Wedding Wishes for Brother

What are the right words for a brother in love, a brother ready to settle down and start his own family? Words are the best way to express something you don’t know how to express physically, send your brother a message during their wedding day to make them calm and to show them that they are doing the right thing. Wedding wishes to a brother will definitely make their day more special and they will definitely feel the love from those around. Here are some wedding wishes you can send to your brother who seems ready for the new life to show your support:

Wedding Congratulations Messages for Brother

  • Your long awaited one and only dream has finally come to pass, now you have all that you want, especially that special woman that became your wife today. Happy Married life Brother.
  • It’s only one choice for you, my newly wedded brother. You’ll love your wife more than you love yourself, even more than you love mom. It’s important to understand that. Happy Birthday mom’s pet. :D
  • Marriage can be a green pasture where everything is fertile and it can be a desert. Attitude, character and perseverance will determine which you’ll enjoy. Happy married life brother. Have fun.
  • For your youthful life, you honestly deserve laurels. Now is your harvest time, after you’ve lived an exemplary bachelor life. Remain blessed in your home and enjoy your harvest. Happy married life good brother.
  • People that are yet to get married will never understand what marriage is, the excitement, the pressure and the anxiety. I hope you’ll overcome everything and have a glorious home. Happy married life Brother.
  • The hope for the day is very new and the expectation is high, do well to meet up with the expectation of getting married but do not give in to stress. Enjoy it instead. Happy married life brother.


  • You deserve the best in life. Finding a woman who loves you is a blessing of the Lord. Brother, I ask for a favor from God to bless your wedding. You are the best. Congratulations.
  • Best of luck my dear friend. This giant step needs a lot of courage to sail through. May you enjoy life to the fullest. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your wedding. I am proud of you bro. What a beautiful Eve you have found. Make sure you don’t eat any apple she gives you. Enjoy your Garden of Eden.
  • May God give you both love and happiness. May you always fall in love all over again when you see each other. May you enjoy love to the end. Congrats, son!.
  • You both look like beauty and the beast. Today you are going to start a new life together with your wife. I wish you all the best and I wish you much love. Congrats!
  • The warmest heartfelt congratulations, brother, on your wedding day. May your wedding last a lifetime. May your bond never change. I wish you a happy marriage. Enjoy your honeymoon!

Wedding cards for brother

  • A heartfelt congratulation on your wedding day! Remember your granny’s marriage lasted a lifetime. Wishing you many more happy days ahead. Love each other to the end. God bless.
  • Yes! Finally, your special day has come! I’m so happy to be part of it. Your new journey of togetherness shall be filled with my love and affection. Wow, what a couple! Congratulations.
  • Whenever the marriage seems to feel emptiness, don’t forget that the key to filling it up is between you two and not anyone outside the marriage. Happy Married life good brother. Enjoy your new home.
  • Without pain, there’s no palm; without thorns, there’s no throne; without gall, there’s no glory; and without cross, there’s no crown! Endurance will always be the key to a great marriage. Happy married life brother.
  • Some people often see marriage as too much of work, but instead, it’s all about ease and comfort if you tend to always love each other. Happy married life brother. Enjoy your lovely home.
  • Marriage is really exciting especially if its fundamentals are based on love and trust. It’ll be new every day to you. Happy married life brother. May your new home become lovely.


  • Always monitor the level of your abilities, marriage is meant for you to complement yourselves and not to expose yourselves in your weaknesses. Happy married life Brother. Enjoy every bit of it.
  • I hope your rapid progress in life won’t affect our relationship because I will always think of you as my little brother that I can do anything to make him happy. Happy Married life brother.
  • May nothing have the capability to come in between you two in your matrimony, and may your home always be the one filled with love. Happy married life brother.
  • It’s been wonderful seeing you grow up. Today you are a man. The one who is ready to be responsible. May God bless your home and I wish you a happy marriage.
  • Beautiful moments like this deserve an amazing ending. So I pronounce long life and good health for both of you. So you may keep the fire burning to the end. Enjoy your married life.
  • Congratulations to you both! For better or for worse, is an endless word. I wish you total togetherness and may this day’s happiness be extended to the rest of your lives.

Wedding congratulations messages for brother

  • Big bro, we have shared almost everything when we were growing up. Today is a special day. I’m ready to share that beautiful, glorious, charming and decent drink with you. Congratulations. Enjoy your wife.
  • May your Bond be filled with lots of smiles, love, respect, faithfulness, and understanding of each other. Happy Married Life.
  • I would like to congratulate you both on this heart melting day. May you find the favor in the sight of God Almighty. Have a lovely marriage.
  • Marriage is a beautiful thing for two families. Where two of you, come together to make babies. I’m here to flood this day with wishes. May your heart be filled with love and happiness. Congrats!
  • Tears can’t stop rolling down my cheeks. I am so much honored to be present at your wedding brother. I love you and I wish you a happy life together with your wife. Congrats!
  • This wedding day is sparkling like the diamonds of the earth. So shall your love keep its shine to the end of time. You are so lucky to find this special queen. Congratulations!


