Advance Marriage Wishes

Weddings must be one of the most cheerful occasions ever because people really come out looking their best. But I think weddings are mostly special for the bride and groom, because on their big day, they get to become the main center of attention, so they become very nervous.

Congratulations! Happy Married Life.

Sending someone an advanced wedding wish can be a precautionary measure because the likelihood of them seeing your message on their special day is almost slim to none. Your message won’t be any less special because you sent it earlier. Just send them a wish you know will shake their heart, you can choose from the ones below:

Early Wedding Wishes and Congratulations in Advance

  • Marriage brings bliss and happiness through its experience. May all the love and pleasure that marriage brings always rest in your heart. Happy Married life in advance.
  • Love, peace, and happiness are the ingredients that make life enjoyable; these are my wishes for you in your marriage and throughout your life on earth. Happy married life in advance.
  • Your married life will be flooded with love, care, respect and spiritual blessings. Congratulations in advance.
  • Marriage is a blessing to the world, because two persons agree to become one. As you get married, Joy and happiness will always be with your home as one. Congrats in Advance.
  • This marriage race is a directed path that God has commanded His angels to wait for you there. Hence, you will know nothing but success and prosperity. Happy married life in Advance.
  • Your marriage is blessed with good health and prosperity. No power can stand against you in this marriage. You will not be shaken. Happy Married Life in Advance.
  • I can’t wait to finally see how your wedding will look like; I wish you the very best as you’re getting married. Congrats my best friend!

Marriage Wishes for a Friend in Advance

  • Love is never known to change; it’s forever. So also your marriage dude, it will be forever. Happy married life in advance.
  • The love between you and your fiancé will never run dry or cold. Keep soaring high and congratulations my best friend.
  • I hope you’ll have a day worth remembering and admiring forever my dear friend, I’m happy that I’ll be part of your wedding day.
  • May all our single friends start thinking of marriage after seeing you as a cool groom. May God protect you both and live a happy life. Congrats my friend.
  • I have to see this for myself, I wouldn’t believe it if I only hear about it. You make me proud dear friend. You are the couple I definitely look up to. Congrats on your wedding!

Advance Wedding Congratulations for Brother

  • A few more days and then you’ll be married. You were made for each other and I’m really happy to be a witness at your wedding bro!
  • Marriage is a bond, and it is greater than every other relationship known to man. Enjoy this bond with a great affinity for peace and joy. Happy married life bro.
  • Each day your wedding gets closer my heart beats faster, I’m really anxious to see the outcome of the beautiful union you’ll have. Enjoy your wedding sweethearts!
  • May God shower blessings on you and your beautiful fiancée. May you forever stay in love and never fall out of love for one another. Happy Married Life in advance.
  • A few days to your wedding and I’m the one who’s anxious, I know it will be a glorious day and that we will all be impressed by your love for each other. Wishing you the very best bro!

Advance Wedding Congratulations for Sister

  • Your marriage shall be a blessing to your children surrounding the table. Nothing shall be lacked as you set up your new home. Congratulations sis.
  • I know you’ll make a beautiful happily ever after, wishing you in advance an amazing wedding and honeymoon my dear sis. You deserve each other!
  • There is a life that all ladies want to experience, and that is what you are about to taste. God blessings and Guidance follow you. Happy Marriage in Advance.
  • Just as the flower of the field and the fragrance that follows it, so shall your joy and happiness in marriage be a wonderful sight for all to see. Happy Married life sis!
  • You shall see your children’s children and the Lord shall bless your womb with grace and love. Happy married life cutie.
  • Have a great wedding for there is nothing more satisfying than seeing two people in love happily together. I can’t wait for the actual wedding day sis!

Best Advance Wedding Wishes for Cousin

  • Congratulations on your marriage cousin. This is a sign that God has selected you for the next stage in life. Happy Marriage in Advance.
  • God will make your face shine and lift you in the times of difficulty. Congrats Cousin.
  • Love is the perfect ingredient God has blessed your life with. I hope you’ll enjoy every ride that this marriage presents. Happy married life my dear cousin. All family members are happy for you.
  • This marriage is only filled with good news and happiness for all family. No evil shall befall you in your wedding. Happy married life.
  • I know your wedding will turn out as perfect as your love for each other, can’t wait to see you with the gown on you. Have a great day cousin; your family is here if you need anything.

Outstanding Advance Marriage Wishes for Colleague

  • You don’t know how happy I was when I heard you are getting married; I wish you a lifetime of smiles and love. I can’t wait to be part of your wedding!
  • Marriage is a union that involves the conscious efforts of two persons. God is consciously going to water your marriage with heavenly blessings. Happy Married Life my best colleague.
  • I’m definitely attending the wedding of my best colleague, I can’t miss the chance to see two love birds finally becoming one, I wish you the best in your married life together!
  • Seeing you this happy a few days before the actual wedding day is a really positive sign. I wish you the very best as you celebrate your wedding and togetherness. Enjoy and forget work!

SMS Advance Happy Married Life Congratulations

  • You shall never be counted among those who have had pain and sadness. Your joy shall overflow and reach out to friends and neighbors around. Congratulations in advance.
  • May your wedding turn out as amazing as I know it will be. I wish you each and every ounce of happiness this world has to offer. Enjoy your wedding!
  • It is an exciting fact to begin a very interesting part of your life. I wish you heaven’s blessings as you thread blissfully on this glorious path. Happy Married life in advance.
  • I’m sending my wishes to you early because I want to be the first one to wish you a perfectly happy marriage with lots of love and happiness. Congrats!
  • You make a really beautiful couple my dears, your love is real and not like any other I’ve ever seen. Have a blessed wedding and honeymoon in advance!
  • You must be the luckiest couple in the world; I know everyone here is looking forward to seeing how happy and fulfilled your wedding will be. Congrats on your special day my dears!

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