Wedding Wishes for Nephew

I always think of children as a blessing and events as chances to see the people you love grow up or celebrate another day. Weddings are no exception and when you see that little boy grow up into someone’s husband that is a cause to definitely celebrate. Weddings are always joyous occasions and that is why it is one of the most important things to celebrate.

My nephew is the best groom. Congratulations.

Wedding wishes to your nephew are important in that they help you say what you truly mean without having to interfere with the day, also they help show your support for the choice they’ve made. Send a wedding wish to your nephew and see them smile throughout their day, it could be one of these:

Wedding Congratulations Messages for Nephew

  • This is one of the best days in my life, my sweet lovable nephew is finally settling down with the woman of his dreams. I wish only the best for you dear, congrats.
  • A wonderful day for two lovely people, I wish you happiness as you take on the role of husband, may you be better than any other. Congrats on your wedding nephew.
  • It fills my heart with so much joy to see two people in love tying the knot; I wish you nothing but the best dear nephew.
  • Happy married life to you gluttonous nephew. 😂. Now you’ll need to feed your wife, your children and your dog before yourself. I’m happy for you. Enjoy your marriage. Congratulations.
  • Happy married life nephew. I hope you had enough lectures about marriage already. Because the reality has just dawn on you right now. :D Your home first before anything. Enjoy your home.
  • People spend months preparing for a wedding day while they haven’t actually prepared for the marriage which will last forever. I hope you’ve prepared for your marriage. Happy married life nephew. God bless.
  • Everyone dreams of this special day. I would never forget my wedding day. I’ve dreamt about it all months. That night was magical. 😂. I hope tonight will be also for you. Congratulations nephew.
  • The light of the family is in how well they are able to sacrifice for one another, don’t ever forget that. Homes that are beautiful are homes where love dwells. Happy married life nephew.
  • Endurance and determination could make a huge difference in any marriage, when nothing is too big to let go, marriages survive. I hope you’ll be strong enough to live it perfectly. Happy married life nephew.
  • May you be endowed with eternal happiness, and may love and moments of fun never be removed from your life. Happy married life sweet nephew. Congratulations to you and your spouse.
  • Congratulations on your wedding dear nephew, may your life be filled with lots of love and blessings from above. Enjoy every moment of your life in your home.
  • You have married the loveliest woman on earth today stubborn nephew 😁. I hope her loveliness and charm will change you for good. Happy married life nephew. Be sweet to her always, cheers!
  • Congratulations to the world’s best nephew. May your home weave through every pain and pressure that break homes. Enjoy every bit of your special union. Happy married life nephew.
  • Happy married life nephew. There’s lots of love in you to offer to your world. I hope you’ll start with that woman you married today. Congratulations.
  • A very big hug to a very big nephew marrying a very beautiful wife today. 😁. I wanna wish you a happy and healthy home. Happy married life nephew.
  • Every one getting married always prays that rain doesn’t fall in order not to spoil their day. Today I hope the rain falls on only you. 😁 Happy married life nephew.
  • Some old people always claim they married when they were young and naive. I don’t believe that is true. If you married for love, you’ll be fine. Happy married life nephew. Enjoy your home.
  • Happy married life nephew. Know that there will be days when that pretty woman won’t be pretty in your sight. :D Just embrace her always and love her endlessly. Happy married life nephew.
  • No single person can make a home, it’s the work of two people of sacrificial minds. I hope you will work towards achieving this important goal. Happy married life nephew.
  • The beautiful journey ahead of you will obviously take all of your life to a complete state. You must enjoy it a lot. Happy Married life sweet nephew. God bless and make your home fruitful.

I'm the luckiest person alive, I get to see my nephew get into marriage happy. Happy Married Life.

  • Congratulations nephew, I want you to know that I’m right with you in this marriage, don’t ever be afraid. Just enjoy the newly formed home with all your heart. Happy married life nephew.
  • The best thing that brings pleasure in marriage is the togetherness you both share. Place a high value on that. Maintain your togetherness and your home will be great. Happy married life nephew.
  • Happy married life dear nephew. I hope you’ll learn to let go of a lot of things to please one another in your beautiful home. Happy married life nephew. I wish you many children. :D
  • Thanks to God I’m witnessing the wedding of my delightful nephew. I hope you’ll have a better life than you’ve had before you choose to marry this lady. Happy married life nephew.
  • Thank you for the chance to be a witness to this beautiful union dear nephew. If you ever need me I’m here, for now, enjoy your wedding handsome.
  • You really look handsome, happy and hearty, I hope that feeling never fades as you go through marriage, wishing you the very best my nephew!
  • I’m truly one of the luckiest people alive, I get to see my nephew get into marriage happy, hearty and wealthy. You are loved, congrats on your wedding nephew!
  • There is nothing more fulfilling in life than seeing two people in love vow their love forever to each other under holy matrimony, thank you for that my nephew.
  • May today be the beginning of your forever and may no one ever separate you. Love you forever and always dear nephew, congrats on your wedding.
  • You have made the best choice and now I can’t wait for the grandchildren. Congrats on your wedding dear nephew, you’ve made us proud.
  • I wished for this day and now that it is finally here I’m happy to be a part of it. You deserve the best dear nephew, congrats on your wedding.
  • You look so in love and happy and that sets my soul at ease. Wishing you the best in your marriage life. Congrats on your wedding my nephew.
  • Congratulations to the black suit and the white dress, and the people inside them.
  • You are truly a blessed couple and out of it I hope you find more reasons to live and enjoy. Congrats on your wedding nephew and I wish you happiness that never fades.
  • This day is finally here, I have been waiting to be part of your wedding since the first time I saw you with a girl. Congrats on your wedding, you’ve made us proud.
  • They say you get what you deserve and I know you deserve the best, she is definitely one of the best and I wish you nothing but a fruitful marriage dear nephew.
  • I’m happy to be part of this day for I get to see your smile broader than a frog’s mouth. Congrats on your wedding dear nephew.
  • Marriage is a road worth traveling if it’s with the right person, always be there for each other and never forget what it was like to see her here today. Congrats nephew.
  • Have a jovial and wonderful wedding dear nephew, everything is perfect and so are you and your beautiful bride.

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