Wedding Wishes for Aunt

I have an aunty who is like a big sister to me, she actually is. I love her so much and all I’ve ever wanted is to see her happy. When her wedding comes around, I might be inclined to make sure she has the best time ever, she means that much to me. I know most people have such aunties and when their wedding comes around you want her to be at her best.

My beautiful aunt, congratulations on your wedding.

Why not send your aunt a wedding wish to calm her nerves and to show her you are thinking of her? Below are some wedding congratulations one can send to their aunt on their wedding day to make sure her smile never fades:

Wedding Wishes for Aunt

  • My auntie’s special day that we have all expected is finally here. I’m looking forward to you living a happily married life with your groom.
  • Aside from the fun and the food, wedding ceremony is an event one shouldn’t miss especially if it’s an auntie’s turning to be married.
  • May God bless your Union with good luck and fulfillment. I’m so happy that I could witness a special auntie’s unification of true love.
  • Seeing you with your husband filled my heart with awe and amazement, I never comprehended wedding could be this romantic. I hope my favorite aunty will still spend time with me.
  • Finding one’s faithful companion is a tough task many people fail to accomplish but I’m happy for my aunty because you have seen and married the man of your dreams.
  • What a catch! I congratulate the groom for identifying the uniqueness and beauty in my aunty. I hope I find someone of your mold when I finally decide to settle down.
  • Marriage is very delicate, so I always commend people when they get married. May your boldness to commit to a future together yield desirable dividend. You are a lovely aunty.
  • I have attended some weddings but yours was different and unique because you are my aunty, it felt like a part of me was traded away.
  • I’m happy to appear in your wedding photo album, at least my favorite aunty will always remember how genuinely I love her whenever she opens her photo album.
  • It would have been folly to miss your wedding, you have been a lovely aunty to me, and I hope my presence made you happier. I hope the happiness extends through your marriage.
  • I have always looked up to you as an aunt and mentor. You have set another standard worth emulating. The decision to get married has always been too difficult for most people to make.
  • I can’t quantify or describe my deep happiness for your wedding. Even the heavens are elated for this glorious occasion. Happy Married Life to my aunty.
  • All has been said and done so anyone doubting and hating on my auntie’s wedding can be consumed with bitterness because the occasion couldn’t have been any better and befitting.
  • As your dream of being married came to fulfillment today, so shall all your posts about marriage dreams come to reality. My aunty deserves the best on and after her wedding.
  • Aunties are like second mothers, you have played a double role of an aunt and a confident, I assure you of my undivided support in your new life because you are critical to me.
  • Obstacles and challenges will always stretch its ugly head into marriages, but wisdom and perseverance are the primary attributes of a successful marriage. I implore you to be strong, aunty.
  • My aunt is my everything, so anything that affects you has the same consequence to me since our fate is intertwined. I can only wish you the best of wedding tidings.
  • Happy Married Life to my dear aunt, I’m equally proud of your achievement thus propel me to buy you wedding gift that I know you will like and treasure.
  • Today marks a day that my aunty joins the married strata. May you have the courage to survive a journey filled with indeterminable events and occurrences.
  • Wishing the newly married couple glitz and glamour in their newly formed union. Enjoy life in paradise with each other without the fear of failure. I’m so happy for my aunty.
  • Marriage is the evidence of love by two individuals with different characteristics. I trust my aunty to complement her groom’s flaws and weakness.
  • As you walk into this new life of marriage, may every single blessing be upon you. Congratulations aunty, I hope you’re happy.
  • You must be the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen; today I count myself lucky for I get to see my beautiful aunty in the white dress. Congrats!
  • As you’re getting married, may ever good memory bond you together. Thank you for giving me a new uncle aunty, I love you.
  • Seeing you as happy as you are today sets my soul at ease, I know marriage will be an adventure you’ll forever love. Congrats aunty.
  • You have always been there for me and today, I return the favor. I wish you a happy and fruitful marriage dear aunty, you are blessed.
  • May you always be true to each other and may your vows go unbroken. Have a happy union dear aunty, I’m happy to be part of the day.
  • I hope this day gives you a million reasons to smile aunty, you are a beautiful woman and I’m sure your husband is really lucky. Congrats on your wedding!
  • It’s a beautiful day to be celebrating love birds aunty, you have made me proud and I wish you all the happiness in the world as you go through marriage.

Cute Marriage Wishes for Aunt

  • You are a strong woman and any man smart enough to realize that definitely has my blessing. Have a beautiful marriage aunty.
  • I love you aunty and I really want to see you happy, I hope your Mr. Right is the one for you. May your marriage always be blessed.
  • May you always have peace, love and unity in your household aunty. I wish you every ounce of blessing as you go through marriage. Congrats!
  • Thank you for every kind deed you have done for me aunty, I will never forget how amazing you are. May your wedding be as perfect as you.
  • You have always been a remarkable woman and everything you touch definitely turns into gold. Congrats! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness aunty!
  • May you always find love in each other’s arms dear aunty. You were made for each other and I’m more than happy to be part of your wedding day.
  • I can see how much you love each other from the look in your eyes dear aunty. Have a blessed marriage and may everything you want come to you.
  • Everything you’ve ever hoped for is here dear aunty, a glamorous wedding with the man of your dreams. Congrats, may you forever be happy.
  • As we celebrate your union dear aunty, may everything you’ve ever hoped for in marriage come to pass. Have a happy and fulfilled life.
  • Thank you for making me part of this day, you don’t know how much this means to me. I wish you a wedding full of love and good moments. Congrats my lovely aunty.

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