Valentine’s Day Messages for Ex-Girlfriend

Happy Valentine's Day Ex-Girlfriend

Anyone who has ever dated has an ex somewhere, be it a mean one or a nice one you didn’t treat right, it doesn’t matter. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and love has no hate, so no matter how much you may dislike your ex-girlfriend, send them a Valentine’s Day message to show them you hope they have forgiven you or you have forgiven them, that you have moved on and that you don’t hate them. Words prevail where actions fail and as much as your ex hurt you, it is nice to show them you’ve passed that and wish them the best with their new profound love or with the one they’ll share valentines with. Here are some messages you can send to your ex-girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, no hard feelings:

Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes & Messages for Ex-Girlfriend

  • You may be my ex-girlfriend but I still hold you in high regards. I hope you have a nice valentines and that you found love.
  • May this Valentine’s Day be the start of something new for you dear ex-girlfriend, I hope you may forgive me as I did forgive you.
  • We may not have worked out ex-girlfriend but I can see you are happier with someone new. Wishing the both of you a happy valentine.
  • If it takes a year or more years to look after you even though we’re not together again, I’ll do it. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-girlfriend.
  • Can I ever stop caring about someone I shared wonderful moments and memories with? No, NEVER. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-love.


  • The light of this day brings me to the special and unique memories we both shared. It’s tingling in my heart. But I must move on. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-girlfriend.
  • I still wish I have a woman who is made up of your composition and some few other things you lacked, but I haven’t found. I miss you for that. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-love.
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  • Just as we always enjoyed this beautiful day together, I hope you’ll still be able to make the best of it without me. Happy Valentine’s Day my ex-girlfriend.
  • When affection flies out, then everything follows. I wish you’ll be happy without me. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Girlfriend. Enjoy your day.
  • So strange I had to believe that this day would be spent without the one who gives it a significant meaning to me. Anyways, I wish you’ll enjoy it. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-girlfriend.

Valentine's Day Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend

  • Progress in life surely takes a slow process, but as long as you are sure not to give up, it’ll surely come. I hope to find someone better in the future. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-girlfriend.
  • It’s a wonderful occasion when two souls could unite together, but it seems that the souls are apart and very far away today. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-girlfriend. Enjoy it a lot.
  • We truly shared a sacred bond and it must not be forgotten so cheaply even though we’re no more together. Happy Valentine’s Day Ex-Girlfriend. May you be blessed.
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  • We were supposed to stay together and fight to destroy the thing that wanted to come between us. But you were too weak to defend what we had. Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day ex-love.
  • If there is any joy and happiness out there away from me, I hope you’ll find it today with your dear husband. Happy Valentine’s Day first love of my life and ex-girlfriend.


  • It is so true that moments are cherished when they are long gone. I’m glad we were able to share some great time. I feel good when I remember them. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-love.
  • A romantic day that should have our hands in the hands of one another, but that won’t be possible because our differences come in between that. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-girlfriend. Enjoy the great day.
  • The awareness of the certainty of love for a person comes after you might have left them. I realize that I still love you ex. Happy valentine’s day ex-girlfriend. Enjoy the day.
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  • You once filled the vacuum in my heart with total joy and passion. I want to wish you many more of that in the future, hopefully with another man. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-love.
  • Our life moments were going according to a plan. I thought we were divinely connected together from above. I hope to share with another person what I shared with you. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-girlfriend.

Valentine's Day Cards for Ex-Girlfriend

  • For those who have their desired love, today is a day to cherish the magic of togetherness and endlessness. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-girlfriend. Thanks for the things we enjoyed and shared together.
  • I never ever thought it would be so short, my sight was fixed on our togetherness forever. But such is life. We must both move on and be happy. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-love.
  • I will cherish it by all means if I can have a way of spending this day with you, days with you are always enjoyable. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-love. I won’t ever stop loving you.
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  • No one ever gets over their previous love, they just move on. Can I ever forget all that we shared together? No, I won’t. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-girlfriend. I will always love you.
  • Time couldn’t stop or affect our love for one another, because we’ve loved each other for as long as I could remember. But our paths separated us. Happy Valentine’s Day my ex-love. Much love still.


  • I heard you’re preparing to get married very soon, I hope it’ll be a good home that you are forming, but my love for you was very real. Happy Valentine’s Day ex-girlfriend.
  • May this valentine be the start of healing and meeting new people for both me and you ex-girlfriend, you still hold a special place in my heart.
  • Although memories of you and I fade away, it doesn’t stop me from wishing you a valentine full of love and happy times ex-girlfriend.
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  • Have fun on valentine’s day dear ex-girlfriend, you are free to do whatever you want, but don’t give up on love for St. Valentines is definitely on your case. Cheers.
  • You will forever be the ex-girlfriend I wish the best for, have fun on this special day and don’t forget to love yourself.

Valentine's Day Messages for Ex-Girlfriend

  • Having you was a blast ex-girlfriend, and I bet you’ll make someone out there smile as you once did for me. Happy Valentines!
  • Valentines is a new day, a brighter one for that matter and I hope you don’t waste it on sobs dear ex-girlfriend, you deserve the best.
  • You may be mean but that doesn’t stop me from wishing you a happy valentine. I hope you’ll find someone to melt your cold heart ex-girlfriend.
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  • Thank you for the times ex-girlfriend, I hope you are making new memories with someone new, and that you learned from our experience. Happy Valentines!
  • It was a ride being with you, an unforgettable one for that matter, hope you’ll love again ex-girlfriend, you deserve the best. Happy Valentines!


  • Happy Valentines to my beautiful ex-girlfriend, I hope you forever remain true to yourself and those around. Thank you for the special times we shared.
  • Happy Valentine’s ex-girlfriend, in the midst of it all, you still remain the one who taught me how to love myself more and to give myself another chance.
  • May the slay queen in you fall in love with someone new this Valentines, you are my ex-girlfriend and I still wish you the best in love and life.
  • I can never hold a grudge for too long, I just accepted I fell in love with the wrong girl. I wish you happiness on this special day ex-girlfriend. Happy Valentines!
  • You will forever be the ex-girlfriend I hold in high regards for you taught me more than I’ve ever learned in my whole life. Hope you find love, Happy Valentines.
  • Happy Valentines ex-girlfriend, I’m over you and I can see you are over me, I hope you are happier now than you were with me.

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