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Sending an invitation to your wedding shouldn’t stress you up after all most wedding invitation messages mainly have known words, not saying that that is bad but, why not spice up your wedding invitations by adding a little message to your guests to make them feel personal? Over the years, people have started putting a little part of their vows to one another so they can really show how much they mean to each other and compel people to join in on their special day.

We have a big marriage celebration, are you interested?

We have a huge list which includes some wedding invitation messages that you can choose from or help you to create your own here below:

Wedding Invitation Wording and Beautiful Cards

  • I was told long ago that I have a missing rib, I’ve been searching for it all year long, but I finally found it, I will like you to be at my event of celebration.
  • The sweetest day of my life is coming up and I will really be excited to have you all present, it’ll be a dream to see you all after a very long time. Make it a date.
  • I’ve fallen flat in love with a woman and I got stuck, so I want to officially be joined with her, and I’ll like you to be there. I will be expecting to see you.
  • He started by eyeing me, but it grew gradually to the next level and now I’m very much in love. Please come to my marriage and you’ll make me happy.
  • In a month from now, I will be starting my forever journey with the woman I have always dreamed of. Please join me to celebrate that the love of my life came to me.
  • My soul has loved one woman for every time and every season. I will be joining in matrimony to that woman and I will be thrilled to have you in attendance. Thanks.
  • If there is someone I anticipate to see, it is all of my friends. I guess there is no better time and occasion than at my wedding. I hope to see you all.
  • We saw ourselves and we connected straight up, our celebration of love and unification will be coming up and it will be exciting to have you in attendance. Ensure to make it a day.
  • Finding the true love of your life is a joy to the soul and I’m so glad that I could find mine. Please I beseech all of my friends to be in attendance.
  • I guess the only thing we all need after all is love, because I couldn’t realize this until today. I’m happy to be joining with the woman I love so much. Please be in attendance.
  • Her kiss is enough to build my dream and all of my dreams are built around her. I will be glad to have you in attendance as I join with the woman of my life.
  • Love came to me by itself when I wasn’t expecting. That’s my love story, come see it as I join with the love of my life and the woman of my dream.
  • My life changed with this woman and it seems she took me away from my friends, but I just don’t wanna lose her. I’ll be joining with her and I hope you my friends will be there.
  • She showed me she needed me all the time, I guess there is no better sign that she is the one. Our wedding will be coming up and it will excite us if you come.
  • Love is life and I wonder what I’ve been living before finding it. I will be completely happy and satisfied for you to come around and celebrate with me as I get married.
  • I never had anything until I met this great and wonderful woman of my life, with her, I’m whole. Join me friends, as I tie the knot with her. I expect to see you.
  • I woke up to a new world full of love and excitement and I don’t wanna leave. Join me as I celebrate my evolution into the love world with my darling woman.
  • I have had some kisses land on my cheek, but none is like the one she gives, I will be pledging the rest of my life to her and I want you all to be there.
  • I hope you’ll join us as we tie the knot, we would really love your presence for you are important to us. Thank you in advance for being part of our unforgettable wedding day, you are amazing.
  • We invite you to join us as we celebrate the coming unity of two families, two hearts all in one day. Please be with us to share in our joy and to help us create everlasting memories.
  • If there was someone we would love to have at our wedding, it is definitely you, you bring the joy and happiness in any place. I hope you’ll be there to witness our never ending love for each other.
  • “Love is a beautiful feeling that is received and given; I gave and received love when I found you.” We invite you to witness our love on our wedding day; your presence will make a difference.
  • A wedding is never complete without those you hold close to you, we formally invite you to join us as we say our vows; the day will definitely not be same without you. Thank you in advance.
  • Love is a beautiful feeling and the fact that one can love and be loved is simply amazing. We invite you to be part of our lovely wedding as we say our vows and start a new journey together.
  • Marriage begins when you realize you found the one you can’t do without, weddings are occasions to bring the people you both hold dear together. We hold you dearly and hope you’ll be at our wedding!
  • Love like this cannot be explained only expressed; we invite you to our wedding to help us express how much we love each other and the people in our lives as one. Hope to see you there.
  • When we found each other, we took in everything and everyone in each other’s lives, we hope you can be there to show us your support and love as we say our vows to each other. We value you highly.
  • Being part of our wedding would mean so much to us; we love you and hope you’ll be part of our big day. Your love and support is all we need for we know with love we have everything!
  • Your presence will make our hearts melt and our spirits be lifted; we would love for you to be part of our special day. We value you and hope you’ll be able to be part of the day.
  • Be a part of the most unforgettable and love filled wedding you’ll ever see, we hope to see your presence as we say our vows to each other. You are part of us and we love you so much.
  • I hope you’ll be able to come and witness a love like no other; we value you and hope you’ll be part of our special day. A wedding is never complete without the people one holds closest to the heart.

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