Belated Wedding Wishes

Being sorry is not a bad feeling, especially when you know you have wronged someone who means so much to you. Weddings bring people together and the fact that you were invited and were sorted after means the person really would have loved to see you around. Due to many unmentionable or incomprehensible reasons that you have for not attending the wedding, showing that you were with the happy couple in spirit can really go a long way in making it up to them.


We have made work easier for you by writing down a special list of belated wedding wishes that you can send to the cute couple, just pick one:

Belated Marriage Wishes and Congratulations Messages

  • Our willingness to provide for our families has taken us away from a lot of friends, that I could even forget my friend’s wedding. Happy married life friend. Thanks for understanding.
  • No one can ever be a substitute to a friend like you in my life. I wish you a bright future in your newly assembled home and I hope all the days will be beautiful.
  • You have been the perfect requirement for my life and I really regretted not having the enablement to attend your wedding. Happy married life great brother and companion. So sorry it came late.
  • If perhaps your wedding later comes to the normal ones that people have, I hope that love remains intact. I’m sorry it came quite late, but I wish you all the best.
  • It may be coming late, but I want you to know that it is coming from my heart with a lot of enthusiasm. Happy married life to you awesome guy. Enjoy your home.
  • The message seems to be coming late, but it’s actually intentional, because it’s only now that you will have time for everything like this. Happy married life friend.
  • Sometimes this always occurs, my heart is with you but my brain is where I need to make some money. :) Happy married life friend. Sorry I missed your wedding. Lots of love.
  • Best belated wedding wishes to such a superb guy like you. I hope it won’t be late till you have all things that make up a home. Enjoy all the love from each other.
  • You both must have had a lot of wedding wishes yesterday, so I had to keep some more for you today. Happy belated wedding wishes my great friend. All the best.
  • Happy belated wedding wishes to you dear sister, now that my own wish has entered, I hope it doesn’t stop entering until you grow old. :D Lots of love is what I have for you.
  • It would have been special to stand beside you and tell to the face of your wife that you will cheat. :D I didn’t want to kill you, that’s why I didn’t come. Congratulations friend.
  • Happy belated wishes to this exciting couple, nothing looks good together like you, not even mac and cheese. Really wish I was there. Enjoy your home buddy and make plenty of babies.
  • Happy belated wedding wishes to the coolest guy I ever know, I really hope there is something I could do to make up for me not coming. Enjoy your home friend in the best way.
  • My inability to attend your wedding hurts me a lot, but I think I made some money instead, so I’m gonna send some of that. That’s a win-win situation buddy. :D Enjoy your new home.
  • I hope you won’t really mind that the message is coming quite late, I’m so sure you are an understating person. Just take me as I am. Happy married life man. All the best.
  • Your wedding is something I have waited for in a long time, but it came at a time when I got so busy with work and family. I really hope you’ll forgive me.
  • I want you to know that the most important thing is that I’m excited for the two of you, even though I couldn’t come. Happy married life to you sweet couple. Lots of love.
  • From everyone I have heard from, they said your wedding is one of the most fantastic they’ve attended, I was sad to miss it, but I could do nothing. Happy married life brother.
  • My congratulations may be late but I was with you throughout, I hope your wedding was as happy as I imagine it was. Wishing you a blessed and happy married life my dears.
  • Sorry I couldn’t attend your wedding, but I was thinking of you and how wonderful your wedding must be. I hope you accept my apology and late wedding wish; that your life may be wonderful together.

Belated wedding wishes to both of you. Enjoy your new life.

  • I admire any young couple that decides to share the rest of their lives together; it’s both bold and admirable. Wishing you a happy life as one as my belated wish. Sorry I wasn’t there.
  • You are definitely a blessed and loved couple; I regret not being there to witness such marvel and love. Have a happy married life and sorry for not being able to attend your wonderful day.
  • Love is best shone when two people stand at the wedding hall, I’m so sorry my wish is belated. I hope you had an amazing time as you exchanged vows. You’re loved, blessed and now I believe happily married.
  • You are truly people I look up to; I hope someday I’ll get as lucky as you. I wish you a happy and wonderful marriage life. Please accept my belated wedding wishes, I love you both so much.
  • May your love grow fonder as you grow older my dear ones, you are a blessed couple and I know you will definitely get the best out of your married life. Accept my belated wedding wish with love.
  • I admire the fact that two people can be so in love even though everyone and everything’s against them. I hope your love for each other never dies. That is my belated wedding wish to you.
  • I never forgot I just wasn’t able to be there for you. I’m so sorry I missed your wedding, always wishing you the best as you venture into marriage. Have a blessed life together.
  • Even though my wishes are late, I hope you know that you’re a compatible pair and I admire the way you love each other, may your love forever stay young. Have a happy married life my dears!
  • From the first day you met, I knew you were going to spend the rest of your lives together, my belated wish to you is that you do, and that you may create many happy memories together.
  • You proved to me that love really does exist, I know your wedding was amazing from the photos you sent; please accept my belated wedding wish that you forever remain as one. Be blessed!
  • You’re the couple I want to emulate and be like when I find the right one, you are perfect together and I hope you know how lucky you are to have each other. Belated congrats on your wedding!
  • Love is for those who believe and because of you, I now believe love is out there and it’s a beautiful thing, belated congrats on your amazing wedding!

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