Valentine’s Day Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

Valentines Day Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

Valentines is a special day where lovers, families, couples and all the people express love towards one another, but can’t it be used as a day to wish your ex a happy day also? Between men and women who are worse exes? That’s for you to decide, anyway, send your ex-boyfriend one of these Valentine’s Day messages and hope he has a day worth smiling for, after all, isn’t Valentine believed to spread love among the people of the world? Choose one of these messages below to send:

Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes and Messages for your Ex-Boyfriend

  • Seeing you with your new girl on Valentines really takes me back to the time I cared. I hope you have a nice Valentine ex, enjoy!
  • With every hope and dream that died in me rose a new thing I call self-love. Thank you for teaching me how to love myself, have a nice Valentine bro.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • I really hope you’ll because of this day of love allow love to really take over. You’ve always held onto your self too much. Free yourself and enjoy love. Happy Valentine’s Day my Ex-Boyfriend.
  • This year could have reached another benchmark that would have elongated our love story but it ended. I wish you all the best in your love life as you celebrate today. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • It would have been the greatest joy to keep achieving things together with you, but the love ended between us. I hope you’ll still achieve things alone like I’m doing. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
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  • It’ll be a priority to keep staying together if winning together is constant. But we never managed to win together so why the need to stay together. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • With me by your side, you’re always picking up awards but you got so carried away, now you barely pick up any. I’m your lucky charm and I’ll always be. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-boyfriend.
Just be happy. Happy Valentine's Day!

Just be happy. Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • If I have my way I’ll permanently erase you from my memory, but I guess since I can’t Ex will remain Ex. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • I really hope to meet a man like you again, but a man like you with a compassionate heart which is what you lack. I hope you’ll learn from the past. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend
  • Happy Valentine’s Day dear Ex-Boyfriend. I hope you’ll concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand order then trying to get me back. I’m not sure I want you back.
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  • The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus, your love life needs to focus on just a person if you want to get the best. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • It’s a special day today, but it summarizes how our love started and ended. It’s a thing not to remember because it’s a mix of joy and disappointment. Happy Valentine’s Day my Ex-boyfriend.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • The tone is already set for a glorious day like this and it’ll be more glorious even without you Ex-Boyfriend. I wish you well. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • I wanna wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you’ll enjoy it, but I hope you won’t enjoy it like I’ll do here. I want you to miss me. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • Ever since I left you, your world has become so little, but I do wish for you that you’ll enjoy the good day of love in your own little world. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
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  • My frailty made you leave me, but yours were exposed when I left you, it shows I’ve been covering for you. But I have my joy now and hope you’ll have yours. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • Leaving you was difficult, but it made me jump and limp for joy once again. I have given up a lot for you, but you wouldn’t do the same. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend. Enjoy.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • I have sacrificed a lot of things that could bring me joy for your sake. But it’s great that we went our separate ways. It was the best for us. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • Your actions to let go of me was totally reckless, but now it became really clear to you. You won’t find a woman like me again. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend. Enjoy yourself.
  • Your vision of doing away with me was actualized, now that you’re lonely, I hope you’ll enjoy your loneliness in your lonely world. But I’ll wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • Many people make me feel good today and it’s my greatest gratitude to you for kicking me out of your world. I’m in a better world of my own. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
  • What a brilliant and beautiful day it is for me! It’s a day to celebrate our separation and coming apart. Thank you for everything though. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Boyfriend.
Happy Valentine!

Happy Valentine!


  • I never thought we would be apart, but I have learned to live without you and be glad for the time we shared. I hope your Valentine is as special as mine. Enjoy ex-boyfriend.
  • Writing this to you doesn’t mean I want you back, it means that I hope you learn how to love the one you’re with more each day, enjoy your Valentine ex-boyfriend.
  • I have been bitter but I’m glad to say I’m better, I hope your Valentine is as lovely as mine, have a grand time as you celebrate Valentines with your Valentine ex-boyfriend.
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  • You used to be the one I couldn’t bear not to see, now you are the one I can’t bear to see, I hope you have a happy Valentine far away from me ex-boyfriend, enjoy.
  • We left each other on a sour note, but being your friend now has taught me a lot ex-boyfriend, fate really had something else in store for us, enjoy your Valentine.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  • You are a great guy and I’m sure you will make your girl very happy, I wish you a lovely Valentine ex-boyfriend, do enjoy the day and all it brings forth.
  • I’m over you, us, and everything I hoped for our future, I hope you enjoy your Valentine ex-boyfriend; maybe it will teach you how to love.
  • I know I hurt you ex-boyfriend, but my heart isn’t as cold as you claim it is, you made it warm and I will always hold you in high regards, enjoy your Valentine.
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  • We were a mistake, but leaving you was the best choice I ever made, I hope you are happy with someone new and I hope you spend Valentines with them ex-boyfriend.
  • You may call me anything you want but I will always regard you as a friend, a lesson and an unforgettable experience. Enjoy your Valentine ex-boyfriend; I hope it is full of love.
  • I know I wasn’t the perfect girlfriend for you, but someone else will love me just the way I’m, have an awesome Valentine ex-boyfriend, thank you for the moments.
Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines!


  • Ex-Boyfriend that has both positive and negative impact on me, I will still celebrate you on this special occasion, because we once enjoyed it together. Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day my ex however, I have no more feelings for you, I’m just wishing you out of my hearts good will. Enjoy the great day of love.
  • I remember our first Valentine together, it will forever be my best, enjoy your Valentine with your new lover ex-boyfriend; you deserve happiness.
  • May this day be as memorable for you as it will be for me, you are a special person and I wish you nothing but good grace as you celebrate Valentine ex-boyfriend.
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  • May you attain all your Valentine goals this day ex-boyfriend, love is everywhere, you just have to find it. Enjoy the day.
  • I will never forget you but you will not live on in my memories, enjoy your Valentine ex-boyfriend, may it be as great as you.
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