  • Through rain or shine, I pray your love keeps burning like the flames of the sun. And in your darkest hour, may your love shine on your paths. I wish you a happy life.
  • Here’s a special wish for a lovely couple. May your love be a story to be told. May this day signify total togetherness of both family and friends. God bless you. Happy marriage.
  • I’m so proud to have a brother-in-law like you. I remember school days we had little fights but here we are together again. I enjoy having you around. Thanks for marrying my sister.
  • God bless your bond today. May you both have fruitful lives. Happy marriage.
  • Today a new life begins with the woman you’ve always loved, I pray that you’ll enjoy the best version of your love during your marriage. Happy Married life brother. Stay blessed in your marriage.
  • A lot of people have bad experiences in marriage, while some also have total fulfillment only when they got married. I hope that you’ll get fulfilled as you’re married today. Happy Married life brother.

Happy marriage life brother

  • My cute brother has finally found a compatible princess who is as beautiful as the Queen. May you and your woman enjoy the best of life in your marriage. Happy married life.
  • Waiting for the right person can be frustrating, but it gives me a lot of joy that your patience paid off, it’s a lesson to everyone looking for such. Happy married life brother.
  • Wedding day doesn’t last for more than 24hours and wedding vow doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. I hope you’ll live to enjoy lots of good days in your marriage. Happy married life brother.
  • It doesn’t matter what the relationship is, women are always jealous. Just like I’m jealous of the woman that has stolen my brother. Nonetheless, I wish you both a beautiful home. Happy married life brother.
  • There are a whole lot of people at your wedding ceremony today. It shows that you have done well in every place you’ve been. I wish you well in your marriage. Happy Married life brother.
  • The reality of life sets in today and you must face it, now is the time to give to others all the care you’ve received from mom. :) Happy married life brother.


  • With total love and care in your heart, you will have a glorious home, better than what they’ve been telling you about marriage. Happy married life brother.
  • Make every version of yourself accessible to your wife, don’t ever make it difficult to approach each other. That is where the love lies. And you’ll have a great marriage. Happy married life brother.
  • May this day remind you of the first time you laid your eyes on her, have a great wedding bro, I admire what you guys have.
  • You are making the right decision, right steps towards a happy and fun filled life, always appreciate her, I love you bro.
  • She will officially be your woman, always and forever, have a great wedding bro, you are loved!
  • I never thought you’d marry before me, but it’s all cool, have a great wedding, we support and love you bro!
  • May she always be the reason you wear that beautiful smile, have a great wedding bro, congrats!

Wedding wishes for brother

  • Say goodbye to the single life, you are now complete, it’s a beautiful day and I know you will have an amazing ceremony, can’t wait to see what’s next, congrats bro!
  • They said you couldn’t, but look how happy you are, have a great wedding bro, you sure do look perfect together!
  • Say goodbye to all the late nights, the clubbing, and the irresponsible life, have fun as you celebrate your wedding my brother, you couldn’t get any happier.
  • It’s a new life with the same old things, may this union make you the man you want to be. Congratulations bro!
  • I am so happy for you two, you have given me a new sister that I can talk to and trust, thank you for being such an amazing brother. Have a great wedding!
  • You look amazing bro, I hope she makes you happy, glad and lucky, you have chosen wisely, have a great wedding.


  • This is one of the best days of my life, I get to share in a beautiful ceremony in honor of my brother. Have a great wedding bro, we love you!
  • I support you in every decision you make, I am super glad you finally found someone who makes you so happy, have a great wedding!
  • May your wedding day be filled with envy, love and laughter, you have been blessed with one beautiful wife. Congrats bro!
  • I will miss you, but I will know you have moved on to something better for you, I am so happy for you little brother, have a great ceremony!
  • Have a great wedding brother, it’s time to man up and take responsibility for your family. I love and respect you.
  • Clay will only turn to pot after it has passed through crushing, stretching, molding and then firing. You’ll only enjoy your marriage if you have patience to go through a lot. Happy married life brother.
  • I’m so glad life had to give you the best woman you can ever ask for. On this day I say big congratulations on your wedding. May you find love to the fullest.
  • Love is the key to a successful marriage. As you take this step, brother, I wish you a happy wedding day. Enjoy your happy moment with much joy and happiness.
  • You are the greatest man I know and I definitely know you are going to make her happy. I love you bro, have a great ceremony.
  • The beauty of seeing two people in love share something so sweet and beautiful always gives me tears. I’m lucky to be a part of this day. Congrats Bro!
  • May this day be the new beginning of something everlasting, may you mean what you say to each other and may you always be happy. I’m happy for you bro!
  • Love is a beautiful thing, share it, embrace it and be happy about it. Congrats bro!

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