Wedding Wishes for Best Friend

Best friends are closer to us than our siblings, why? Because they know our darkest secrets and they are like a copy of oneself because two cannot be friends unless they agree and have similar positions on a host of decisions. A best friend’s wedding should naturally generate an uprush of excitement in you regardless of you being the best man.

Happy Married Life, best friend.

Choosing a special day such as your best friend’s wedding day to appreciate the presence and commitment of the person towards your life should be our primary aim because it’s relieving knowing that the best people we care about are in support of our actions and will always be there when the going gets tough. Pick a message from the under-listed to show your support and commitment to your best friend’s marriage.

Wedding Congratulations Messages for Best Friend

  • I always knew you’d be the first to get married; your boldness has encouraged me to do the same, you look so happy with your spouse.
  • Happy married life to my best friend across all the planets, I’ve waited a long time for this day, and it’s finally here. I love the way you glow with fulfillment.
  • Today feels like it’s my wedding but it’s yours, we’re best friends and your happiness is my joy. I now understand why I’m this aesthetic.
  • Wedding leaves sweet romantic memories especially when it’s a best friend’s; I wish you the best of everything as you’ve taken the step that’ll change your way of life forever.
  • May this day fortify you with all you need to enjoy a peaceful and excellent married life, witnessing your marriage will strengthen our bond of friendship.
  • Getting married is one of the most natural events in one’s life and having to be present for yours is mind-blowing, I hope you find a real friend in your partner as you saw a real friend in me.
  • Wishing you a marriage full of sweetly memorable occurrences that add no sorrow or regret, you’re a good friend who deserves even more than words can express.
  • To be happily married requires a lot of forgiving and overlooking inconsequential wrongs just as any successful relationship.
  • Congratulations best friend on your newly established home, may you experience the robust dividends of marriage. I’m happy for you.
  • It’s a beautiful morning for not only the marrying couple but for all of us, you’ve exceeded my expectations of a best friend, and I’m delighted to be associated with you.
  • I haven’t seen you being this happy; if being married can have such a positive impact on my best friend, I feel I’ll be arranging mine soon.
  • Shout out to my best friend because she’s getting married today.
  • I’ve missed precious occasions in your life such as your first birthday but thank God I won’t miss the wedding of my best friend. Congratulations! <3
  • Despite various disappointing relationships you finally found the perfect person for you, I wish my best friend an outstanding married life.
  • I loved the moment when you shed a tear on your wedding because I did the same. It was a touching and beautiful moment seeing my best friend getting married.
  • Wishing you a joyful ceremony with abundance of lovely and endless memories! I’m so happy to be sharing this day with you both. Congratulations on your wedding, my best friend.
  • Wishing you an endless marriage life my one and only best friend. I would miss our life together. It was fun having you around but today you are somebody’s property. Happy Married Life Buddy.
  • I have been impatiently and eagerly waiting for this special day to come. Where I know it’s a goodbye but true pals don’t say bye. I wish you a Happy marriage, gentleman.
  • Finally, two souls have become one and one happens to be my best friend. May this special day give you grand success in the days ahead. Congrats on your wedding my friend. Enjoy your new home.

It's a touching moment seeing my best friend getting married. Congratulations!

  • Best of luck for your happy and everlasting marriage. You both truly deserve each other and I’m very pleased to be part of this wonderful day. Enjoy your Happy Marriage my best friend.
  • Congratulations on one of the most special days of your life, my best friend. I’m really proud of you for the great step you have taken in life. I wish you a Happy Marriage!
  • Have the greatest times of your lives my dear friend. You are so amazing! Love has found you and it’s my deepest wish this keeps burning to the end of life. Congratulations.
  • A great person and a very good friend, today happens to be your start of a lifetime journey with your soul mate. Have a wonderful future together. Happy Marriage friend.
  • May your home be filled with a content wife and beautiful children. My best wishes to you on your marriage, best friend. May God bless you with all you need. Congrats!
  • May your lives together be filled with respect, faith, trust, passion, romance, understanding and timeless love! I know that you are going to be a successful family man, Congratulations on your wedding!
  • With warm congratulations to a very special pair, may you both fall in love again and again like it was your first time. Happy fruitful married life my friend. You deserve it all.
  • Congratulations on your wedding my sweet friend! On this beautiful journey of love, hold each other’s hands to the end. Happy Married life friend.
  • May God’s love and mercy shine upon your hearts and fill them with long life and amazing memories together. I wish you all the best in your journey of life. Happy Marriage, both of you!
  • I can’t believe it is you I see up there, it reminds me my time is also up. Wishing you Happy married life friend. May your journey be smooth in every way. Congratulations! Love you.
  • Tears are overflowing in my eyes; may you stay this beautiful and happy forever! I congratulate you on your wedding my dearest friend. Never forget to let your love flames keep burning. Happy Wedding.
  • May your hearts be filled with everlasting love and sacrifice for each other. As at the moment of making a vow so shall all your words to each other be genuine. Happy Married Life, best friend.
  • How wonderful it’s to see God’s plans for both of you come into reality. May He continue to bless your hearts with love and affection. I wish you a happy marriage life best friend.
  • What a wonderful day today it is in the life of my best friend. As you embark on this new chapter of life, May love be ultimate focus. May you enjoy your fruitful marriage life.
  • May each day of your life together be as the first day of your marriage! May your home be blessed with beautiful kids. Congratulations friend.
  • Now that you’re finally married, I hope you’ll still have enough time for me because anyone will be carried away with the excitement of having a beautiful and jovial spouse as yours.
  • I love everything about your marriage best friend, everyone kept reminding me that I was next in line. I guess I’ll be using your experience as a blueprint because everything looked so perfect.
  • May the only disturbance you experience in your marriage be the ones of your kids causing mischief just as we did to our parent. Welcome to the bandwagon of married people.
  • May the vows you take on this day be permanent and everlasting just as the blessings that accompany the day. Happy married life my dear friend.
  • I’ve waited so long for you to enjoy the mix fortunes of marriage.

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