can be more than friends. Happy Valentines my crush!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, my dream girl. You’re the one who made me restless and sleepless.
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  • I hope I can be more than a friend to you, I really like you and I wish to make this valentine unforgettable for you. Please be my valentine.
  • I have had a crush on you since I was a kid, now that we are all grown up, I hope we can be more than just childhood friends. Please be my valentine now and forever.
  • Happy Valentine, you are awesome and I love you so much, I hope this day turns out to be unforgettable. I like you.
  • Happy Valentines my cute friend, you are all I have my mind set on and I want to make this day memorable if you’ll let me.
  • I’m happy just to be your friend, but I’d be thrilled if I could be more than a friend to you, I like you and I have always had a crush on you. Be my valentines and I promise to make it last forever.
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